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Madam Yue said quietly, “To be honest, I was about to lose my period.

I thought I was getting old.

After I drank your tea, it actually came again, and on time.

The wrinkles on my face even lessened.”

She was actually not that old.

She was in her forties, not yet fifty.

It was true that a person of her age, who took good care of herself, would not reach menopause that early.

Womens blood essence was actually nurtured by this.

Once their period ended, the speed of aging would multiply, and many gynecological diseases would come knocking on their door.

No wonder Madam Yue was so happy.

Shi Jin said with a smile, “Thats about what I expected.

I predicted it should be able to achieve that effect.”

“Did you… specially make this tea for me It has this effect” Madam Yue reacted.

“Mm, yes.” Shi Jin did not explain further.

She was a doctor and knew these things very well.

She knew how to recuperate better.

As long as it was someone she considered a friend, the things she gave out would definitely be useful to the other party and beneficial to the body.

The formulas were different, so the effects were different.

She was loved by many people, so anyone who was included in her territory would receive a lot in return.

It was the proper and gentle kindness she had learned in two lifetimes.

Madam Yue said softly, “Actually, I came to look for you today because I have something important to tell you.”

“Please speak.” Shi Jin pushed the dessert toward her and gently stirred her own coffee.

“Shi Jin, I know that the Li family has recovered a lot compared to before.

However, its inevitable that there will be some disturbances in the capital.

Shi Jin, your uncle and I are thinking of taking you in as our goddaughter.

What do you think”

Madam Yue spoke carefully.

She was afraid that Shi Jin would overthink.

After all, her parents were still alive and her family was healthy.

Shi Jin knew that they meant well.

Yao Jiahong had told her about the orchid incident.

When she was on the mountain, Yue Feng and his wife couldnt contact her.

They had contacted him many times to help solve the problem.

It was obvious that they were concerned.

Shi Jin felt close to the gentle and beautiful Madam Yue, probably because she was Yue Lanchens mother.

She smiled softly and said, “Im very touched by Uncle and Aunties kindness.

However, I want to discuss this matter with my parents.

What do you think”

“Of course, we have to discuss it with them.” Madam Yue was already very happy that Shi Jin herself agreed.

“Then Ill tell you when I have news.”

After saying goodbye to Madam Yue, Shi Jin called Fu Xiuyuan first.

At the mention of this matter, Fu Xiuyuans attitude was in favor.

“Yue Feng and his wife have always been honest and dont like to play tricks.

Since they raised this idea, they should have thought it through.”

“I didnt think theyd suggest that.

Maybe its Yue Lanchens suggestion,” Shi Jin guessed.

She did not realize that Madam Yue felt some affection for her, just as she felt towards Madam Yue.

“Youve always been likable.

Its not surprising they think that way.”

Fu Xiuyuan sounded rather proud when he mentioned it to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin laughed softly.

“Then Ill ask my parents.”

When she called Gu Qingqing, after Shi Jin said this, Gu Qingqing immediately agreed.

“Okay, theres nothing bad about this.

Your father and I cant take care of you much right now.

If they really love you, its quite good.

As for this Madam Yue, Ive interacted with her in the past.

Her temperament isnt bad.

I wonder how she is now”

“Dont you and Dad have any objections, Mom”

“As it happens, your grandfather is here.

He said he wanted to speak to you.”

Shi Jin heard the phone being transferred from Gu Qingqing to Old Master Li.

There was an unreadable seriousness in Old Master Lis expression.

Gu Qingqing subconsciously glanced at Li Juekai.

She had just agreed without asking Old Master Li for his opinion.

Was he unhappy

Li Juekai shook his head slightly, indicating that she did not have to worry.

“Grandpa,” Shi Jin called softly.

“Shi Jin, have you thought it through” Old Master Lis voice sounded.

Shi Jin recalled how Yue Feng and his wife took care of her.

She was confident that she did not misjudge them.

Besides, so what if she was wrong In this life, she was not a little girl who could be trampled on.

Old Master Li seemed to have thought of something.

He frowned and said, “Youre a big child now.

You can protect yourself and have Xiuyuan by your side.

Grandpa is very relieved.

Since youve thought it through, go ahead and do it.”

“But Shi Jin, you have to know that the Yue family is so big.

If you get close to them, you will definitely have to come into contact with more people and things.

The human heart is not black and white.

There are many gray areas.

In a place like that, you have to learn to protect yourself.”

Old Master Li was earnest.

After hanging up, Old Master Li looked a little solemn.

“Dad, are you worried about Shi Jin” Gu Qingqing asked.

Gu Qingqing said softly, “If the Yue couple treats Shi Jin sincerely, thats good too.

This child has suffered too much since she was young.

We can rest assured if more people treat her well.”

“Shes responsible now.

She can afford to pick things up and let them go.

I have nothing to worry about.” Old Master Li was just thinking about some old things and inevitably felt depressed.

He had thought that since Shi Jin had left the Yue family, she would have nothing to do with them.

Her future would be fine without staying in the Yue family.

However, after going around in circles, she still returned to that starting point.

The unpredictability of life was really something that could not be explained.

Because the Yue family was busy preparing for the Yue Feng couple to accept Shi Jin as their goddaughter, they specially chose a good day to treat guests at their home.

Yue Lanchen was so happy that he personally prepared various items.

He beamed with joy and busied himself.

Only Yue Yu seemed a little reluctant and melancholic.

Actually, the matter of adopting goddaughters was very popular in the circle.

For example, Yue Yu had countless godparents.

It was normal for the Yue Feng couple to accept one.

It was just that in Yue Yus opinion, Shi Jins identity was not worthy.

Her parents were overly concerned about this matter, which made her feel a little rebellious.

“Sis, help me hold this.”

“Hold it yourself,” Yue Yu said petulantly.

“My dear sister, just give me a hand.” Yue Lanchen took it as a joke.

He stuffed the items into her hands and ran to get something else.

The family bustled about, celebrating the occasion.

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