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After some time, when they saw Wu Pengfeis name again, no one was even interested in him anymore.

Everyones enthusiasm had long been taken up by other content.

The last time Shi Jin had seen his news was when he had gotten drunk late at night.

She turned back and climbed onto Fu Xiuyuans shoulder.

“So you were behind what happened to Wu Pengfei”

“Since the flies provoked you, I naturally have to clean up the flies nest.” Fu Xiuyuans expression was calm and distant.

He rarely meddled in Shi Jins work, especially when others were competing normally, but Wu Pengfei had crossed the line.

He had touched Fu Xiuyuans sore spot without even knowing it.

Shi Jin smiled happily, his eyes curving slightly.

“Speaking of which, I was thinking of hitting the flies myself, but its such a dirty and smelly fly nest.

Its great that you hit him so swiftly.”

“With a fly like this, I was afraid that you would touch something dirty when you hit it.”

Shi Jin smiled.

It felt good to be protected.

She didnt mind Fu Xiuyuan helping her clean up a wave of these flies from time to time.

“However, I didnt hit all of them.

Your brother also put in a lot of effort.”

“He must have heard about it from your sister-in-law and called me to ask about it.

He was the one who had certain pieces of information found.”

Shi Jin sighed softly.

“How fortunate to have such a big brother and husband.”

Pleased by her tone, he reached out to pat her cheek and move closer.

“How fortunate I am to have a wife like you.”

The family of four was there.

Madam Yue coughed lightly and said, “Since everyone is here today, I have something to say.”

“Why so serious If you have something to say, just say it.” Yue Lanchen grinned.

“I want to take Shi Jin as my goddaughter.”

Yue Lanchen immediately jumped up in joy.

“I agree! Raising both my hands and feet!”

Yue Yu quietly tightened her grip on the glass of water and said fiercely, “Why, Mom Dont you have me as your daughter”

“Thats not what I meant.

Xiao Yu, dont think too much about it.

Actually, I had this plan before.

Shi Jin has helped our family a lot.

She saved your grandmother before and then let Lanchen get on the right track step by step.

She doesnt lack anything else, but as you can see, in the entertainment industry, without someone to take care of her, shes often troubled.

So I think I can more or less take care of her.”

“Doesnt she have parents and a grandfather” said Yue Yu.

“Its still a little different.” Madam Yue had indeed had this thought for a long, long time.

She told Yue Feng, and he readily agreed.

Actually, they were only discussing it because they were afraid that the Yue Yu would have objections.

Madam Yue looked at her daughter.

“Xiao Yu, what do you think”

Yue Yu was very much against it.

Previously, when Shi Jin easily resolved the orchid matter, she already felt that her parents had used their power to help Shi Jin resolve it.

Unexpectedly, they still wanted to take Shi Jin in as their goddaughter.

Was Shi Jin really worth them doing this

However, she did not want to be angry with her parents, nor did she want to destroy her obedient image in their hearts.

She said insincerely, “Mom, since you think this is good, then lets do it.

I have no objections.”

“Daughter, we really didnt mean that.

Your father and I are really satisfied with you.

You and Lanchen are our hearts.

We owe Shi Jin a favor…”

Of course, there were feelings for Shi Jin as well.

Actually, the last time the orchid incident happened, Madam Lan had suggested that she accept Shi Jin as her goddaughter and say that she was the one who gave Shi Jin the flowers.

At that time, Madam Yue felt that if even Madam Lan could do so, she could do it too.

However, before she could think of a way, the matter with Shi Jin had been resolved, so she did not continue with that matter.

At this moment, she did not expect that Yue Yu was certain that Professor Lin Jing was someone Madam Yue had hired to help Shi Jin.

Yue Yu smiled and said, “Its fine, no problem.”


As long as you dont object, well go talk to Shi Jin.”

“You havent told Shi Jin yet” Yue Yu was shocked.

She had originally thought that Shi Jin had taken the initiative to ask for help.

After all, everyone knew what kind of family the Yue family was.

If Shi Jin could get close to such a family, it would be much better than the Li family, a previous top four family.

Who knew that it was her parents rushing over without Shi Jin even asking!

Before Yue Yu returned to the country, she had always had a good impression of Shi Jin.

She did not have any bad intentions.

She just felt that no matter how outstanding Shi Jin was and how many people she helped in her family, she could not surpass her own status.

However, now it seemed that everything was different from what she had imagined.

Shi Jin did not lack what she had.

And what Shi Jin had, she might not have.

Her sense of superiority in front of Shi Jin was close to nothing.

“Thats right.

We havent told her yet.

We dont know if shell agree yet.

However, we must have our own familys approval before we can tell her.

Otherwise, if she agrees and we dont agree, wouldnt we be breaking her heart” Madam Yue did this out of consideration.

However, to Yue Yus ears, that was not the case at all.

That was her mother being overly concerned and caring for another girl.

However, she had already said she didnt object before.

It was not convenient for her to object now.

Yue Lanchen was overjoyed.

“Sis, Ill have two sisters in the future.

Im so happy just thinking about it!”

“Are you that happy” Yue Yu tapped the back of his hand.

“Of course Im happy! Sister Shi should be my real sister.

Ive wanted this for a long time, but unfortunately, I didnt have the chance.

Mom and Dad have fulfilled my dream.”

Yue Yus affection for him went down in an instant.

Shi Jin walked in and found Madam Yue where the bead curtain hid her.

“Auntie.” Shi Jin walked over and greeted her with a smile.

She put down her bag and sat opposite her.

Madam Yue said with a smile, “You look good recently.

Youve been busy these past two days, right”

“Just recording a new song, Im not that busy,” Shi Jin said with a smile.

She handed her the tea leaves.

“Tea for you and Uncle.

Last time, you said you drank it and it was good, so I specially prepared it again.

I brewed it myself.

This one is for you and this one is for Uncle.”

“You brewed it yourself No wonder.

When I drank it before, I told your uncle that I had never tasted it before.

I feel much better after drinking it recently.”

“Thats good.

Ill keep a stock and bring it to you.”

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