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“Its okay.” Shi Jin smiled.

Fu Xiuyuan looked her up and down to make sure she was really fine before saying, “Yes, lets go home.”

The word “home” was always so warm.

Especially when Fu Xiuyuan said it in such a tone, it was even more heartwarming.

Yao Jiahong sent a message, apologizing for not covering the orchids in the vlog hed edited.

“Not your fault.

Thats how it works in showbiz.

Every move is magnified.

Youre the manager.

You should know better than me.”

Her generosity and honesty put Yao Jiahong to shame.

Yao Jiahong actually understood that the more famous one was, the more bloodshed there would be.

Shi Jin was like this now precisely because she had already reached a higher height and was still moving up.

The road up would be arduous and difficult, but it was also full of vigor.

Shi Jin returned to Orchid Pavilion.

Thunder rumbled in the sky.

A moment later, heavy rain poured from the sky.

She stood under the eaves in the backyard, her expression calm and composed.

Fu Xiuyuan walked over and put a jacket around her shoulders.

She tilted her head to look at him.

“Its starting to rain.

Fortunately, the half-sun orchids have been properly settled before this, otherwise, during this rainfall, theyd be washed out.”

The smile on her face was satisfied and peaceful, making Fu Xiuyuan smile too.

Wu Pengfeis plan for Shi Jin failed, but he was unwilling to resign.

He was planning something else.

His manager rushed out and said, “Bad news, Pengfei.

Your one-year-old child was photographed!”

Wu Pengfei had a lot of affairs.

He had a child previously, but he only needed to spend money to raise the child.

It didnt matter if he had another child.

The one-year-old had been born with an unknown starlet.

This female celebrity had some fame.

She was not extremely famous, but she played a well known character.

She was obedient to him.

After she had a child, he spent money to keep the mother and son.

The child being photographed now was a huge blow to Wu Pengfei, who had always assumed the persona of a bachelor.

“How could he be photographed Didnt I tell Li Mengmeng to stop coming out to work and to focus on raising the child If the reporter doesnt have any evidence, immediately do public relations!”

“The reporter got the kids birth certificate,” the manager said shakily.

It was signed by Wu Pengfei and Li Mengmeng.

The manager scrambled for emergency PR.

However, the effect was already very bad.

This reporter somehow released videos of him and Li Mengmeng taking the child out twice.

Wu Pengfei was hammered to death and had no choice but to publicly admit to the child on Weibo.

“Sorry, I do have a child.

Previously, I didnt want to take up public resources, so I didnt tell everyone.

Now, Ill tell everyone that the child is very obedient.

At that time, although he came very suddenly, I still felt the joy of being a father, so I kept the child.

However, because I havent married the childs mother, I havent announced this matter for the time being…”

He found someone to write thousands of words on his behalf.

His attitude was very sincere, making people feel that he was very sincere.

In addition, he was indeed thirty years old.

It was normal for him to have children at this age.

Therefore, although there were still some criticisms that scolded him for setting up a bachelor persona and cheating fans, many people still felt that it was understandable.

It was already pitiful enough for an artiste to sacrifice their private life.

There was nothing wrong with protecting their children.

After some maneuvering, not only was Wu Pengfei not hammered to death, but he also established the image of a good father.

This was a persona that was still very popular in the entertainment industry.

It quickly attracted a new wave of fans and strengthened his previous fans.

However, the good times did not last long.

In just two days, another child was exposed.

It was with a different woman.

This time the news came fast too.

There was no forewarning, no process.

A direct video, a birth certificate, exposed his two-year-old daughter.

Because after the first incident, they were already very careful and tried their best to hide everything.

For the past few years, he had also kept a very low profile.

No word had ever come out.

He thought he would never be exposed.

Who would have thought that it would be exposed again!

Wu Pengfei had a total of three children with three different women.

Usually, everyone lived in harmony.

The public could accept that he had a child with one woman, openly acknowledging one and showing his good-father image, but no one could accept that he had another child with another woman anytime soon.

His image quickly crumbled to nothing.

The fans who kept defending him also began to doubt themselves.

Before he could react, a third child and a third woman stepped forward.

This one wasnt exposed by a reporter, she released the news herself.

She had thought that other than herself, there was only Li Mengmeng and her first child.

She was willing to accept that the man she had fallen in love with was with someone else previously and what she had received was not the complete love of a man.

However, she never expected that she would only get a third of it!

In her extreme anger, she chose to self-expose!

The public was in an uproar.

The image of a good father, the sense of responsibility, the honesty—it was all a joke.

Wu Pengfeis image had completely collapsed.

Even his most loyal fans who were still watching quickly left.

The fan club directly sent out a message to close the fan club.

In his office, he huddled in a corner with his head in his hands.

There were reporters everywhere outside.

The Internet was filled with curses.

The pending drama he was filming could not be aired at the moment.

The producers had already sent him a lawyers letter asking him to compensate for huge losses.

Several advertisers terminated their contracts.

It was conceivable that his future career would be extremely bleak.

Several women were still calling him constantly, demanding child support.

The manager pushed through the door and said, “Pengfei, you have a call.”

“Dont answer, dont answer, dont answer.

How many times have I told you not to answer!” He was getting a headache from those women!

There were other women, although they had no children, who were also asking him for an explanation!

“Not answering it either.”

“I heard something happened to your family.

The tax authorities are checking—”

“What” Wu Pengfei finally stood and strode outside.

The Wu family collapsed as quickly as Wu Pengfei.

Once it collapsed, the decline was unstoppable.

In the beginning, there were still people paying attention to the drama from him and his family on Weibo.

However, soon the ever-changing entertainment industry news was replaced by other things.

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