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Shi Jin got out of the car and stood in front of everyone in simple sportswear.

She did not appear as glamorous as usual, but she was still beautiful.

“Im Shi Jin.

Regarding these two matters, Ill naturally clarify it with everyone later.

Please make way first.

Otherwise, the Half-Sun Orchid in my car will really wither because of your actions.

This orchid is very precious.

If anything goes wrong, no one can bear the responsibility.”

Shi Jins words were very faint and cold.

However, it gave people a sense of deterrence that they did not dare to refute and could only obey.

However, the reporters mentality of self-interest still occupied the peak.

“Shi Jin, then do you admit that you stole the countrys precious and protected orchid Not only this time, but the orchid in your home was also stolen Your actions are already against the law.

Youre setting an extremely bad example for all fans!”


Thats a terrible thing to do.

Can you give us an explanation”

An authoritative voice called out.

Everyone saw an old man with white hair walking over.

His voice was loud and he looked very elegant.

Two younger people followed him.

No one knew who they were.

However, some viewers in the live-stream recognized him and posted on the bullet screen: “This is the national botanist and plant conservationist, Lin Jing, Professor Lin!”

“Yes, it does seem to be him!”

“So will there really be an explanation”

Professor Lin walked over and showed his work pass.

“Im Lin Jing from the Botanical Research Institute.

These two are my students, and Shi Jin is my supernumerary student.

Shi Jin came out with me specifically to transplant the half-sun orchid!”

“Why should we believe you”

“What proof do you have”

The reporters felt guilty, but they still forced a question.

“We came over with proof of the Botanical Research Institute.” Cao Tian displayed the proof.

“According to the weather forecast, there will be a storm soon.

The roots of the half-sun orchid are very shallow.

If we dont transplant it in time, its very likely that the entire field will be wiped out under such extreme natural conditions.

Shi Jin came over to help!”

As soon as his proof was presented, many reporters fell silent.

Cao Tian continued, “These orchids are very picky about their survival conditions.

Our vehicles have been specially modified to provide them with the corresponding humidity and temperature.

However, they cant last long and need to be transferred immediately.

If you keep stopping us and cause these flowers to wither, who will bear the consequences”

The reporters looked at each other and finally backed away.

As soon as someone started backing away, more people started backing away.

Soon, a passageway appeared.

Professor Lin, Shi Jin, and the others immediately got into the car and the car moved forward.

Many people in the live-stream immediately went to check Lin Jings identity.

When they opened the search software and entered his name, they were almost knocked out by his series of titles.

At the same time, an urgent notice was posted on the National Botanical Research Institutes Weibo.

“Recently, Shi Jin has accompanied Lin Jing, Professor Lin, to the mountains to transplant and protect precious plants.

This work is an important work in botany.

It provides us with extremely important scientific basis and reserve strength to protect special precious plants, study their evolution and survival.

I hope everyone will not listen to rumors and affect normal plant conservation and research work.”

Accompanying this statement was a picture of Shi Jins work pass, as well as her travel pass and various other documents.

Meanwhile, the results of the relevant departments investigation were out.

Fu Xiuyuan had already sent the orchid at home to cooperate with the investigation.

“Shi Jins single-leaf orchid is an artificial species that she cultivated at home using a scientific method.

Its quite different from the wild single-leaf orchids that the country treasures and protects.

However, her work still has a very important research significance.

It provides a lot of scientific data for the preservation and transplantation of precious plants, as well as powerful research guarantees that the precious wild orchids transplanted back can be better protected and cultivated.

We hope that everyone will stop questioning the work that Shi Jin has done and stop talking and making wild guesses.”

Two special international-level departments came out to speak up for Shi Jin, and Professor Lins personal explanation had already proven that Shi Jins actions regarding the orchid were all justified.

It had nothing to do with the hats the haters had pinned on her.

The haters were slapped and beaten, so the curses from before finally stopped.

For the first time, many people knew that Shi Jin knew how to cultivate orchids, the professional kind.

It was shocking and amazing.

As for the rumors that had been spreading previously, Shi Jin did not need to prove it anymore to know that it was all fake.

Shi Jin had been transplanting orchids with Professor Lin and the others the entire time.

How could it have anything to do with Wu Pengfei

Wu Pengfeis matter was resolved.

Some people also commented that Wu Pengfeis behavior was a scam.

Wu Pengfei had caused such a huge commotion, but in the end, he only received the wordscam.

He was extremely embarrassed.

National Botanical Research Institute.

Shi Jin helped send all the orchids into the laboratory and handed over the records and data of her cultivation and planting of the single-leaf orchid to Professor Lin.

“Its been hard on you.

You were supposed to help me, but you were slandered.” Professor Lin didnt know that the entertainment circle was like this in the past.

Now that he knew, it was quite cruel.

“That environment is really too chaotic.

Are you really not going to consider following me”

“Although its cruel there, theres also the warmest and kindest group of little cuties guarding me.

The sunlight there can block and cover the darkness.”

Professor Lin nodded slightly.

“With your temperament, you can obtain the results you deserve no matter where you are.”

“Ill be off then, Professor Lin.


“Ill see you out,” Meng Rujia said.

Shi Jin walked out with her and said, “Im really sorry for causing you trouble today.”

“Its nothing.

Youve helped us a lot.

These troubles can only mean that the reporters are inhumane.

It has nothing to do with you.” Meng Rujia was also very straightforward.

“My cars here.

You should go back.

Goodbye.” Shi Jin waved at her.

Meng Rujia waved repeatedly.



Fu Xiuyuan was waiting outside.

Actually, he had come over as soon as Shi Jins car left the mountain.

Fortunately, the reporters did not really dare to keep surrounding him, so he parked the car and waited for Shi Jin.

Seeing that Shi Jin was safe and sound, he smiled and reached out to catch her.

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