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These people seemed to be certain that there was some unspeakable relationship between Shi Jin and Wu Pengfei, so they did not hold back when asking.

After all, even if Shi Jin wanted to sue a reporter, she would have to weigh the bad influence on her reputation.

“We dont know anything about this.

Shi Jin is here to work.

She doesnt know the people youre talking about, and she doesnt have a cooperative relationship.” The assistant was speechless with these reporters.

She said loudly, “Please make way for us.

Let us leave first.”

Usually, when they were working in the city, because of the bodyguards, the police cordon, and the various security measures, these reporters had the decency not to crowd too closely.

Now, in this situation, it was like a runaway horse.

Without control, the camera was almost in the assistants face.

Seeing that someone in front had gotten to film, the people behind did not want to be outdone.

The assistant called out to the driver, “Drive forward.

Dont worry about me.

Send Shi Jin away from this place first.”

With so many people, the driver didnt know how to move forward, afraid that he wouldnt be able to afford it if he hit someone.

In his panic, the driver, Little Li, accidentally opened the trunk lock of the nanny van.

The trunk opened slowly, and the scene inside was revealed to everyone.

A sharp-eyed reporter immediately said, “Oh my god, Shi Jins car has orchids in the trunk!”

Upon hearing this, more people immediately crowded over and snapped photos of the orchids inside.

“I wonder what kind of orchid this is!”

“Oh dear, thats terrifying.

There are several of them!”

The matter of the orchids was of great concern to the public at the moment.

Many people were watching the live broadcast.

When they saw this situation, the comments were already filled with doubts.

“Whats going on There are orchids in Shi Jins car”

“Oh, I remember.

I saw on the news earlier that a farmer got lost in this place and accidentally picked up a half-sun orchid.

According to his words, there are many more here.

Is Shi Jin actually here to dig up the half-sun orchids”

“Then she wont be able to clear her name about the single leaf orchid in her home no matter what, right”

“Previously, her studio even issued a clarification statement.

Its fake, its all fake! It can be seen that not only did she steal the orchid, but she might also have an affair with Wu Pengfei!”

“Its simply a lack of morality!”

“Sorry, sorry.” Little Li scrambled to close the trunk.

However, the reporters and paparazzi had already captured this scene.

It was useless.

Shi Jin reached out and opened the car door.

“Shi Jin, dont go down…” Little Li and the assistant tried to stop her but failed.

Seeing Shi Jin get out of the car, everyone was in an uproar again.

They pushed and shoved their way towards her.

Some asked questions, took photos, and fought to be the first.

They were afraid that they would be at a disadvantage and miss out on resources.

There were also all kinds of voices in the live-stream.

The comments kept questioning Shi Jin, and the audience also started arguing with each other, debating whether Shi Jin was wrong or not.

However, as Shi Jin appeared calmly in front of everyone with a cold and indifferent expression and an outstanding temperament, the reporters and paparazzi did not dare to act rashly.

The scene suddenly fell silent.

Everyones gazes landed on Shi Jin, waiting for her to give everyone an explanation.

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