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When the guests left and Yue Yu went to see them out, the thorn was still poking her slightly.

Why should everyone keep what they know from me

Shi Jin packed a set of clothes into a suitcase.

Fu Xiuyuan packed the tent and placed it beside her suitcase.

When they were ready, he grabbed his things and walked her to the van.

“Let me see if I have all the tools.” Shi Jin counted the important items.

“I checked for you last night.

You didnt miss anything.” Fu Xiuyuan looked at her with a smile.

Turning back, she wrapped her arms around his muscular waist.

“Honey, youre so sweet.”

“You can come back early if you have all the tools.

Im sort of a flower expert now.”

Fu Xiuyuan was very familiar with the tools she used for her plants.

Shi Jin smiled.

“Actually, Ill stay for two nights at most.

My assistant is following me.

Its fine.”

“Yeah, get in.” Fu straightened her shirt and opened the door for her.

The minivan headed out, toward the mountainous countryside.

At present, precious nationally protected plants had been discovered in the mountains.

The roots of these plants were very shallow and were only attached to the surface of the soil.

So it was very easy for them to be washed away because of rain and other reasons.

The weather forecast predicted heavy rainfall in two days which would pose a threat.

Therefore, they had to be brought back to special plantations for protection and reproduction in the hope that they would not have survival problems as the environment changed.

When the car reached the mountains, it drove straight along the path.

They finally stopped when they saw a tent.

A young man waved at the car.

He and another girl walked toward the car.

When Shi Jin got out of the car, he smiled and said, “Shi Jin, Im Cao Tian.

I contacted you on the phone.

This is my colleague, Meng Rujia.

The two of us came with Lin Jing, Professor Lin to transplant the orchid.”

“Hello,” Shi Jin said.

“I brought some tools.”

The driver, Little Li, and Shi Jins assistant helped carry the things.

Cao Tian and Meng Rujia also came forward to help.

“Wheres Professor Lin” Shi Jin asked.

“Hes checking the terrain around here,” Meng Rujia explained.

“At the moment, its said that there are more than a dozen spotted Half-Sun Orchids here, but its impossible to know their exact location, so it will take some effort to find them.”

Cao Tian said, “I heard from Professor Lin that youre very knowledgeable in this field Arent you usually quite busy Why are you still doing this”

It was not that he suspected Shi Jins ability.

Someone who could be invited by Professor Lin would definitely be fine.

They were merely curious.

“Ive always conducted shallow investigations in this area.

Its my honor to be invited by Professor Lin,” Shi Jin said with a smile.

The two of them explained the situation to Shi Jin.

A moment later, Professor Lin returned.

His hair was white, but his voice was like a bell.

“Shi Jin is here!”

“Professor Lin!” Shi Jin stepped forward and hugged him.

“Long time no see.”

“Its been a long time.

Im so glad you found time to come.”

Cao Tian and Meng Rujia looked at each other.

They did not expect Shi Jin and Professor Lin to already know each other.

It seemed that Shi Jin was indeed more powerful than they had imagined.

One had to know that Professor Lin was an authoritative expert in this area and was famous.

They were also PhD students who had finally been admitted under Professor Lin and were learning from him.

Professor Lin gave them a task.

“We have to study the soil structure here first, then find the Half-Sun Orchid, and then transplant it immediately.

Hopefully, there wont be any damage during this transplant.

We have to bring back all the plants we find.

When we go back, Ill leave the rest of the cultivation to you two.”

The last sentence was directed at Cao Tian and Meng Rujia.

They were instantly delighted.

“Thank you, Professor Lin.”

Her RV was well-equipped, and the various tools she had brought were very professional.

When Cao Tian and Meng Rujia saw this, they could not help being speechless.

This was not inferior to the things they had brought from the professional academy.

After a short break, everyone began to work, collecting soil, analyzing the structure, and searching for flowers.

“According to the previous farmers report, the place where the Half-Sun Orchid was found should be within a five-kilometer radius of here.

At that time, he went there because he was lost and casually picked one.

When he came back, he posted a photo on his WeChat Moments.

It was seen and sent to a nature magazine where the news was spread.

We contacted him to ask about it and learned that he found the Half-Sun Orchid here.

Unfortunately, he doesnt remember the path, but its probably in this area.” Professor Lin briefly explained the situation.

“What a pity.

His flower is already a mess.

It wont survive.” Cao Tian shook his head.

“The Half-Sun Orchid has a fragrance.

It shouldnt be too difficult to find.

With our professional detection equipment, it shouldnt take long,” Shi Jin said.

“Everyone hurry up and try to find it before the storm comes.”

They all searched together, occasionally chatting.

Professor Lin asked Shi Jin, “How are the special orchids you cultivated at home”

“Theyve all come to life, and the cultivation log has been left behind.

At the moment, it looks like theres no problem with their cultivation.

Ill send you the log sometime.”

Professor Lin said to the two students, “Learn more from her.

You can also ask Shi Jin for guidance later.”

“Shi Jin, what breed are you cultivating”

“Single leaf orchid,” said Shi.

The two of them gasped.

The single-leaf orchid only had one leaf per plant.

That was how it got its name.

It was very picky about its living environment, so it was already an endangered plant.

It was one of the most protected and rare plants in the country.

It was difficult for it to grow on its own, so it was even more difficult to plant it artificially.

Shi Jin had actually cultivated a single leaf orchid.

“Which laboratory was it cultivated in” Cao Tian was curious and immediately saw Shi Jin in a new light.

In the past, he felt that Professor Lin cherished her because she was an expert in the entertainment industry and was also a rare beauty among the experts in the industry.

She was somewhat unique, so it was normal for others to favor her.

Now he realized that she had some real skills.

Meng Rujia couldnt help but stare at Shi Jin, waiting for her answer.

Everyone admired people who were really capable.

Shi Jin smiled.

“At home.”

“At home” They both gasped again.

“Will it really work at home”

It had to be known that there were specific machines and equipment in the laboratory.

Usually, there would also be specialized workers helping to manage it so that everyone could take care of each other.

Even if they could artificially nurture a certain species, they would still need the professors personal guidance.

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