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Yue Yu lowered her head to help wash the vegetables.

Although she was clumsy, Madam Yue was satisfied.

“Shi Jin likes this dish the most.

She might not like what others make.

I have to make it myself.”

Shi Jin, who was driving, suddenly sneezed.

A chill ran down her back.

She grabbed a tissue and turned up the temperature in the car, too.

Yue Yu felt indignant.

“Mom, what about mine”

“Of course you have yours.

Look, isnt that your favorite lotus root dish”

Only then did Yue Yu cheer up.

She thought of a question and asked, “I heard that Shi Jin is married.

I wonder how outstanding a man worthy of a talent like her is.

Which family is he from”

Madam Yue thought for a moment and said, “If she brings him here today, you will be able to meet him.

If she doesnt, then she isnt ready to show him to you.

If she isnt, I cant tell you directly.”

“Mom, what are you talking about Im your daughter.

What cant you tell me”

“You know Shi Jins profession.

This matter is very important to her.

If she tells others rashly, it will affect her greatly.

So you understand what I mean, right”

Madam Yue had always been very protective of Shi Jin.

Even in the face of her own daughter, she was very conscious.

Actually, Shi Jin had not specifically instructed everyone to keep their mouths shut about her matters, but everyone who really knew her, who considered her a friend, spontaneously treated these things as important little secrets.

Everyone who was her friend was extra respectful and willing to protect her.

Yue Yus expression was clearly displeased.

Madam Yue smiled and pinched her daughters face.

“What else do you want to eat Mom will make it for you.

Look at you, youve starved and lost weight overseas.

Lets not talk about the others.

Tell me about the interesting things that happened to my daughter overseas.”

Yue Yu could not get angry.

She smiled and took her mothers arm as they chatted.

Lan Tian and Yue Lanchen welcomed Shi Jin.

They rushed over as soon as she got out of the car.

They hadnt seen each other in a while, so both of them were obviously excited and eager to see Shi Jin.

Only Luo Jingxuan stood to the side, looking normal.

“Why isnt Brother-in-law here” Yue Lanchen asked.

In the past, he used to call him Brother Xiuyuan.

Now, he was even more familiar with him and directly called him Brother-in-law.

Yue Lanchen pouted.

“Hes always busy when I invite him over.”

“Shall I call him now” Shi Jin pretended to touch her phone.

“Dont, dont, dont.

I was just saying.

I know hes always been like this.

Aristocrats only appear at important occasions, unless youre the main character of that occasion.” Yue Lanchen was quite happy to see Shi Jin.

Without Fu Xiuyuan, he didnt have to be reserved and restrained.

“Sis.” Taking advantage of her gender, Lan Tian leaned into Shi Jins arms and rubbed against her.

“Lets go in first.” Shi Jin patted her head.

The four of them went upstairs together and met the guests.

Madam Yue came out with the dessert she had personally made and greeted Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, sit down and have some dessert.

I made it myself.”

Shi Jin immediately understood why she had sneezed in the car.

“Okay, well carry it and eat upstairs.” Lan Tian took the tray first.

“Go, go, go.”

“That child,” Madam Yue teased.

When the group reached Yue Lanchens room upstairs, Yue Yu followed them in.

She was slightly surprised to see Yue Lanchen helping Shi Jin eat dessert.

Everyone knew about Madam Yues skills.

Other than Yue Feng, who could accept it, the others were forced to accept it.

Yue Lanchen had resisted it before.

However, at that moment, he was eating two bowls.

Lan Tian and Luo Jingxuan were fighting hard.

“If you really dont want to eat it, Ill pour it out for you,” Yue Yu said.

“Ive almost finished,” Lan Tian said.

“Fortunately, Auntie was kind enough to use a small porcelain bowl.”

She pushed the bowl aside and said, “Sister Yu, lets play chess together.”

“Sure.” Yue Yu tilted her head and asked Shi Jin, “Shi Jin, why didnt you bring your other half”

“Brother-in-law is busy,” Yue Lanchen said.

“Besides, its good that hes not here.

Well be more comfortable playing together.”

“Busy man.

What does he do”

Before Shi Jin could speak, Yue Lanchen continued, “Well, if youve known Sister Shi for a long time, youll naturally know.

Well keep it a secret for now.

I bet it can give even you a surprise when the time comes.”

This tone and attitude of protecting Shi Jin was exactly the same as that of Madam Yue.

Yue Yu did not expect Shi Jins status to be so high.

Vaguely, everyone used her as the focus of their vision.

Although she was not from the Yue family, she had a very high status in the family.

As she was thinking, she looked up and saw Shi Jin reaching for Yue Lanchens figurine.

She quickly stopped her.

“Shi Jin, dont touch it!”

Shi Jins hand froze in midair as she turned to look at her in surprise.

“Whats wrong”

“Thats Lanchens favorite figurine.

He never lets anyone touch it.

Ive never touched it since I was young.

Im afraid hell explode later,” Yue Yu explained.

“Oh, sorry.” Shi Jin retracted her hand and glanced at Yue Lanchen.

So he had this obsessive-compulsive disorder.

However, when she came before, didnt she always play with this figurine

Not wanting to hurt Yue Yus pride, Shi Jin said nothing else.

Yue Lanchen said indifferently, “Tsk, its nothing.

Sister Shi can play with it if she wants to.”

“Ill play chess with Lan Tian.” Shi Jin stopped touching the figurines.

Yue Yu was stunned for a moment and looked at Yue Lanchen.

Play with it if she wants to

Although Yue Lanchen spoke as if nothing had happened, Yue Yu could still sense the subtle differences.

Was he really that generous Or was it only to Shi Jin

What had happened tonight had made Yue Yu suspicious of herself.

Had she been away too long to recognize everyone Or had Shi Jin used some magic to make everyone side with her

“Sister Yu, I lost.

You come and play with Sis,” Lan Tian called out to Yue Yu.

Yue Yu recovered and sat in front of Shi Jin.

Nothing extraordinary had actually happened all night.

Everyone was happy and harmonious.

They ate and played happily.

Only Yue Yu really felt some extremely minute differences.

Although this difference did not affect her favor as the daughter of the Yue family, it was still like a tiny thorn that gently lay in the bottom of her heart.

Everyone kept their mouths shut about Shi Jins husband, as if she was the only outsider.

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