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Chapter 89: Loved Talent

Ye Peiwen felt happy when Shi Jin could recognize her.

“Why dont we work together”

Yu Guannan checked out Shi Jins situation.

Shi Jin was considered lucky to perform with Ye Peiwen.

She was far better than an idol singer.

However, Ye Peiwen might not be able to catch up with Shi Jin given her physical condition, so he was a little worried.

Shi Jin smiled as she reached her hand out.

“Miss Ye, I look forward to working with you.”

She handed the songs she had written for the performance to Ye Peiwen.

Even though Ye Peiwen had not performed in years, she was still an artist.

After glancing at the song, she could not help inhaling in surprise.

“Did you write this”

“Yes, I did.”

“I dont mean to be rude,” said Ye Peiwen hurriedly.

“I am just shocked by how good it is.”


Since no one picked Shi Jin, Ye Peiwen thought she had no talent, but the moment she saw Shi Jins song, her opinion changed.

“Lets go over and practice.” She immediately wanted to work on the song.

Shi Jin went over with her.

She had to admit that Ye Peiwen had great vocals.

After trying a few times, Ye Peiwen proved her prowess by singing the song perfectly.

In Shi Jins opinion, she had missed a few high notes and her vocals were not as good as before.

Even then, Ye Peiwen was a whole lot better than the young singers out there.

Ye Peiwen was shocked to find Shi Jin had great vocals when they practiced together.

From the looks of it, the things on the internet about Shi Jin were lies.

Ever since the internet became easily accessible, the paparazzi became even worse.

Ye Peiwen could not help feeling moved by her talent and gave her a few pointers.

It was a big help to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin voluntarily made conversation when they were having a break.

“Your songs are great.

I used to listen to them a lot, but you stopped releasing new music.”

“Also, you havent seen me appear on any programs either, right” Ye Peiwen shook her head and laughed.

“Thats true.

Ever since I gave birth to my child, I caught a case of rhinitis [1.

Rhinitis is also called a stuffy nose, and can be chronic.


I never fully recovered, so it acts up every now and then.

Even though my performance might seem good today, I honestly have not performed so well in a long time.”

She said worriedly, “If I did not have a child to raise and school fees to pay, I would not have taken the job.

Little Stone, I will do my best to stay in tip-top condition, but if there are any problems with my singing, you have to help me.”

Shi Jin nodded and smiled.

“Sure thing.” She could already detect how nasally Ye Peiwen sounded when she spoke.

For the sake of meeting her fans expectations, Ye Peiwen refused to make a comeback.

This time, she only appeared on the program to make a living.

Strictly speaking, even though the rhinitis had affected her singing, it did not turn out bad.

Ye Peiwen was just too demanding of herself.

The old-time artists tended to be this way and had more pride and social responsibility.

After chatting briefly, they continued to practice the song.

Everyone felt envious of the other contestants who got the team up with the best guest performers.

Wen Yongwei had selected the most popular guest performer of the lot, Xia Peifeng.

Shen Qi also did well and picked a popular male idol.

Meng Shaoheng and Hua Xin also selected popular singers with great vocals.

Even Gu Qinghuas guest performer had just become a hit last year after joining a singing program.

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