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“I appreciate it,” Yue Yu said brightly, taking the menu and ordering.

The two of them chatted happily throughout the meal.

However, it was their first meeting after all.

Most of the topics they discussed revolved around Yue Lanchen.

They talked about all kinds of interesting things about him.

After saying goodbye to Yue Yu, Shi Jin received a call from Liang Xinran.

“Shi Jin, Jingyuan is taking me home to meet your parents.

Quickly tell me what I should wear and what I should do.

Also, what gift should I buy”

Actually, she had already asked Gu Jingyuan these questions, but Gu Jingyuans response to her was, “Just be yourself.”

However, how could Liang Xinran feel that there was no problem at all

Shi Jin actually wanted to say,Just be yourself.

My parents are easy to get along with. However, it was obvious that such a light sentence was not enough to respond to Liang Xinran.

So she said, “Then come to my studio tomorrow.

Ill get someone to dress you.”

“Wonderful! Will you accompany me back, then”

“Is Eldest Brother accompanying you not enough” Shi Jin teased.

“Thats true.

I know you so well anyway.

We dont talk about things like that.”

The next day, Liang Xinran went to Shi Jins studio.

Under Shi Jins arrangements, Wei Qing specially came over and brought a new set of clothes for Liang Xinran.

Actually, this was not a particularly outstanding dress, but it matched Liang Xinrans temperament very well.

When she wore it, she immediately felt confident.

Shi Jin told her more about her parents hobbies and preferences.

She also specified a few gifts for her to buy.

Liang Xinran memorized everything.

Shi Jin smiled and shook her head.

Actually, her parents really did not care about these things.

As long as it was someone her brother liked, they would definitely like her too.

Besides, Liang Xinran was already good enough.

How could she not be loved by her parents

Shi Jin was not taking care of what she was worried about at all, but of her mentality.

After arranging everything, Shi Jin saw her out.

“Shi Jin, I really dont know how to thank you.

Ill give you a loving hug.” Liang Xinran turned around and hugged Shi Jin.

Shi Jin smiled happily.

“Then I wish my sister-in-law success in advance.

The sooner you and my brother achieve a positive outcome, the sooner you can invite me to your wedding banquet.”

Liang Xinran laughed as she ran away.

Her manager and assistant helped her carry the bags to the car.

Yao Jiahong quickly edited the vlog he had filmed for Shi Jin that night and sent it to her.

“Take a look.

How is it”

After seeing it, Shi Jin thought it was very good and posted it on Weibo for fans to see.

She also told everyone that she was going to record a new song.

It had been a long time since she had released a new song.

Her fans were already clamoring for content.

So when they heard the news, they were extremely excited.

Although the vlog was not as satisfying as the new song, many people quickly clicked on it to see what Shi Jins daily life was like.

At about this time, Yue Lanchen led the team to win another very important championship.

Currently, he had already become an existence comparable to a world-class top contestant.

Not only that, but his commercial value had soared to the level of an A-list celebrity.

Thanks to his superior appearance which was very interesting and gentle, many merchants looked for him to endorse their businesses, and many variety shows invited him to be a guest.

Initially, many fans were worried that his frequent business activities would affect his performance in the competition.

After all, all eSports players trained very long and hard every day.

Many people even had to sacrifice their meals and rest time to carry out continuous training.

Previously, when he participated in variety shows, he had received a lot of doubts.

However, the results of this competition completely shut these people up.

Not only did he not affect his state, but he also became more courageous, making it impossible for everyone to judge the choices he made.

Of course, there were a lot of sarcastic voices, but they were all awkward taunts.

They couldnt hurt anyone.

One could imagine the sourness and indignation of some of the haters.

After winning this championship, Yue Lanchen had two days of rest.

Yue Feng was very happy and invited people to his house for a meal.

Now that his son was working hard, he was very willing to treat them to a meal.

Not only was he happy, but he could also let those who used to always talk about Yue Lanchen feel some jealousy.

Shi Jin had not seen Yue Lanchen for a long time, so when she received the call, she immediately agreed to go over for dinner.

Quite a few guests had arrived.

Those jealous people from before were no longer invited.

The whole scene was warm and harmonious.

Amidst everyones praise, Yue Lanchen said humbly, “I still have a lot to learn.

Ill definitely work hard in the future.”

“Thats more like it,” Yue Feng said solemnly.

The smile reached his eyes for once.

Yue Yu patted Yue Lanchens head with a smile.

“Not bad.

Youre really something.”

“Thats true.

Remember whose brother I am.”

Yue Yu smiled and said, “In that case, Im quite impressive too.”

Lan Tian said, “Why isnt Sis here yet”

“Thats right.

Why isnt Shi Jin here yet” Madam Lan also looked expectant.

Yue Yu was puzzled.

Since when did the Lan family have such a good relationship with Shi Jin

Madam Yue smiled and said, “Dont worry, Ive already called her.

She said shes on her way, but theres a slight traffic jam.

She should be here soon.”

“Thats good, thats good,” Old Madam Bai said kindly.

“I was waiting for her to come over and prepared some pastries for her.”

Yue Yu originally thought that only Yue Lanchen had a good relationship with Shi Jin and would talk about her at any time.

So this scene really surprised her.

She called out to everyone, “We can play a few rounds of poker while waiting for Shi Jin.”

“You go first.

Ill go out and see if Sis is here.” Lan Tian held Luo Jingxuans hand and ran out.

“Ill go too.” Yue Lanchen ran out.

Yue Yu felt a little upset.

In the past, these children revolved around her.

How long had it been since she returned Why had they all become like this

Madam Yue stood up with a smile.

“It looks like Shi Jin will be arriving soon.

Ill go prepare my dish now.

Everyone, sit down and have some tea first.”

Yue Yu followed her.

She knew that her mother loved to show off her culinary skills, but she had always only done so for her family and important guests.

It was obvious how important Shi Jin was.

“Mom, let me help you.” Yue Yu went over to help.

“I dont need you.

Ill be fine on my own.”

“What other evil intentions could I have for helping you”

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