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Since Shi Jin had spoken, Fu Xiuyuan had no objections.

She smiled.

“It wont take long.

You know how efficient I can be.”

“Okay.” As long as she smiled, there was nothing Fu Xiuyuan wouldnt agree to.

Yao Jiahong took out his equipment and said, “Then just record some of your life scenes.

Itll be done in a few minutes.”

Shi Jin happened to have to water the flowers when she returned that night.

So she took the watering can and walked into the backyard.

Yao Jiahong immediately followed.

She was already outstanding and had an amazing figure.

At this moment, she was even wearing makeup, making her look even more dazzling on camera.

There was no need for her to make any special movements or deliberately pose.

Yao Jiahong only needed to adjust the angle to film her.

Just casual filming was enough to stun everyone.

Shi Jin took care of the pots of flowers seriously.

Yao Jiahong even specially gave them special shots.

“Do you need to take special care of these pots of flowers every day” Yao Jiahong asked.

“Well, they have their own different requirements for moisture and air humidity.

Theyre a little harder to raise.

It would be better if I took care of them myself.

Look over here.

There are specialized instruments to detect humidity and temperature here, so they can be guaranteed a relatively good growing environment.”

Although Yao Jiahong had seen her plant flowers before, he didnt pay much attention to such details.

After listening for a while, he felt like he had learned a lot.

When Shi Jin finished watering the few pots that she had to take care of, Yao Jiahong was done.

“Very good.” Yao Jiahong gave a thumbs-up.

“Thank you for coming specially for this.”

There were some things that should be specially taken by photographers, but Shi Jin didnt want more people to know that she was staying at Orchid Pavilion, so she had to trouble Yao Jiahong.

“My pleasure.” Yao Jiahong didnt find it a burden at all.

He was willing to do anything for Shi Jin.

When she said it wouldnt take long, she meant it.

It just took ten minutes.

Fu Xiuyuan stood watching her.

In the blink of an eye, she was done filming.

She stopped like a fluttering butterfly, her face peaceful.

He reached for her and pulled her into his arms for a kiss.

“When will the new song be recorded” he asked expectantly after the kiss.

“In the next two days.

Ill sing it for you now…” Shi Jin smiled and hummed her new song softly.

Her voice was gentle, and it was quite a change from her usual style.

Fu Xiuyuan could almost list the changes in her style.

At first, she was extremely cold and even angry, but gradually, she began to sing sweetly.

Now, there was love in her voice.

It was almost obvious that she had gone from resisting Chu Ling to accepting Fu Xiuyuans feelings.

When all her songs were put together, it was a reflection of their journey together.

When she finished singing, Fu Xiuyuan hugged and kissed her again.

The first thing she did when she got back was call Shi Jin and ask her out to dinner.

Although the two of them did not have a direct relationship, because of Yue Lanchen between them, it was as if they had known each other for a long time.

Shi Jin agreed and went to the hotel first.

“Im still on my way.

Theres a little traffic.

Sorry about that.

Give me another five minutes.”

“It doesnt matter.

Take your time.”

Shi Jin received another WeChat message from Yue Lanchen, saying that he could not come over today.

“Its fine.

Train in peace.”

Yue Lanchen sent a few regretful emojis.

Shi Jin sent back a sticker of patting his head.

Ding! Another WeChat message came in.

Shi Jin clicked on it and was a little puzzled.

This was a WeChat message from one of the production teams stage managers, but the person who sent the message was Wu Pengfei.

He even specially signed off—Wu Pengfei, as if he was afraid that Shi Jin did not know who he was.

Previously, Shi Jin had blocked his WeChat.

She did not expect him to come again, and he even borrowed someone elses WeChat.

“Shi Jin, how about we have a meal together Its a win-win situation.

Its not like we really have something.” Wu Pengfeis tone was arrogant.

It was probably the courage given to him by that bit of power his father had.

Shi Jin blocked him again.

When Wu Pengfei returned the phone to the stage supervisor, the stage supervisor had a bitter expression on his face.

“This… It wasnt easy for me to get Shi Jins WeChat through my work connections, and now Ive been blocked”

“Does it matter Do you think shell answer you if you contact her”

After Wu Pengfei left, his manager smiled and said, “What did Shi Jin say”


Blacklisted me.”

“Why is the woman so arrogant She should be honored that you contacted her, shouldnt she There are plenty of people whod love to work with you.”

“She took the initiative to flirt with me before, and now shes ignoring me.

Heh, isnt this deliberately succeeding in attracting my interest I really find it quite interesting.

No, its not interesting.

Its just that her looks are indeed to my liking.”

“But shes a married woman.

Pengfei, you cant go overboard.

Otherwise, it will damage your reputation…”

“Even if theres damage, it will be damage to hers.

Im a man, what does it matter to me” Wu Pengfei had played with all kinds of women, but for one thing, he had never played with such a beautiful married woman.

For another, he had never had physical contact with such a beautiful woman.

Shi Jin made him feel like he had to have her.

On Shi Jins side, after blocking the account, she immediately felt refreshed.

It felt good to not have flies buzzing around.

As to why she did not go and shoot the fly

It was mainly because it was not easy to find an opportunity to attack when flies were flying around.

There was no need to spend so much effort to chase after flies.

As she was thinking, a confident female voice greeted, “Hi, Shi Jin!”

Shi Jin looked up and saw a girl who looked a little like Yue Lanchen walking over.

She was dressed in a formal suit and was clean.

Her accessories and makeup were extremely exquisite, and she was also extremely beautiful.

It was obvious that it was Yue Yu.

When Yue Yu walked in, Shi Jin was looking down at her phone.

She only looked up when she heard the voice.

When she usually saw Shi Jin on television, she did not feel that she was much different from other artistes.

Although she was beautiful, she felt that it was more of the atmosphere created by film and television works.

However, when Shi Jin looked up, Yue Yu was so shocked that she was speechless.

Her beautiful facial features were a completely different experience in real life.

When she saw Shi Jin, she knew that the camera did not favor Shi Jin.

Instead, it treated her badly and did not capture 1% of Shi Jins beauty.

“Yue Yu.” Shi Jin rose and greeted her politely.

“Sit down, sit down,” Yue Yu said with a smile.

“Sorry Im a little late.

Lanchen said he couldnt come today.

Lets eat by ourselves.”

“Sure.” Shi Jin handed her the menu.

“My treat.

As a welcome home for you.”

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