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If even Liang Xinran could not afford to pay for it, as a mere waiter, she would probably not be able to afford it in a few lifetimes.

Liang Xinran bit her lip.

Although Yue Xiu did not deliberately arrange todays matter, she had seized this opportunity.

If Liang Xinran was smart, she would give her the conditions she wanted.

As long as she left Gu Jingyuan now, there was still time.

As for the tens of millions, Yue Xiu was going to donate it to charity anyway.

It did not matter if this painting was destroyed.

The others were also shocked by this number.

Tens of millions was money that many people might not be able to earn in hundreds of years.

Just half a cup of coffee would be wasted here.

It seemed that both the waiter and Liang Xinran were too unlucky.

“Liang Xinran, lets talk in private,” Yue Xiu said.

“Miss Yue.” Lin Yao interrupted her painting.

“Theres no need for Liang Xinran to compensate you.”

“What did you say” Yue Xiu had specially invited Lin Yao over to promote the auction, not to let him speak for another woman.

“The painting.

Its a fake, and its not worth much in itself.

So theres no need to make them pay.”

Yue Xiu was stunned, and her tone was resentful.

“Youre hanging a fake here.

Wheres the real one”

“My painting was a fake to begin with.

The real one is in Shi Jins hands,” Lin Yao said apologetically.

He stepped forward and took down the painting.

“Ive caused trouble for everyone.

Im really sorry.”

With that, he took the painting and left.

Yue Xiu was still confused about the situation, so Shangguan Yinyin immediately went forward and briefly explained the situation to her.

“What the hell” Yue Xiu originally wanted to use this matter to manipulate Liang Xinran, but in the end, they let this matter pass so easily!

She had nowhere to vent her anger.

When the waiter heard this, she finally smiled through her tears and said to Liang Xinran, “Thank you, Miss Liang.”

“Its fine now.

Go do your own thing,” Liang Xinran comforted.

The onlookers were very impressed by Liang Xinrans attitude.

Just now, she protected the waiter and was brave enough to take responsibility.

Everyone had a good impression of her.

Now that she was fine, they couldnt help but feel happy for her.

Liang Xinran said to Yue Xiu, “Miss Yue, if theres nothing else, Ill leave first.”

Yue Xiu had no reason to keep her any longer.

She said angrily, “How are the things here placed There are so many safety hazards.

Let them deal with them!”

Shangguan Yinyin could only deal with her.

Liang Xinran walked to Shi Jins side.

The two of them communicated with each other, knowing how angry Yue Xiu was.

When it was time for the auction, Shi Jins painting was brought to the stage.

Yue Xiu did not want to spend any more money on this painting.

It would be annoying to see it.

However, when she was communicating with others, she had already said that she would definitely buy this painting and use the money for charity.

Now that the painting had been brought up, many people were looking at her.

Although unwilling, Yue Xiu still bought this “Ink Bamboo” at a high price.

According to her original expectations, after she bought “Ink Bamboo”, the focus of the entire venue would be on her.

Lin Yao was also someone she had invited.

With the two of them working together, the entire charity auction night on Weibo would become a huge highlight in her life.

She could also use this opportunity to gain an excellent reputation.

However, because of the fake and real “Ink Bamboo” incident and the outcome of the real “Ink Bamboo” belonging to Shi Jin, tonights highlight was destined to be Shi Jins.

On Weibo, Shi Jin had already occupied several trending searches.

Regarding Shi Jins Weibo, the number of readers had always been extremely high.

It could be seen that everyone paid a lot of attention to her.

She was also very popular.

“I just remembered that a long time ago, Shi Jin said on the show that the painting that Lin Yao had was a fake.”

“At that time, that matter was left unsettled.

I didnt expect Lin Yao to still bring the painting over.”

“The real painting that Qing Ming personally certified is with Shi Jin.

Theres definitely no mistake.”

“No wonder when Shi Jin saw the painting, she could confirm that it was a fake with just a glance.

Now they know the reason.

She has the real one, so of course the rest is fake.”

“I really didnt expect Shi Jin to have such good taste.

She even has a collection of paintings of this grade.

I have to say, respect.”

“The value of this painting goes without saying.

Its really very thoughtful of Shi Jin to be willing to donate it.”

“Thats why Ill never stop being a fan of Shi Jin! Shes really, really good! She deserves so much love!”

Shi Jin had obtained what Yue Xiu had deliberately and painstakingly schemed for.

However, it was completely unintentional.

There was nothing Yue Xiu could do even if she was angry.

Shi Jins popularity had always surpassed the other A-list celebrities of the same batch, let alone Yue Xiu who was not an artiste.

The light would always belong to Shi Jin.

After finishing the charity auction night, Fu Xiuyuan and Gu Jingyuan came to pick up Shi Jin and Liang Xinran.

After Liang Xinran got into the car, she said, “That Yue Xiu is so hostile to me.

I dont remember ever offending her.”

“You pissed her off big-time.

Remember the last time Yue Xiu invited me to dinner”

“I remember.

I thought you were with her that time.”

“That was indeed her intention, but I rejected her.

It also made me realize who I really wanted to be with.”

Liang Xinran laughed.

“In that case, I have to thank her.

Did she matchmake me”

Gu Jingyuan scratched the tip of her nose.

“Even without her, I would have decided sooner or later.

It has nothing to do with her.”

Liang Xinran smiled happily and contentedly.

“No wonder that when she sees me, she seems like she hates me.

It turns out that I have unknowingly offended a big one.”

“She doesnt necessarily really like me, either.

Her family just thinks its appropriate.

I turned her down.

Shes probably just bruised pride and cant accept it.”

Gu Jingyuan reminded her, “In the future, if you meet anyone related to Yue Xiu, try your best to stay away from them.”

He was afraid she would be hurt because of him.

“I will!” Liang Xinran immediately promised.

Fu Xiuyuan had already learned about the situation at the event today.

However, he did not interfere with what Shi Jin could easily resolve.

It was just that he couldnt bear the thought of her working so late.

He reached out and gathered her close, massaging her shoulders.

After returning to Orchid Pavilion, Fu Xiuyuan walked into the living room.

When he saw Yao Jiahong, he frowned and said, “Lets talk tomorrow.”

“I asked Brother Yao to come over,” Shi Jin said.

“I havent had an event in a long time.

I asked Brother Yao to record a vlog for me and collect some material.

It will be useful for the music video of my new song.”

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