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“Thats right.

How can you say that Shi Jins is fake just from a one-sided statement”

Everyone was discussing among themselves.

Shangguan Yinyin said, “Its not that Shi Jins painting is fake, right However, Teacher Lins painting has been in his collection for many years.

He also likes to collect various items, and many of them have been certified by the museum.

Logically speaking, Teacher Lins painting cant be fake.”

If she kept saying that Lin Yaos was not fake, then the fake must be Shi Jin.

How could anyone not recognize this hidden line

Lin Yao put his hands behind his back and looked arrogant.

Shi Jin said calmly, “Teacher Lin, when we were recording a variety show together previously, I said that thatInk Bamboo was a fake.

I didnt expect Teacher Lin to still be keeping it.”

When she said that, everyone remembered that when they were recording the variety show, Shi Jin had taken one look at the painting and said that it was a fake.

At that time, there were even Weibo hot searches saying that Shi Jin hated the rich.

However, many things happened later to cover up this matter.

Shi Jins family background was not as bad as everyone said.

So no one cared about the painting anymore.

Now that the past was brought up again, it was really like a scene being replayed.

Lin Yaos dissatisfaction with Shi Jin came from her overly straightforward attitude when she recorded the show.

When he heard her mention it again, he said, “Yeah, why shouldnt I keep it in my collection Should I not collect real ones and collect fake ones instead”

In a moment, swords were drawn.

Everyone could see his hostility although the discussion was extremely soft.

Shangguan Yinyin tried to smooth things over.

“Teacher Lin, dont be angry.

After all, Shi Jin is still young and her research on paintings is not as good as yours.

Its inevitable that she will make an error in judgment.

This is not a big deal.

Even if its not the real thing, Shi Jin has been collecting it for so long.

It must have a certain value.

This wont stop everyone from auctioning for these two paintings.”

It sounded nice, but the essence was still to trample on Shi Jin.

These should be words that Shi Jin said to Lin Yao.

When she heard this, she found it extremely funny.

She curled her lips and said, “In that case, I think a few connoisseurs came today.

Why dont we ask for their opinion”

Seeing that she was still not giving up, Lin Yao immediately went over to invite those connoisseurs over.

These were all highly respected and famous experts who had excellent appreciation for paintings.

They were invited over to study the painting brought by Shi Jin.

Lin Yao didnt even bring his painting over.

To him, as long as he could prove that Shi Jins painting was fake, his would definitely be real.

After everyone gathered around and admired it for a long time, one of the white-haired ones said, “This is real.”

The others nodded and said, “In my opinion, this is indeed Qing Mings work.”

Lin Yao couldnt help but be angry.

“Did everyone really see it clearly”

“We did get a good look.

Qing Ming is a modern painter, not someone who lived thousands of years ago.

We can tell the difference.”

Seeing that Lin Yao and Shangguan Yinyin did not believe him, the white-haired old man said, “I happen to have Qing Mings number here.

Ill call her immediately, and itll be enough to know who has thisInk Bamboo painting.”

He was a connoisseur and an expert in such matters.

It was not at all surprising that he had Qing Mings number.

He immediately made the call.

A moment later, he put down his phone and said, “Qing Ming also confirmed that the painting is in Shi Jins hands.”

Lin Yaos expression changed drastically.

If he had been able to defend himself before, there was nothing to say now that the evidence was conclusive.

The other onlookers were clearly convinced by the old mans words.

Lin Yao recalled that when this painting was still in Shi Xuexins hands, Shi Jin had said that it was fake the first time she saw it.

Later, Shi Xuexin gave him the painting, and he treated it as a treasure.

However, now that he recalled all kinds of things about Shi Xuexin, she had already been slapped in the face.

She had long disappeared as if such a person had never existed in this world.

Lin Yaos face was ashen.

He only realized now that it was not because he firmly believed in Shi Xuexin, but because of his arrogance and prejudice against Shi Jin.

If he had believed Shi Jin back then, things would not have happened today…

Shi Jin did not say anything else.

After putting on her gloves, she reached out and hung the painting back in place, her expression serious.

Shangguan Yinyin bit her lip slightly.

She had not expected this outcome, but it seemed too late to say anything now.

“Teacher Lin…” Shangguan Yinyin followed, knowing that something was wrong.

Today, Yue Xiu was supposed to buy Lin Yaos painting.

Now that Yue Xiu was going to do charity, was she supposed to buy Shi Jins

This would definitely embarrass Yue Xiu and put her on the spot.

Lin Yao walked towards his painting, feeling extremely embarrassed.

He hadnt heard a word Shangguan Yinyin had said.

He approached his painting, surprised that a situation had arisen here as well.

A waiter was crying pitifully and Liang Xinran was whispering something.

Lin Yao looked up suddenly and saw that the painting he had hung on the wall was stained with coffee.

Although it wasnt much, it was considered ruined for such a treasure.

Many people were watching, and Yue Xiu was also standing there.

Liang Xinran said, “Alright, theres no need to make things difficult for the waiter.

When she came over, I didnt catch her properly.

The two of us fell and dirtied this painting.

We didnt do it on purpose.

There were many people at that time, and someone bumped into us.

Since it has already happened, Ill take responsibility.

Ill pay for it.”

The waiter didnt know what to say when she said that.

She looked at her with tears in her eyes.

Yue Xiu said indifferently, “The Ink Bamboo that Teacher Lin Yao brought is a priceless national treasure.

Its worth no less than tens of millions.

Can you really afford it”

Liang Xinrans face turned pale.

Tens of millions

Although she came from a wealthy family and her income was not bad, she was still an 18th-tier actress who used to play supporting roles.

This meant that she basically only earned money from films and did not have any commercial endorsements.

Compared to the A-list celebrities in the entertainment industry, her income was negligible.

She had never earned tens of millions, let alone had that much in her account.

‘Do I have to go to my parents to help me pay for it

It wasnt easy for her parents to earn money…

Lin Yao stepped forward and was about to speak to Yue Xiu.

Yue Xiu said lazily, “Thats right.

If its auctioned, it might cost more than that.

How are you going to compensate”

The waiter was trembling in fear, afraid that Liang Xinran would say that she would not compensate anymore, or that she would have to compensate with her.

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