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There were already people in evening gowns everywhere.

The scene was very luxurious and familiar.

Liang Xinran and Shi Jin walked in together.

Immediately, staff led the two of them up the red carpet to the hosts side.

After a simple interview with the host, the two of them greeted the people around them.

“Would you like to take a look at tonights lot” the staff asked while leading them toward the inner court.

“All the items brought in by the attendees tonight are in the inner court.

There are many precious things to see first.”

Shi Jin nodded and went over with Liang Xinran.

Liang Xinran took out her earring frankly, handed it to the staff, and wrote her name.

Shi Jin handed over a painting she had brought.

The two of them admired the items together.

However, because they liked different things, they gradually went in different directions.

At the side, Yue Xiu and Shangguan Yinyin also walked in.

Shangguan Yinyin took out her bracelet and handed it to the staff.

Yue Xiu smiled and said, “I didnt bring anything over today because Im mainly here to bid and contribute to charity, not to bring items over.”

“Miss Yues intentions are good,” the host said.

“I wonder what you plan to bid for today”

“I heard that Lin Yao, Teacher Lin is here Hell bring a clear green ink painting calledInk Bamboo today.

Ill take this painting with me.”

“Teacher Lin actually brought theInk Bamboo over This painting is very precious and rare.” The host was surprised.

“Thats right, so Teacher Lin is very considerate for charity.”

The host nodded.

“Then Miss Yue is very considerate to be willing to pay so much for charity.

Please visit the inner court first.”

Yue Xiu said to Shangguan Yinyin, “Go and receive Teacher Lin.

Hes an important guest.

You must greet him well.”

Shangguan Yinyin looked for Lin Yao in the crowd.

Lin Yao was a big shot in technology and was very rich.

Although he was not in the entertainment industry, he was often related to it.

Last time, he had recorded a variety show with Shi Jin.

At that time, Shi Xuexin was still around, and he did not have a good impression of Shi Jin.

Although Shi Xuexin failed later and had completely disappeared in an instant, it did not change his attitude towards Shi Jin.

He wandered in the entertainment industry and did not go too deep, but he maintained a considerable level of participation.

Seeing Shangguan Yinyin walking over, he smiled and said, “Hello, Yinyin.

Why dont I see Miss Yue”

“Miss Yue is already here.

Someone is looking for her in this area.

She cant leave yet.

Shell come to find you later.”

“Okay.” Lin Yao pointed at the Ink Bamboo he had brought.

“Ive already placed the painting here.

This is a genuine work by Qing Ming.

I hope Miss Yue will like it.”

“Thank you for your contribution to charity.

Miss Yue will auction for the painting in a moment.”

Shangguan Yinyin stepped forward and Lin Yao pointed out the mysteries of the painting to her.

Although she didnt know much about it, she couldnt help but like it a little when she saw how stylish the painting was.

The more she looked at it, the more exquisite she felt it was.

Lin Yaos painting was specially given to him by Shi Xuexin back then.

He had always kept it carefully.

If Yue Xiu had not been in a hurry to use this painting, he would not have taken it out.

The two of them admired it for a while before moving to admire the other items.

He heard someone surrounding a seat and praising, “TheInk Bamboo that Shi Jin brought is quiet and elegant.

Its a rare piece of art.”

“I heard that this painting is priceless.

Is Shi Jin really going to auction it You have to know that not a single cent from this auction will go into her pocket.

It will go straight to the charity foundation.”

“Thats Shi Jins generosity.

Its admirable to have such a heart.”

A group of people were admiring the painting called Ink Bamboo.

When Lin Yao heard this, he was a little unhappy.

Back when Shi Jin and Shi Xuexin were fighting, he felt that Shi Jin liked to show off and always wanted to suppress Shi Xuexin.

From the looks of it, Shi Jin had not changed his habits.

Shangguan Yinyin asked curiously, “Teacher Lin, why is the painting Shi Jin brought also calledInk Bamboo”

“Maybe it has the same name,” Lin Yao said calmly.

“Why does it look so similar” Shangguan Yinyin glanced over.

Lin Yao was also a little puzzled.

How could that be

He hurried over to get a better look.

He squeezed through the crowd and saw the painting hanging on the wall.

It was an Ink Bamboo that looked exactly like his.

Anger quickly rose in his heart.

Shi Jin clearly knew that this painting was in his hands, but she still brought an identical one over.

What did this mean

Seeing Lin Yaos ugly expression, Shangguan Yinyin remembered that she was in charge of receiving Lin Yao and couldnt let him suffer.

She immediately said, “Shi Jin, is this the painting you brought”

“Yes, I brought it,” Shi Jin said bluntly.

Of course, it wasnt entirely brought by her.

Instead, it was because when her mother, Gu Qingqing, heard that she was coming to attend the charity auction, she told her that she might as well bring a painting over.

The more expensive and important things could also be auctioned off to charity organizations to do more for those who needed them.

Hence, after discussing with Gu Qingqing, Shi Jin decided to auction this painting.

“But Shi Jin, Teacher Lin Yaolin also brought the Ink Bamboo.

Its also Qing Mings work.

You should take back this painting.”

Shangguan Yinyin reminded her tactfully.

“Teacher Lin” Only then did Shi Jin notice that Lin Yao was standing beside Shangguan Yinyin.

“I didnt expect Teacher Lin to come over too.”

Shi Jin really did not expect him to come.

After recording the variety show “Come to My Home” previously, Shi Jin and the others more or less kept in touch.

They even sent each other blessings on the festival day.

However, she had never contacted Lin Yao again.

Seeing her expression, Lin Yao felt that her attitude towards him was a little disrespectful, just like when she was recording the show.

“Yes,” Lin Yao said calmly.

“Shi Jin, did you bring a replica over”

Hearing Lin Yaos words, the onlookers couldnt help but discuss.

“Is Shi Jins painting a replica”

“No way I just heard from Shangguan Yinyin that Teacher Lin brought the same painting over.

Could Shi Jins really be fake”

“Teacher Lin is a big shot in technology and is very powerful.

Anyway, his painting cant be fake.

Then, Shi Jin…”

“Shi Jins might not be fake.

Shi Jin knows quite a lot, right”

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