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Liang Xinran went to open the door.

Gu Jingyuan suddenly remembered that the condoms he had used last night were still placed at the head of the bed.

He immediately got up and took them out to stuff them into the drawer.

He had just stuffed it in when Father and Mother Liang came in.

“Are you all right, daughter” Mother Liang looked concerned.

“Fortunately, your matter was resolved.

Im relieved.

As soon as your father got off the plane and I picked him up, I rushed over.”

She had just finished speaking when she saw a handsome young man standing in the room.

She had not seen him before.

He did not look like someone from the company.

“This is…” Mother Liang was very surprised.

“Hello, Uncle and Auntie.”

“Oh, I know.

I saw you the other day.

At the press conference, you spoke up for Xinran.

I heard that youre Yuan Zhihuis doctor.

It was Yuan Zhihui who asked you to speak up for Xinran, right Thank you,” Mother Liang said kindly.

“Mom, hes not Yuan Zhihuis man.

Hes my boyfriend, Gu Jingyuan.

Jingyuan, these are my parents.”

“Uncle, Auntie, its me, Gu Jingyuan.


Father Liang and Mother Liang froze and looked at each other.

Actually, when Mother Liang watched the press conference, she had a very good impression of Gu Jingyuan.

He did things appropriately and logically, and his control was especially strong.

He was a rare talent.

She had sent the video to Father Liang then.

The couple had been trying to think of a way to resolve the injustice their daughter had suffered, but didnt get to clear it up.

Both of them were naturally satisfied with Gu Jingyuan.

“Oh, no wonder, no wonder.

Come and sit.”

“Uncle, Auntie, have a seat,” Gu Jingyuan said politely.

Father and Mother Liang chatted with Gu Jingyuan for a while more.

The more they looked at him, the more satisfied they were.

“Jingyuan, its all thanks to you for what happened to Ranran this time.

If it werent for you, I dont know how much trouble it would have caused.” Mother Liang sighed.

“Xinrans matter is within my responsibility.

Dont mention it, Uncle and Auntie.”

“Then we…” Mother Liang turned to Father Liang.

“Didnt you just get off the plane Are you going back to rest”

“Didnt you just say that we should bring our daughter out for a meal You even have a gift for her” Father Liang had not reacted yet.

“Hey, look at you.

Didnt you just say you were too tired from the flight and wanted to go back and rest”

Father Liang was enlightened.

“Yes, yes, I left the gift in the car.

Ill bring it to Ranran next time.

Jingyuan, Ranran, well leave first.”

“Mom, Dad, sit a little longer.” Liang Xinran had just seen her parents, so she couldnt bear for them to leave.

“When youre free in two days, bring Jingyuan home for a meal.

Well meet again then.” Mother Liang smiled and said to Gu Jingyuan, “Please forgive me for my poor hospitality today.”

“Its already good enough.

See you next time, Uncle and Auntie.

Take care.”

The couple left quickly.

When they reached the road, Mother Liang was still saying, “I really didnt expect my daughter to find such a good boyfriend without saying anything.

I was originally worried that it would be difficult to find an upright and responsible man in the entertainment industry.”

“Thats why I keep telling you that the children will take care of themselves.

I tell you not to worry too much.

You dont believe me.”

“This is great.” Mother Liang was all smiles.

Liang Xinran closed the door and patted her chest.

“I thought my parents were going to say something.

It looks like you already conquered them with your charm the last time you helped me solve the problem!”

“Uncle and Auntie are quite easy to get along with.

Even without what happened last time, I believe I can get along with them.”

He wrapped his arms around Liang Xinrans waist.

“Then next time, accompany me back to meet my parents.”

Liang Xinran suddenly became nervous.

“Then should I do my hair and what clothes should I wear What kind of girls do they like”

Gu Jingyuan saw that she was panicking like a little rabbit and smiled.

“What youre like now is perfect.

Im already so easy to get along with.

Are you still afraid that my parents wont be easy to get along with”

“Thats true.

I was overthinking.” Liang Xinran smiled embarrassedly.

Gu Jingyuan lowered his head and kissed her, making up for all the gentleness that had been interrupted earlier.

Yue Lanchen called Shi Jin.

Over the phone, he was in high spirits.

“Sister Shi, my sister is about to return to the country! Ill ask her to add your contact details then, okay She really wants to get to know you.

Its equivalent to my two sisters meeting up now!”

“Sure.” Shi Jin had heard about Yue Yu many times from Yue Lanchen.

From the Yue familys relationship, Shi Jin could tell that this was a very peaceful and equal relationship.

The relationship between Yue Lanchen and Yue Yu was also very good.

“Ill try to make time to hang out with you guys then, too.”

“It doesnt matter if you come or not.

As long as your sister comes,” Shi Jin said with a smile.

Yue Lanchen refused to listen.

“You cant be biased! Now that you have my sister, you dont want me anymore”

“Okay, okay, whatever you want.

As long as it doesnt affect your usual training.”

Yue Yu had not returned yet and Shi Jin had an event to attend.

The night of the Weibo charity auction was an annual charity event.

The artists who were invited to the grand ceremony made up nearly half of Country Ss artistes.

Other than Shi Jin, Liang Xinran also received an invitation.

Many CEOs of various management companies and relevant people in the entertainment industry were also invited.

Liang Xinran came over early in the morning to confirm the evening gown with Shi Jin.

“A low-key, generous outfit would be nice,” said Shi Jin.

“Thats right.

Its not an occasion to show off.

Just dress appropriately,” Liang Xinran said as she tried on the clothes.

After the two of them tried on their respective clothes, Liang Xinran picked up the item that she wanted to donate for the auction.

“Its an earring.

My mother gave it to me on my 18th birthday.

It means that since then, Ive already grown up and can use a lot of jewelry and cosmetics that were originally unusable.

Its quite meaningful to me.”

She took it out, cherishing it.

Shi Jin smiled at her.

It was a very charitable act to be able to take out something she really loved for a charity auction.

Liang Xinran wrapped the things up and put them into her bag.

Shi Jin brought her own things, loaded them, and they got into the car.

When Liang Xinrans manager saw Shi Jin, she greeted her politely, “Hello, Miss Shi.”

Faced with such an A-list superstar, the manager was still a little reserved.

How would she dare to really call her by her name

Shi Jin smiled and said, “Xinran is already my sister-in-law.

Why are you still being this polite with me”

Liang Xinran stuck out her tongue, and her manager relaxed a little.

The group arrived at the scene.

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