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“Such a person should be kicked out of the production team.

Liang Xinran did well!”

“Its really not easy for Liang Xinran to help a girl.

Shes protecting her compatriot, but she still has to be smeared by such a person!”

“I think someone like Kuang Bo should be arrested and sent to jail! In case he comes out and harms others!”

“Find out if he has anything else.

Send him in!”

Kuang Bo shivered and tried to flee, but he was surrounded by angry people and he had nowhere to go.

Some people even took advantage of the crowd to kick and punch him to vent their anger.

Gu Jingyuan looked around.

Every move he made made everyone shiver.

No one hit Kuang Bo again.

Everyone fell silent and waited for Gu Jingyuan to speak.

He said, “In order to take revenge on Liang Xinran, Kuang Bo followed her for a long time.

He didnt manage to film anything valuable that could be used to defame her.

Thats why he took out such an audition scene to confuse everyone and make everyone attack Liang Xinran.

What I wanted to say was that I heard someone discussing that there might be a scandalous relationship between Director Yuan and Liang Xinran just now.

Think about it, if there really was something like this, would Kuang Bo not take it out

If there were really those peach-colored things that some people thought, would Kuang Bo let Liang Xinran off

I hope that everyone can respect the facts and the deceased Director Yuan.

Please let Director Yuan rest in peace.

Please give Liang Xinran more space and stop discussing this matter.”

His words made perfect sense.

All of a sudden, those outrageous comments were killed in the cradle.

There was a lot of nodding.

Yuan Zhihui also said, “My father was upright and kind all his life.

He devoted all his energy to directing.

He didnt like commercial works very much, so most of the works he filmed reflected reality and advocated social responsibility.

He was able to obtain his fame precisely because of his love for his job and dedication.

I hope everyone wont smear his name with other things.

Thank you, everyone.”

Everyone recalled Director Yuans work and could not help but feel more respectful.

The people who made comments about Director Yuans underground relationship could not help feeling a little ashamed.

“Thats right, everyone, stop discussing.

Didnt Director Yuan and Liang Xinran work together because Liang Xinran is beautiful, kind, and has good acting skills”

“Thats right.

Just the fact that she was able to chase away people like Kuang Bo on the set and protect the female employees means that shes definitely a courageous, intelligent, and empathetic woman.

Isnt it normal for her to play the role that Director Yuan prepared”

Hearing these words, Gu Jingyuan finally revealed a sincere smile.

After everyone left, Gu Jingyuan returned to the car.

Tears and a smile gathered in Liang Xinrans eyes as she looked at him gently and eagerly.

Shed heard every word hed said in the car.

Every word.

Apart from the evidence left behind by Director Yuan, she knew that things were able to end like this because of Gu Jingyuans careful verification and the time he spent sorting out everything.

His ability, his temperament, his love for her… were all gathered together.

Liang Xinrans love for him had already accumulated to its peak.

Seeing Gu Jingyuan get into the car, her manager immediately said, “I have something on.

Im going out for a while.”

She gave Liang Xinran and Gu Jingyuan space.

Liang Xinran immediately threw herself into Gu Jingyuans arms and hugged him tightly.

Gu Jingyuan hugged her back and said softly, “Its alright, its alright.”

“Mm.” Liang Xinran felt safe beside him.

She didnt have to worry about anything else.

She just had to be comfortable in his arms.

He said softly, “I still have to go see Yuan Zhihui.”

Liang Xinran immediately understood.

“You agreed to treat him, right”

“Smart.” Gu Jingyuan had never mentioned it to her, but she could tell at a glance.

“When I looked for Yuan Zhihui previously, he was so resistant that he refused to listen to any explanation or help me.

Today, he was even willing to open his fathers safe.

I guessed that only you, the medical sage, can convince him.”


Previously, he refused to help you.

It was indeed Lihuan Ruoyi who promised him that she would find a surgeon to treat him.

His condition is very complicated.

Ordinary doctors cant handle it.”

Liang Xinran was a little worried.

“Then can you handle it”

“Liang Xinran, are you questioning me” Gu Jingyuan pretended to be angry.

“No, Im just worried about you.

Youre already tired from doing so much today.

What if you hurt your body by going to treat him”

Gu Jingyuan pinched her face.

“You have so little confidence in my stamina”

Liang Xinran smiled shyly.

Thinking of his stamina… it was not a level she should question.

Yuan Zhihui lay on the bed.

The nurse whispered, “Mr.

Yuan, Dr.

Gu is here.”

Gu Jingyuan walked in and Yuan Zhihui barely managed to sit up.

“Doctor Gu.”

“Ive already seen your medical record.

If theres no problem, you can undergo surgery tonight.” Gu Jingyuans tone was calm.

“I…” Yuan Zhihui seemed doubtful.

Gu Jingyuan looked down at the medical record in his hand.

“You really cant wait.

I can also understand your compromise with Lihuan Ruoyi for your illness.

Survival is human nature.”

Yuan Zhihui was very ashamed and said in a low voice, “Im sorry.

Actually, when the accident happened, I should have come out to help Liang Xinran clarify.

Actually, I did see her at home three years ago and heard from my father that her acting skills were not bad and that he wanted to invite her to act in a new movie.

Im really sorry.”

“You dont have to apologize.

Just be at ease.” Gu Jingyuans tone was still calm.

As a doctor, Gu Jingyuan instinctively did not want his emotions to affect the surgery.

He comforted, “Your verbal clarification might not have been useful.

Finding your fathers belongings to make the final clarification was the best for Liang Xinran.”

Hearing his generosity and magnanimity as a doctor, Yuan Zhihui smiled and said, “Doctor Gu, youre really a kind doctor.”

It had really taught him a lesson.

Pre-surgery preparations had been made and Yuan Zhihui was sent to the operating room.

Gu Jingyuan saw Liang Xinran in the corridor.

He had already changed his clothes so he did not go over.

He only nodded at Liang Xinran from afar.

Liang Xinran nodded and mouthed, “Good luck!”

Then she watched him walk into the operating room.

Sitting beside Liang Xinran, her manager held her face and said, “Xinran, Ive never envied you in the past.

I just felt that although our backgrounds and professions are different, my happiness is as much as yours.”

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