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Chapter 88: Another Rejection

Shi Jin felt even though Deng Yufei had already gotten eliminated from the program, everyone still remembered her.

Sure enough, she had worked hard leaving a good impression.

However, this would not last long.

Since Yu Guannan was not in the position to force Xia Peifeng to pick Shi Jin, he headed towards Cao Hui.

Cao Hui was a great artist and had good vocals, so she and Shi Jin could have real chemistry.

Yu Guannan had helped Cao Hui when she first joined the entertainment industry, so she was particularly respectful to him.

“Hello, Mr Yu!”

After catching up with Yu Guannan, she even gave him some local products from her hometown.

“Mr Yu, I wanted to visit you tonight.

I ended up bumping into you ahead of time.

You must accept this small gift from me!”

She was respectful to a fault.

However, she seemed to be in a dilemma the moment Yu Guannan suggested she work with Shi Jin.

“Mr Yu, I have already selected my contestant.”

Ever since she made a name for herself, she cared a lot about her reputation.

Shi Jin had a terrible reputation.

She heard Shi Jin kept making trouble and even plagiarized music.

Just the thought of this annoyed her.

After Cao Hui was invited to appear on the program, she added a clause to her contract indicating she would not work with Shi Jin.

She was not in the position to break her contract.

Yu Guannan did not force her to do otherwise.

Xia Peifeng had already walked up to Wen Yongwei.

Most of the other guests had surrounded Wen Yongwei.

Shi Jin was not the only contestant who was unpopular.

“Little Rose has come in first throughout the program, so people naturally want to work with her,” said a contestant softly.

“If it were me, I would pick Little Rose too.

She is a great songwriter with steady vocals.

She never makes trouble and has a righteous personality.

Also, I secretly looked at her face previously and she is very pretty.

She wasnt even wearing makeup when I saw her,” said a contestant with his voice suppressed.

“Wow! I am so envious.

I am sure she will get the best resources in the future.”

No wonder all the guest performers wanted to choose her.

Yu Guannan comforted Shi Jin, “No matter what, the program has to assign a guest performer for you.”

“I get it.” Shi Jin nodded.

It was just that the guest performers who had to pick her would be equally unpopular.

However, she did not mind.

Instead, Yu Guannan felt sorry for her.

Considering Shi Jins great talent, it would be such a pity if she could not make it to the end of the program.

On the whole, she was almost as good as Wen Yongwei, but she was plagued by scandal, so none of the guests wanted anything to do with her out of fear that she might pull the same stunt she did on Chu Ling.

Wen Yongwei finally decided on the guest performer she would like to collaborate with 30 minutes later.

It was none other than Xia Peifeng.

She bowed as she thanked the other guests for taking an interest in her, “Thank you for your vote of faith.

I hope we have the chance to work in the future.”

Everyone felt she was very well brought up and polite.

Then those guest performers who did not get selected went to pick from the pool of remaining contestants.

No one asked about Shi Jin.

After almost all the guests were done picking contestants, only Shi Jin and an unpopular singer were left.

The two of them made eye contact before walking towards each other.

“Hi, Miss Ye,” greeted Shi Jin.

Ye Peiwen was a veteran female singer.

She had written a lot of famous songs and was very popular 20 years ago, but she ended up disappearing from the limelight.

Since artists and idols kept entering the entertainment industry and there was huge competition, she was unknown to the younger audience.


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