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“When will revenge be served But since it was Liang Xinran who caused this, she can only blame herself for being unlucky.”

When Gu Jingyuan heard these words, he said calmly, “No, everyone.

Kuang Bo was kicked out of the production team by Liang Xinran with just one sentence.

Its not because Liang Xinran has a bad temper, nor is it because of work.

Its purely because Kuang Bo was harassing female employees during working hours!”

Kuang Bo quickly defended himself.

“Thats not true.

Youre making false accusations! I didnt do it!”

However, the people who had supported him just now were already looking at him strangely.

He had a shifty look to begin with, with sparse eyebrows and a wretched appearance.

His righteous words just now made everyone feel some sympathy for him.

However, now that they heard Gu Jingyuans words and looked at him again, they could not help but doubt him.

If he was such a person, then Liang Xinran had asked him to leave the production team to protect her female compatriots!

“You can deny it.

After all, you only talked nonsense and harassed those female colleagues with your words.

Now, theres indeed no evidence.

Liang Xinran told the producer to let you leave the production team, but she didnt leave any other evidence.”

When Gu Jingyuan said that, Kuang Bo became excited.

“Youve already said all the good and bad things.

In that case, you have to blame everything on me, and you wont allow me to refute”

“But…” Gu Jingyuan controlled the rhythm of the entire scene and did not allow Kuang Bo to change the topic at all.

“Previously, because you harassed women, you left a criminal record three times.

Its precisely because you have such a criminal record that you cant even get the position of an official employee at the bottom of the production team.

Thats why youve been working as a temporary worker.

Do you admit this”

Gu Jingyuan was waving a document in his hand.

Needless to say, this document was the three-time criminal record of Kuang Bo.

Everyone understood that Gu Jingyuan had already investigated the matter thoroughly.

There was no room for Kuang Bo to act shamelessly.

Kuang Bos expression changed drastically, reverting to the shrunken state it had been when he was first brought here.

Gu Jingyuan summarized, “Therefore, the matter is very clear.

Back then, you held a grudge against Liang Xinran because she chased you out of the production team.

You wanted to secretly film her personal matters and planned to defame her, but you didnt manage to film anything useful.

It wasnt easy for you to finally film an audition scene where she took drugs.

You saved it like it was a treasure, but you didnt dare to use it.

Now that youve taken this opportunity to take it out, on the one hand, you want to take revenge for Liang Xinran.

On the other hand, you can also collect the money from the stakeholder.

However, you did not expect that even though a long time had passed, Director Yuan had still left behind all kinds of evidence.

It did not allow you to slander Liang Xinran.”

When they heard Gu Jingyuan mention the stakeholders, everyone suddenly looked at Lihuan Ruoyi.

Lihuan Ruoyi clenched her fists.

She knew that no matter how righteous she sounded, she could not avoid the criticism of her attacking Liang Xinran.

At this moment, she really hated Kuang Bo.

He even dared to use her!

She thought she was clever, but in fact, she was just a pawn on Kuang Bos path to revenge.

The surrounding peoples disgust for Kuang Bo was obvious.

“As expected, looks come from the heart.

This Kuang Bo doesnt look like a good person.

So hes actually this kind of person!”

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