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“I didnt see Director Yuan guiding Liang Xinran in the audition previously.

What I saw was only the scene of Liang Xinran doing drugs.

I thought she was really doing drugs!”

Lihuan Ruoyi said righteously to all the reporters, “When Kuang Bo found me and asked me to help protect his trending searches, I didnt think about slandering Liang Xinran at all! Im just a law-abiding citizen.

When I see something that violates the law, I announce it to the world out of duty and obligation! I believe that any good citizen who abides by the law would make the same choice as me when they see such a thing! This is not a battle between fans and haters, nor is it a professional competition.

This is what should be done!”

Her words were dignified, and there was some truth in them.

Many people were convinced.

Gu Jingyuan smiled faintly and said, “Shouldnt you call the police first when you encounter such a thing Buying a trending topic without any evidence is just nonsense.

As an artiste, dont you know that the things that artistes often come into contact with are only related to acting and not the truth”

Faced with Gu Jingyuans question, Lihuan Ruoyi said, “Thats only because I was anxious and made a mistake in my judgment, not for any other reason.

No matter what, youre blaming me now, but what if it was true Ill never allow an idol to lead her fans astray!”

“In that case, Lihuan Ruoyi, theres naturally a right and wrong in your matter.

Ill believe that youre a righteous person for the time being.

Youre doing this for the greater good and dont have any selfish desires.” Gu Jingyuan changed the topic and looked at Kuang Bo.

Kuang Bo trembled as he tried to avoid his overly fierce gaze.

“I, I just filmed it… I dont know anything else…”

“The parts that Director Yuan left behind were all parts where he and Liang Xinran talked about the script together.

There was only a short part of Liang Xinran actually acting.

Coincidentally, you filmed the acting part.

Youre really very accurate.”

When others heard Gu Jingyuans words, they could guess how Kuang Bo had secretly taken these photos and edited them to leave the most disadvantageous part for Liang Xinran.

If not for all the scenes of Director Yuans audition today, Liang Xinran would not have been able to clear her name.

“I really, really dont know anything else.

Its just that I got this.

And its the same as what Lihuan Ruoyi said.

I, out of the self-awareness of a good citizen, felt that I shouldnt let such an artiste stay in the circle.

It would be bad for the fans.

It would lead to bad things.

Thats why I, I…” Kuang Bo stuttered.

“If it was taken three years ago, why werent you a good citizen in the first place and why did you only do it now”

Faced with Gu Jingyuans interrogation, Kuang Bo retreated repeatedly.

Why did he only take it out now and not at that time It was precisely because times had changed that he thought he could fish in troubled waters!

When he did not answer, Gu Jingyuan answered on his behalf, “If it had been taken out at that time, Director Yuan would definitely have come out to help Liang Xinran clarify.

Even if he unfortunately passed away later, you were afraid he would have left something behind or his colleagues would have known about this matter.

The reason you chose to expose it three years later was naturally because you felt that since it had been so long and Director Yuan only had a sick son, we might not be able to find any evidence to prove Liang Xinrans innocence.

In this way, you can fish in troubled waters, right”

“Y-you, thats not what I thought…” Kuang Bos eyes darted around as he defended himself.

“What can I gain by treating Liang Xinran like this Even if shes kicked out of the entertainment industry, I have nothing.

Why should I do anything unnecessary The reason I stood up was because of what I just said.

Theres no selfishness, its what a good citizen should do!”

He had even convinced himself of this, so he said it rather righteously and without stammering.

The onlookers thought about it and realized that it did make sense.

Why else would Kuang Bo do this

In the end, the person who benefited from this matter seemed to be Lihuan Ruoyi!

Lihuan Ruoyi felt uncomfortable being stared at, but Kuang Bo was instantly liberated.

“Right Everyone, right I have no grudge against Liang Xinran.

Why should I slander her like this”

Gu Jingyuan glanced at him mockingly.

Seeing him like this, Kuang Bo felt an indescribable discomfort in his heart.

However, he could not say why.

He could only say, “Now that its been proven that Liang Xinran is not such a person, Ill apologize.

But if I see such a situation in the future, Ill still make it public.

I wont let this circle have all kinds of trash behavior!”

He shouted loudly, almost admiring himself.

Gu Jingyuan said, “You said that you have no grudge against Liang Xinran”

“But as far as I know, three years ago, you worked temporarily on the set where Liang Xinran worked.”

“Yes, I did.

Why else would I have gotten a video like that When Director Yuan came to look for her, I thought it was strange.

Why would such a big director come to look for her, so I accidentally got a video.

I really dont know anything else.”

“Alright, Ill listen to what you say for now.

But in that production team, you were kicked out because of Liang Xinrans words, right”

Faced with Gu Jingyuans question, Kuang Bos earlier self-righteousness disappeared a lot.

“I-Im just a temporary worker.

I wont always be working in the same production team…”

“Then do you remember how you were kicked out Why did Liang Xinran specifically target you”

“Well… its a long time ago.

How can I remember Anyway, these entertainers in the entertainment industry have bad tempers.

Its not unusual for them to make temporary workers like us lose our jobs by just moving their mouths.”

Everyone sympathized with Kuang Bo when they heard him say that.

Artists had the right to speak and could indeed dictate the life and death of many temporary workers.

In that case, it wasnt entirely unreasonable for Kuang Bo to slander Liang Xinran.

If Liang Xinran really treated Kuang Bo like that, affected his work, and destroyed his livelihood, then Kuang Bos current behavior seemed to be understandable.

“This Liang Xinran is quite unacceptable.

Kuang Bo is also pitiful…”

“Artists are high and mighty and dont know the hardships of life at all.

These female supporting roles earn millions a year.

They dont even know that these temporary workers earn 100 to 200 yuan a day and are still being ordered around.

Its pitiful.”

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