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When Yuan Zhihui heard this, he was a little shocked.

There really was something

“However, Zhihui, these are your fathers manuscripts.

They are a very precious inheritance.

Only you can decide if you want to showcase them.”

“Showcase it.” Yuan Zhihui waved his hand and got the camera to immediately locate this section, leaving clear evidence.

However, a reporter still said, “This might also be a coincidence.

Even if Director Yuan wants to film, the chosen person might not be Liang Xinran.

This cant prove that Liang Xinran is auditioning.”


This is Director Yuans own business.

It has nothing to do with Liang Xinran.”

“Theres another disc here.” Another director flipped through it and said, “The label on it is the audition situation.

Zhihui, its up to you to decide if you want to release it for everyone to see.”

Yuan Zhihui thought for a moment and said, “Play it.”

Li Huanruo and Ren Xijie, who were watching the live broadcast, were stunned.

There was really such a disc Could it really be related to Liang Xinran

However, the two of them instinctively felt that this was still a huge matter.

What status did Liang Xinran have What status did Director Yuan have


There was no such possibility.

On the other hand, Shi Jin sat up straight and waited.

Everyones attention was focused on the disc.

The two directors played the disc on the spot.

Director Yuan was really in it.

A moment later, Director Yuan and Liang Xinran appeared.

Seeing this, the crowd was in an uproar.

Director Yuans voice was calm and had his unique charm.

“Liang Xinran, Ive seen your other shows.

You should be able to do it.

This role suits you very well.

Try it.”

Liang Xinran was still a little hesitant in the beginning, but under Director Yuans encouragement, she finally let go and started to try to act this part.

She gradually entered a good state, vividly portraying the struggle, pain, and uncontrollable torture of a drug addict.

This scene happened to be the one that everyone had seen on Weibos trending topics.

The crowd was in an uproar again.

After that, Director Yuan gave her a few more pointers and said, “I havent completely formulated the direction of this story yet, but look, as long as you try, you can do it.”

After the two of them finished communicating, the content stopped abruptly as Liang Xinran left.

“Director Yuan really guided Liang Xinran!”

“If Director Yuan had not passed away, Liang Xinran would have really been able to obtain this role!”

“Its really an audition.

I have to say that Liang Xinrans acting is really good.

Her acting skills have really been underestimated!”

“So shes not popular in the entertainment industry because her talent hasnt been discovered! With such acting skills its really a pity!”

Lihuan Ruoyi frowned.

She had not expected things to go in an unexpected direction.

It was equivalent to her spending a large sum of money, but in the end, this matter became Liang Xinrans praise.

Ren Xijies manager quickly said, “Xijie, forget it.

Lets return to the production team immediately.

Although Liang Xinrans status is low, shes popular enough now.

You dont have to be worried about her leeching off your popularity anymore.”

Shi Jin heaved a sigh of relief and leaned back in the sofa.

However, there were also people discussing softly.

“What right does Liang Xinran have to be admired by Director Yuan Dont tell me Director Yuan wants to do something with her in private”

“That makes sense.

Director Yuan recorded the audition.

Who knows what else hasnt been recorded Hehehe.”

“Thats right, thats right.

Perhaps the two of them have already… Otherwise, why would a big director like Director Yuan need to talk to such a supporting actress Hehehehe, it confirmed that she didnt take drugs, but it cant prove that they dont have any scandals.

From the looks of it, Liang Xinran is still a scumbag.

Whats there to support”

Hearing these peoples slander, Yuan Zhihui clutched his chest and coughed repeatedly.

The nurse glared at the people present and the discussion finally quietened down.

However, it was best if Liang Xinrans drug problem could be resolved.

The two directors who were packing up tidied up Director Yuans things and said to Yuan Zhihui, “Zhihui, Well leave these to you.”

Yuan Zhihui reached out and took it.

The media present witnessed what had happened and knew that there wasnt much else.

Although there were still people talking about Director Yuan and Liang Xinrans personal relationship, this was still gossip after all.

The matter of Liang Xinran doing drugs was completely clarified.

Just as everyone was about to leave, a handsome male voice suddenly said, “This matter can indeed end here.

Liang Xinrans situation has already been proven to be slander.

However, doesnt everyone want to know who is behind all of this Dont you want to know why such a video has caused such a huge commotion”

Those who were about to leave stopped.

The mans words piqued everyones interest.

Someone recognized this man and looked a little familiar.

“Its Gu Jingyuan, Dr.


“Why did Doctor Gu come out to help speak”

“Could Doctor Gu be Yuan Zhihuis attending doctor”

Gu Jingyuan ignored these digressions and said to a figure who was about to leave, “Lihuan Ruoyi, why dont you wait before leaving”

Lihuan Ruoyi, who was wearing a hat and a mask, was recognized.

The reporters immediately headed in that direction, and her intention to leave was destroyed.

In front of so many people, she had no choice but to take off her mask.

When everyone saw that it was Lihuan Ruoyi, they felt strange.

So she was the one who had led Liang Xinran to be slandered

“Lihuan Ruoyi, why did you deliberately buy a trending topic and go to slander Liang Xinran” Gu Jingyuan asked.

“I dont know what youre talking about.”

“Do you know Kuang Bo” With a look from Gu Jingyuan, someone immediately walked out with a shifty-eyed man.

That mans cowering appearance made people feel that he was not a good person.

Lihuan Ruoyi gritted her teeth and said, “So”

“The video of Liang Xinrans audition was taken out by this person called Kuang Bo.

However, hes only a temporary worker who works in the production team.

Although he has some connections, its not enough to blow this matter up so much.

The person who caused it to blow up is you.”

The media reporter immediately aimed the camera at Lihuan Ruoyi.

“Did you do this because of your competitive relationship with Liang Xinran”

“You also went to audition for the female lead of Wind and Rain previously.

Is it because youre dissatisfied with Liang Xinran”

“What were your thoughts when you were slandering Liang Xinran”

Lihuan Ruoyi was extremely angry.

“I didnt slander Liang Xinran, so theres no such thing as me doing this to fight for a role!”

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