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“Yes.” Yuan Zhihui nodded.

“Then you want to publicize this matter because you want to further confirm that everything Liang Xinran said is a lie, right”

Yuan Zhihui said, “No, I think what I said is not enough to explain anything.

I want to speak with Fathers belongings and evidence.”

The reporter immediately asked, “What are those How can they be proof”

Yuan Zhihui took out a key from his side and said, “My father passed away very suddenly because of a heart attack.

He didnt have time to explain a lot of his work content and other things.

When I was sorting out his belongings previously, his colleague and I had indeed never seen a script or manuscript about filming and the segment Liang Xinran mentioned.

However, yesterday, I remembered that he had also left a key in the banks safe.

In the safe, he often stored manuscripts, scripts, drafts, and so on.

I havent touched this safe yet.

The bank can also testify.

Everyone can check the banks records and confirm if anyone has opened the safe in the past three years.”

A reporter immediately said, “Yes, if someone opened the safe at the bank, it must have been recorded.”

“I only have the key and dont have the password.

Therefore, I applied to the bank and asked for their approval.

Only then can I use the key and the password the bank set up to open the safe.”

Everyone agreed with him.

Indeed, without this process, the bank would not have agreed to open the safe.

However, Yuan Zhihui was Yuan Muleis biological son.

As long as he provided the materials the bank needed, he could open it.

“So, Mr.

Yuan, you mean…”

Yuan Zhihui said, “My father was involved.

Although there are no negative effects, as his son, I still have the responsibility to testify for him whether he had such a thing or not.

His manuscript and various work records are in the bank safe, so well open it in front of everyone and see whats inside.

If it was confirmed that there were work records of Liang Xinran and my father, confirming that Liang Xinrans video was indeed only for filming purposes and she wasnt doing drugs herself, then the answer to this matter would be very obvious.

However, if there is nothing about Liang Xinran in it, then in the future, I hope that when anyone mentions Liang Xinran, they will not mention my fathers name again and make his soul in heaven uneasy.”

His words were a show of his sincerity as a son.

“Ill go to the bank now,” Yuan Zhihui said.

Everyone immediately followed.

Soon, they reached the bank.

The bank also stated their attitude and opened the safe that belonged to Yuan Mulei with Yuan Zhihui.

A professional cameraman followed Yuan Zhihui and recorded the scene.

Everyone could see the entire process.

As a famous director in the country, Yuan Muleis belongings were actually very valuable for research.

Hence, there were quite a few people in the industry who were paying attention to this matter now, and not just the onlookers.

Yuan Zhihui took out a very large box from the safe and carried it out.

The box was not locked and opened easily.

Yuan Zhihui said to the two older men beside him, “Uncles, please investigate.”

These two were Yuan Muleis colleagues when he was alive and were also very famous directors.

They took the things and opened the contents.

Indeed, there was a pile of ledgers, manuscripts, and some videotapes inside.

The two directors read the manuscript solemnly.

Everyone waited in silence.

However, everyones mood was completely different.

Lihuan Ruoyi was certain that it was impossible to clear Liang Xinrans name.

A director of Yuan Muleis level was working with the top celebrities in the country.

How could he call Liang Xinran over for an audition alone

If she really had that kind of acting skills, why had she been playing the supporting role all these years and not even gotten the female lead once

Yue Xiu and Shangguan Yinyin naturally had the same thoughts.

There was no need to mention Ren Xijie.

He took a towel to wipe the sweat on his head and said, “Liang Xinran is really something.

She really had to find someone this big to be her scapegoat.

Of all the dead directors, she chose this one.

Even if its a scandal, she wants it to be sensational.”

“Of course.

How could scamming other small directors have such an effect But the bigger the scam, the more tragic her death will be.

Shes too brainless.”

Shi Jin sat on the sofa with a serious expression.

Fu Xiuyuan reached out to take the coffee from her and replaced it with a hot cup.

She looked up and smiled, only to realize that the coffee she was holding had already turned cold.

Her worry for Liang Xinran made her unable to relax.

“Since Eldest Brother is resolving this matter, it will definitely go smoothly,” Fu Xiuyuan advised her.

“Thats right.

But Eldest Brother cant be sure that there must be evidence that can help Xinran in the things Director Yuan left behind.” Shi Jin was worried about this.

Now, Liang Xinrans status was different.

She was her friend and also her sister-in-law.

If even Yuan Muleis side could not prove her innocence, finding other ways to prove it would be too difficult.

Furthermore, this was three years ago.

Even if she looked for the police now to do a blood and urine test, it would be useless.

If she could not prove her innocence after this dirt fell on her, her career would probably be destroyed.

Fu Xiuyuan pulled her onto his shoulder and said, “Director Yuan is a meticulous person and has always valued his work in every detail.

I believe there must really be something he left behind here.”

Shi Jins fingers tightened slightly.

The two directors finished flipping through the two books and did not find the relevant content that Liang Xinran had mentioned.

However, they revealed looks of admiration.

“Uncles, did you discover anything” Yuan Zhihui asked.

“Director Yuan has never mentioned these two ideas to us before, but they are stunning and talented.

He was really worthy of being a top-notch director.

Zhihui, if you have ambitions in the future, these things can help you a lot.”

Yuan Zhihui smiled.

His throat tightened and he coughed a few times.

His weak body had long made him unable to work normally, so how could he inherit his fathers will

It was already hard for him to have come here today.

The nurse beside him quickly spoke in a low voice and handed him medicine and water.

“I got it! This scene…” When he flipped to a paragraph, a director stood up and said,” Director Yuans handwritten book said that he is planning to film a movie focused on drug addicts.

He wants to use the camera to portray these peoples struggles and dejection, and he wants to use these to remind the world to stay away from drugs.”

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