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At that time, the two of them had even had a little conflict.

Liang Xinran stepped forward and chased Kuang Bo out of the production team.

It was very normal for Kuang Bo to take revenge.

However, Kuang Bo did not have such boldness and wealth.

Liang Xinrans family was relatively wealthy.

If people wanted to post her scandals, they had to bypass the Liang family.

It was not something Kuang Bo could do alone.

As he was thinking, Yue Xiu sent him a WeChat message.

“Jingyuan, although we might not have been able to develop any other relationship in the past, I know that youre investigating Liang Xinran.

Based on our friendship, Ill tell you.

Kuang Bo found Lihuan Ruoyi.” Yue Xiu took advantage of this wave to do him a favor.

The smile on Gu Jingyuans lips was a little cold.

She had not reminded him earlier.

Now that he had almost finished investigating, she came out.

Yue Xius scheme was very good.

“Miss Yue, your timing is not bad.

Ive already found Lihuan Ruoyi.”

“Youre welcome.

Friends should help each other.”

Yue Xiu really shamelessly accepted it.

Gu Jingyuan ignored her and sent a message to his assistant.

“Go see Yuan Zhihui and tell him my plans.”

Gu Jingyuan left another message for Shi Jin.

The next morning, Liang Xinran woke up and felt that there was someone else by her side.

She suddenly recalled what had happened last night.

She could not help but pull the blanket up to cover her head.

Thinking back to last night, she pursed her lips and her smile was about to overflow.

So this was what happiness felt like.

Every time she thought that this was the most blissful moment, Gu Jingyuan would let her experience what it was like to be even more blissful.

She stuck her head out of the blanket and looked at Gu Jingyuan secretly.

He was still sleeping soundly, and his noble features were relaxed.

He had thick eyebrows and a high nose bridge.

Every inch of his face was just right.

This was why she had fallen in love with him at first sight.

But after that, it would be his integrity, responsibility, and seriousness.

When she watched him do things in the laboratory, she would think that such a man must be her husband.

And now, he was lying beside her, making her unable to help recalling the sweetness of last night.

His thoughtfulness and respect once again let her know that this was a good man who was worth loving the more she knew him.

Before he woke up, Liang Xinran buried her head in his chest and felt the rise and fall of his chest and his heartbeat.

Gu Jingyuan was already awake, but he could not bear to alarm her.

He was aware of all of her small actions.

Sensing the enthusiasm of the little person in his arms, Gu Jingyuan smiled.

Initially, he wanted to indulge in it more, but he knew that there were still many things to do today and it was not suitable to waste time.

He kissed the hair on the top of her head and said, “Are you awake”

“In hubbys arms, I only wish to be drunk in sleep forever.”

Gu Jingyuan smiled.


However, promise me that no matter what happens today, you have to listen to me.”

“Yes, yes.

Ill listen to hubby.

Hubby is the best.”

Gu Jingyuan originally did not want to waste time indulging with the beauty and delay settling todays business.

However, how could he resist such a voice and unrestrained love

His fingers touched her fingers and locked onto them.

He hugged her warmly and sealed her sweet mouth.

The sweetness of last night played out again.

Liang Xinran cooperated with him warmly and clumsily, igniting the aura in the room into a sweet firework.

Liang Xinrans drug use scandal had worsened today.

According to the outside world, the production team of Wind and Rain would very likely be choosing new actors.

There was no doubt that the actor that would be replaced would be for the female lead

However, no one could tell what the accurate news was.

The unknown was the most infuriating.

Lihuan Ruoyi waited, but there was no result.

However, Yuan Zhihui called.

“Ill help you hammer Liang Xinran, but the doctor you introduced to me must be in position immediately.”

Lihuan Ruoyi weighed the pros and cons and agreed.

Because of Yuan Zhihuis righteous accusation of Liang Xinran in the hospital last time, he had been in the limelight recently.

The moment he made a statement and said that he wanted to take out evidence to prove Liang Xinrans drug addiction, he immediately attracted the attention of many spectators.

“Is Liang Xinran finally getting lost from the entertainment industry”

“Pulling out the already deceased Director Yuan to wash herself clean.

Such a woman should really get lost early.”

“Liang Xinran wont be playing the female lead in a good script likeWind and Rain.

Change her as soon as possible.”

“Seeing that she hasnt left the production team, she must still want to struggle.

Now that Yuan Zhihui has come out to hammer her to death, lets see if she can still be thick-skinned enough to continue lying.”

“Waiting for Yuan Zhihui to come out.”

Many media reporters and paparazzi were paying attention to this matter.

There was no need for Yuan Zhihui to contact the media.

Many people had already gone over to wait.

Because Yuan Zhihui was not in good health and was staying in the hospital, everyone went to the hospital he was in.

Lihuan Ruoyi and her manager were also mixed in.

They were wearing masks and hats as they waited in the crowd.

As long as Liang Xinran was hammered to death this time, Liang Xinran would have nothing to do with Wind and Rain or any other good resources.

It was not only Lihuan Ruoyi who was paying attention.

Shangguan Yinyin and many other female celebrities were also paying close attention to this matter.

Ren Xijie was also running at home as he opened the live-stream software.

He only wanted to see Liang Xinran being hammered to death with his own eyes.

The manager squeezed fruit juice for him.

“Liang Xinran is insensible.

Not only is her status low, but she also likes to cause trouble.

Its good that she left.”

“The heavens are really helping me,” Ren Xijie said.

“Help me maintain my relationship with Producer Fang.

When Liang Xinran leaves the team, Ill go back immediately.”

In essence, Ren Xijie was only playing a game with the production team to pressure them and then transfer the pressure to Liang Xinran.

He thought very highly of this role.

After the various media outlets were in place, Yuan Zhihui was pushed out by a nurse in a wheelchair.

The reporter immediately started asking questions.

The nurse said solemnly, “Mr.

Yuan is not in good health.

He still needs surgery.

I hope everyone can prioritize his body and ask questions in an orderly manner.

Dont make a fuss and dont get too close.”

Yuan Zhihui said, “Hello, everyone.

Im Yuan Zhihui.

My father is the late director, Yuan Mulei.

My father has already passed away.

I originally didnt want his reputation to be damaged, but now that all parties are talking about him and he has been involved in the center of the matter, I think its best to give a public explanation.”


Yuan, you once said that you had never seen Liang Xinran and didnt know that she was discussing filming with your father, right”

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