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“Xinran, do you want to go up” Gu Jingyuan asked.

“Mm, I wanted to go up just now, but I dont want to anymore.

Ill just sit here and watch for a while.” Liang Xinran showed no anticipation at all.

Gu Jingyuan nodded.

“Alright, we wont go up then.”

After sitting for a while, Liang Xinran tilted her head to look at him.

Gu Jingyuan held her hand and said, “Lets make a wish here.

They said that it will be easy to make a wish at the highest point of the Ferris wheel.

If we look at the highest point, we will definitely be able to make a wish.”

“Sure!” Liang Xinran immediately clasped her hands together and closed her eyes.

When he returned home that night, Gu Jingyuan flipped through the entries.

“Can you overcome your fear of heights”

“How do we overcome the fear of heights”

Liang Xinran made up her mind.

“I wont go to very high places anymore.

Its not like thats the only fun place.”

When she glanced at Gu Jingyuan, she saw his emotions and sensed that he was afraid of heights.

She immediately changed her opinion, but she still had to choose a better place in the future, she decided silently.

“Wind and Rain” started filming and Liang Xinran quickly joined the crew.

During the opening ceremony, Liang Xinran greeted everyone in the production team.

The male lead, Ren Xijie, stood at the side and took the flowers from the fans chosen by the fan club.

Today, he had a particularly large number of fans and had even made an extremely rich show of support.


In comparison, Liang Xinran had much fewer fans.

After all, she did not have a female lead role and had very few loyal fans.

However, Liang Xinran did not mind this at all.

She was happy to have fans over.

“Hi, Xijie.

Im Liang Xinran.”

“Hello,” Ren Xijie said without much enthusiasm.

Before deciding on this drama, he had originally thought that his partner would be either Lihuan Ruoyi or Shangguan Yinyin.

They could achieve and create glory for each other.

In the end, when he decided on the male lead role, he found out that the female lead was Liang Xinran.

Although Liang Xinrans looks were not inferior to the two female celebrities and she had an advantage in age, her status was much lower than what Ren Xijie had expected.

This was undoubtedly lowering his status to help the poor.

However, Ren Xijie could not reject this drama because of the screenwriter, Jinxin, so he could only force himself to come.

When he saw Liang Xinran this time, his unhappiness was understandable.

However, Liang Xinran was very happy.

“Well be working together in the future.

Please take care of me.”

Liang Xinran had always been like this.

She was good at turning any emotions into happiness.

However, in Ren Xijies opinion, this was very much like taking advantage of him.

Ren Xijie was very popular now.

He still had two upcoming dramas in his hands, which was more than enough to be a lead with Liang Xinran.

His tone was even more neutral.


Liang Xinran could tell that he was unhappy and smiled without saying anything.

Her manager brought her water and whispered, “Hes upset.

Lets talk to him less.”

“Why would he be upset Although my status is low, I still work very hard.

Its not like I didnt earn this role.”

“Cut it out, Great-aunt.

People will be even more upset if they hear you.”

“Alright, forget it.

As long as everyone can film in peace, there wont be any problems.

Im still very easy to talk to.

Lets go eat.

The opening banquet is about to begin.”

“Lets go this way.” The manager accompanied Liang Xinran over.

As they walked through the front door, many fans waved.

“Xinran, Xinran!”

Liang Xinran also waved at them.

The other side responded to her loudly.

“Xinran, take care of yourself.”

“Thank you, everyone.” Liang Xinran pressed her palms together and made a gesture before entering.

Then Ren Xijie came over and his fans screamed.

Their voices shook the sky.

Compared to Liang Xinrans few fans just now, their numbers were overwhelming.

“There are so many people.” Liang Xinran couldnt help but sigh.

Ren Xijie waved his hand.

“Xijie, Xijie!” The fans were shouting at the top of their lungs.

Some of them were crying uncontrollably because they had seen him in person.

The scene was very sensational.

“Xijie! Ahhhhh, Brother!” Some of them even fainted from crying.

The bodyguard and manager stood protectively around Ren Xijie.

“Everyone, please make way.”

Ren Xijie said, “Ill come back this way later to say goodbye to everyone.

Let me in first.


When they heard that he was going to pass by later, the fans were even more excited.

They made way for him, took photos, and the crowd was excited.

Liang Xinran watched for a while and said to her manager, “Lets go in.”

The opening banquet was actually not much different from the previous scene.

Everyone still knew each other, met each other, and familiarized themselves with each other.

Under such circumstances, even Liang Xinran had to drink two glasses.

The manager brought her water as he handed her a hot towel.

“You okay”

“Its alright.

Two glasses of wine is nothing.” Liang Xinrans face was a little red, but she was still very sober.

The atmosphere in the entire production team was quite good.

Those who could drink could drink as much as they wanted, and those who couldnt werent persuaded to.

After dinner, everyone started to leave.

Liang Xinran left for the back door and bumped into Ren Xijie and his manager.

The manager said, “Just go this way.

When we get out, well get in the car and quickly avoid the fans.”

“Okay.” When Ren Xijie heard about the fans, impatience appeared on his face.

“The flowers that we received before, find a place to throw them all out.

Leaving them in the car takes up space.”

Liang Xinran frowned when she heard that.

Seeing that Ren Xijie was going out the back door, she called out, “Ren Xijie.”

“Yes” Ren Xijie asked, pausing to scan her.

“Didnt you promise your fans to meet them before you left I took a look out of the window just now.

Your fans are still waiting for you over there,” Liang Xinran reminded him.

“Huh, are you a kindergarten kid Why do you care so much You believe a random thing said to appease the fans”

Liang Xinran said angrily, “Youre just trying to coax your fans There are a lot of your fans over there.

Some of them took a plane specially to rush over, and some of them have been waiting there for the entire day.

They even gave you so much support.

How can you dismiss them with just a few words”

“Whats it to you” Ren Xijie had already taken a few more sips of wine at the party, and now his head was spinning.

It annoyed him to hear her say that.

“Theyre my fans, I can do whatever I want.

Theyll still wait for me next time.

Its not your place to interfere.”

“If you cant do it, dont agree.

Its still a long way to go if you leave through the back door.

You just said that you wont see them, and they should be scattered by now.

Its already so dark, and if you dont go, they might wait in the middle of the night.”

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