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After thinking for a while, Liang Xinran added mysteriously, “Actually, I still want to turn him into my husband.

Whats the point of living without Gu Jingyuan”

It was precisely because of her personality that Shi Jin dared to praise her brother without holding back.

Shi Jin was mushy from listening, but Liang Xinran was still unaware.

“You dont know.

He smells so good.

Its like that.

Do you know the smell of the sun in winter Its like the smell in the woods.

Anyway, I cant describe it, and I cant find any perfume that smells like that.

But its the kind that you cant forget after smelling it.

Do you know what I mean”

She blinked at Shi Jin, who shook her head.

“I dont understand.

Thats my brother, not my boyfriend.

Ive never smelled him.”

Liang Xinran had an expression that said, “Then youre not lucky.”

The two of them were talking when Fu Xiuyuan pushed open the door and walked in.

Looking at the mans tall figure, Liang Xinran suddenly understood.

She grabbed Shi Jins arm and said, “This one is so handsome! Look, look!”

“Compared to my big brother”

“Then hes still a little lacking,” Liang Xinran said in a fair tone.

“The boyfriend I chose is better, more handsome, and has more boyfriend power.

Although this one is not bad, I only like Gu Jingyuan.”

As Fu Xiuyuan approached, Shi Jin smiled and said, “Honey, sit.”

Liang Xinran said a lot of things and was drinking water to moisten her throat.

When she heard this, she almost spat out a mouthful of water.

So this man was actually Shi Jins legendary mysterious husband!

She choked and panicked.

It took her a long time to calm down.

“My husband, Fu Xiuyuan.

Hubby, this is Xinran, the future sister-in-law.”

“Hello,” Fu Xiuyuan said politely.


Liang Xinran waved her hand.

“Hello, hello, hello.”

This time, she finally understood why Shi Jin wanted to get married so early.

Although in her heart, Fu Xiuyuan was inferior to Gu Jingyuan, this man was definitely a dragon among men.

Who knew, Shi Jin was quite skillful.

She had locked onto such an excellent man so early.

Seeing that Fu Xiuyuans gaze had been fixed on Shi Jin the moment he sat down, Liang Xinran felt the pride of a sister-in-law seeing her younger sister find happiness.

“Future sister-in-law, are you having lunch with us” Shi Jin asked with a smile.

“Id have forgotten if you hadnt mentioned it.

Im meeting my boyfriend for lunch, and then Im going out with him in the afternoon.

Ill get going.


Before leaving, she whispered to Shi Jin, “You have good taste too.”

“Then its just the two of us,” Shi Jin said to Fu Xiuyuan with a smile.

“Perfect.” Fu pulled her close and touched her forehead affectionately.

“Its nice to be alone.”

Shi Jin knew that she had been busy with work recently and spent much less time with him, neglecting him.

“Not only lunch, but all day today is yours.”

There was a gleam between the mans brows, and his voice brightened.


“Come on, lets go eat first.” Shi Jin stood and took his hand.

As soon as Liang Xinran arrived at the laboratory, someone jumped out and brought her water.

“Sister-in-law, wait a minute.

Doctor Gu is still experimenting.

Theres still some time.”

“Okay, thanks.” She accepted being called Sister-in-law gracefully.

She looked down and savored the term.

She could not help but laugh again.

Holding the mineral water bottle, just thinking about it made her heart overflow with joy.

When Gu Jingyuan walked out of the laboratory, Glasses Boy ran over with a smile and said, “Doctor Gu, I think Sister-in-law has been here for a while.

Shes waiting for you outside.”

“Mm.” Gu Jingyuan nodded.

“When are you bringing Sister-in-law to treat us to a meal”

“When youre done with that experiment you have.”

Gu Jingyuan took a bottle of water and walked over.

He saw Liang Xinran sitting on the sofa, holding the water and smiling.

He did not know what she was thinking about, but the image cheered him up as well.

She could always easily lift his spirits.

Hearing Gu Jingyuans voice, Liang Xinran immediately stood up and ran towards him, smiling even more happily.

“What are you so happy about” Gu Jingyuan reached out to catch her.

“Did you know that your colleague just called me sister-in-law Also, Shi Jin calls me future sister-in-law.”

Just the thought of it cheered her up.

Gu Jingyuan originally thought that it was something important.

He did not expect that such a small matter could make her so happy.

He sounded amused.


What would you like for lunch, future wife”

“Ah!” Liang Xinran screamed.

Gu Jingyuan reached out and pressed her lips.

There were too many emotions in her surprised gaze.

When she heard the word wife, the emotions in her chest overflowed to the point that she had to scream to resolve them.

Feeling his fingers brush against her lips, she realized that this was still a workplace.

Her lips tightened into a smile.

She was so happy.

She reached out and pried his hand off, holding it in both of hers.

She held Gu Jingyuans hand and jogged to his car.

Gu Jingyuan smiled as he was pressed into the car.

Liang Xinran held his face and whispered, “Anything is good, future husband.”

Her entire face was smiling, and her expression was completely out of control.

It was as if all the emotions were written on their faces, but because her face was too small, it could not hold everything.

As a result, all the emotions were released and exposed to the air, surrounding the two of them.

The happy air surrounded Gu Jingyuan, and a smile kept appearing on her lips.

She was still laughing when Gu Jingyuan pulled her into his arms.

Liang Xinran realized something and stopped smiling.

She kissed him on the lips first, passionate and reckless.

Gu Jingyuans happiness and senses were all under her control.

When they went to the amusement park, Liang Xinran was still feeling happy.

“Shall we go bungee jumping Or the Ferris wheel The Roman pendulum” Liang Xinran asked with a smile.

A troubled look flashed across Gu Jingyuans face, but he still gritted his teeth.

“Lets go.”

“Forget it, lets not go.

Theres nothing fun about that,” Liang Xinran said.

“Lets sit here for a while.”

A look of relief appeared on Gu Jingyuans face.

Looking at the excited men and women on the Ferris wheel, Liang Xinran looked up and was in a very good mood.

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