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Liang Xinrans heart went from shock to happiness so suddenly.

She was so happy that her entire body trembled.

When she realized that his fingers were around her waist, she was so excited that tears rolled down her face.

She threw herself into kissing him, to feel his breath and taste him, trembling like fallen leaves and soaring with happiness.

He smelled so good.

It wasnt perfume.

Other than a slight whiff of antiseptic, he smelled like himself.

She couldnt describe what it was, but shed always be willing to wallow in that scent and submit to him.

Shangguan Yinyin gritted her teeth and said in a low voice, “Im really sorry.

I didnt expect Liang Xinrans assistant to expose me.

Miss Yue, Im sorry.

I shouldnt have used such a method to fight for a role… Im sorry.”

“What did you say her assistants name was”

“Gu Jingyuan.

He seems like a very noble man.

Perhaps hes not her assistant, but her lover…” Shangguan Yinyin saw that the man was extraordinary, not like an assistant.

“Shut up!” Yue Xiu could not bear to hear this.

Shangguan Yinyin had done something wrong and had to face the consequences.

However, Yue Xiu could not understand why she would be suppressed by a small artiste.

She was just an artiste who played a supporting role.

How was she going to answer to the Old Madam

Although the casting of “Wind and Rain” had not been officially announced, the news quickly spread.

The female lead was Liang Xinran.

The outside world was indeed quite confused.

After all, Liang Xinran did not have any achievements as the female lead.

How could she be the female lead

Lihuan Ruoyi was also very surprised when she heard this news.

When she went to the audition, she knew that Liang Xinran had been rejected.

The ending was no better than hers.

She was convinced that she had lost to Shangguan Yinyin, but she did not expect that it would be Liang Xinran in the end.

“Did you find out anything” she asked her manager.

“Im sure its Liang Xinran.

She even signed the contract.

I really didnt expect this Liang Xinran to be so capable.

She can even turn the tables.” The manager found it hard to believe.

After Lihuan Ruoyis audition for “Wind and Rain” failed, she had also failed two consecutive auditions.

She had lost to famous A-list female celebrities, so her mentality was a little unbalanced.

Her fans had also vaguely gotten wind of it and were asking around about why she had failed so many times.

They were worried that she was really about to fall.

The most taboo thing for fans was such a volatile situation.

Most importantly, there was all kinds of information released to calm people down.

Lihuan Ruoyi decided to make an example out of Liang Xinran.

“Post some articles.

Think about how to phrase Liang Xinrans matter.”

Her manager naturally understood what she was thinking and immediately arranged for subordinates to do it.

Soon, the various marketing accounts released a statement.

“Wind and Rain is the latest work by the famous screenwriter, Jinxin.

It was accepted by a well-known team, producer, and director.

The popular candidate that was originally chosen was Lihuan Ruoyi.

I didnt expect this role to be snatched away by a well-known supporting actress.

Someone in the know said that a well-known supporting actress has a deep relationship with the main producer.

What does everyone think about this matter”

What does everything think

Of course, Lihuan Ruoyis fans immediately went over to control the comments.

“Lihuan Ruoyis acting skills are good, its best for that supporting actress to go home and accompany the producer and stop bothering us!”

“The supporting actress is not worthy of being compared to the female lead, Lihuan Ruoyi, who has many achievements.

Go back and lie down to earn money!”

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