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Gu Jingyuan glanced at Liang Xinran.

He didnt want to cause her too much trouble, so he let it go.

Shangguan Yinyin and her manager left in a hurry.

Madam Fang said, “Go audition.”

It seemed that while her husband was working, she was in control of a lot of things.

“Alright, Madam Fang,” Liang Xinran said.

Although Madam Fang was not completely fair in handling matters, she still attached great importance to her work.

During the audition, she realized that Liang Xinran was indeed quite capable.

Her acting skills were very good, they were more layered than Shangguan Yinyin.

She was also more meticulous than Lihuan Ruoyi, so she nodded and agreed.

Her manager was invited over to discuss the contract, and the head director chatted with Liang Xinran for a while more about her views on the script and the characters.

Finally, everything was finalized.

When she came out, Liang Xinran was happy and excited.

“I really got the female leads contract!”

“Congratulations,” Gu Jingyuan said softly.

‘Thanks for stopping by.

But why did you pop in today

“Thought Id come by to keep you company, knowing you were auditioning.

You didnt answer your phone, so I called your manager.”

“Are you telepathic I was just thinking how nice it would be if you were here, and here you are.”

“So youre thinking about me” Gu Jingyuan said with interest.

Liang Xinran stuck out her tongue.

“Yes, I miss you.”

After she said that, she felt a little embarrassed.

Gu Jingyuan said softly and solemnly, “I miss you too.”

When Liang Xinran looked up, her eyes lit up and her heart thumped.

She pursed her lips and smiled like a blooming flower.

She asked, “How can you be sure that the lipstick mark is Shangguan Yinyins and not Lihuan Ruoyis If its Lihuan Ruoyi, wont Shangguan Yinyin find a reason to make a fuss with us”

“From the moment I received your managers call, I immediately got my assistant to collect Lihuan Ruoyis lipstick marks.

A-list female celebrities like them really all have lipstick endorsements, and the business especially likes them to leave lipstick marks.

Halfway through, Ive already compared them to those who arent Lihuan Ruoyi.

In addition, Shangguan Yinyins expression was evasive, so…”

“Doctor Gu, you shouldnt be a doctor.

You should be a detective!” Liang Xinran gave him a thumbs-up.

Gu Jingyuan actually did not spend much time dealing with these things.

she would have been able to figure these things out herself given time, right

It was just that people in that kind of environment didnt have enough time to think.

Most of the time they didnt think that far ahead.

After being happy, Liang Xinran said, “Then Ill call Shi Jin and report this good news to her.”

When the call went through, she said, “Shi Jin, Shi Jin, I have something to tell you! Do you want to hear it”

“Congratulations on winning the first female lead contract of your life.” When Shi Jin received the call and heard her voice, she knew it was something good.

“I guessed it from your tone.

Plus, of all the things youve done in the past two days, this one is the most important.

Look at the time.

Its about the same time you signed the contract after the audition.

So am I right”

“All I can say is that you and your brother had better become detectives!” Liang Xinrans excitement did not diminish.

“Okay, Im really happy, so Ill share it with you, but I wont have dinner with you.

Ill tell you what happened today later.”

“So youre having dinner with my big brother”

“You can even guess that” Liang Xinran was surprised.

“Please, Liang Xinran, you called me from my brothers phone!”

Shi Jin did not even want to expose her.

Liang Xinran took a look.

It was indeed Gu Jingyuans phone.

She didnt even notice it.

Ever since she took the phone from Madam Fang, she had never returned it to Gu Jingyuan.

However, her password was her birthday, so Gu Jingyuans phone… He actually used her birthday!

Her little heart was about to fly with joy!

This was even happier than the matter of the contract just now.

Did this mean that she was much more important to Gu Jingyuan

However, she looked up at him and still had to ask seriously, “How did you know about my birthday”

Gu Jingyuan smiled.

“Your birthday is everywhere.”

“Oh, I forgot that Im an artist.” Liang Xinran felt that her IQ had reached a low point after being attacked by the siblings.

“Am I too stupid”

“Its okay.

As long as Im smart.”

She was blissful for a moment before she reacted.

“Then you think Im stupid”

Gu Jingyuan laughed out loud and was beaten up by Liang Xinran.

The manager came over to them, expression unreadable.

“Are you… really together”

“Let me introduce you to my boyfriend, Gu Jingyuan.”

The manager was heartbroken.

“Its fatal for a rising star to fall in love.

If your fans find out, will you still want your career Xinran, we have to consider this matter carefully…”

“Then you can talk to my dad first.

Im not an idol anyway.

Fans of my acting will just watch my work and need to stop paying so much attention to my personal life.”

It was only then that the manager remembered that Liang Xinrans father had opened the company for her.

It was dedicated to her career, so the company was neither big nor small.

However, Liang Xinran was treated very well.

Fine… The manager resigned to fate.

Liang Xinran followed Gu Jingyuan into the car and opened the passenger seat.

A large bouquet of flowers entered her sight.

However, because it was placed in the car and the car was parked outdoors, it had been held in the stuffy hot air for so long that it was almost wilted.

Gu Jingyuan had gone in in a hurry just now and placed the flowers here.

He shook his head and said, “Sorry, Ill give you fresh ones next time.”

“This is also very good.

I like it the same.” Liang Xinran hugged the flowers and cherished them.

She felt that anything Gu Jingyuan gave her was good.

She held the flowers as if they were the best gift in the world and shook her head happily.

“Xinran.” Gu Jingyuan turned her shoulder to face him.

“Yes” She was beaming, half her face peering out from the flowers.

“Lets not try to be together anymore,” Gu Jingyuan said softly, enunciating each word clearly.

His clear and melodious male voice was exceptionally pleasant to the ears.

Liang Xinran was greatly shocked.

The flowers she was holding became unstable and her voice trembled.


Gu Jingyuan cupped her face.

“Lets be together officially.”

The expression on Liang Xinrans face did not change in time.

The grievance was still on her face.

It became a little funny, but it was mostly because she was cute.

It was so cute that Gu Jingyuan cupped her face and bit her red lips.

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