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Gu Jingyuans words were indifferent, but they were earth-shattering, making Shangguan Yinyin very afraid for a moment.

Someone asked, “So who could it be”

“Why dont we call it a day”

It would not sound good if word got out.

No one wanted to dwell on it.

It was mainly because nothing major had happened.

Liang Xinran said, “Why does it have to end here The matter fell on my head, but youre telling me not to investigate or interfere.

Then what about the others Why dont we get to the bottom of it”

Madam Fangs dignified words had already been said, and she could not take them back now.

She said, “Then investigate carefully.”

The chief producer held the highest position among the people present.

If he did not speak, Madam Fang would naturally have the right to speak.

She said, “Mr.

Assistant, investigating is okay, but we dont have a lot of time for you to do that.

Ill give you fifteen minutes.

Time is precious for the crew, and I hope you understand.”

“It wont take fifteen minutes.” Gu Jingyuan took out a tissue and handed it out.

“Miss Shangguan Yinyin, please give me a lipstick print too.”

Everyone immediately looked at Shangguan Yinyin.

They understood Gu Jingyuans actions.

If that lip print really had nothing to do with Liang Xinran, Shangguan Yinyin, who had filled in the information together and was also a competitor, was the person most likely to frame Liang Xinran.

Gu Jingyuan was indeed very powerful to be able to lock onto his target the moment he arrived.

“I havent done it,” Shangguan Yinyin said righteously.

“I dont accept your kind of investigation.”

She certainly didnt look like the person whod done it.

Everyone also thought that even if Gu Jingyuans deduction was correct, the person competing with Liang Xinran and Lihuan Ruoyi were really not Shangguan Yinyin.

Gu Jingyuan had indeed blamed the wrong person.

“Yes, its fine if you dont accept it,” Gu Jingyuan said.

“I remember that you once filmed a lipstick commercial and left a lipstick mark.

This lipstick mark is considered a public resource, right In that case, Ill use public resources to verify it.

Is that okay”

Shangguan Yinyin did not expect Gu Jingyuan to be so smart as to leave a backup plan here.

How could she possibly stop him in this

Gu Jingyuan had already copied her lip print and placed it beside the card that she had made for Fang.

Then he took a picture and handed it first to Madam Fang.

When Madam Fang saw that the prints were exactly the same, she was furious.

“Shangguan Yinyin! Its you!”

The others also followed and saw that it was indeed Shangguan Yinyins lipstick mark.

Shangguan Yinyin didnt expect things to turn out like this.

She immediately denied it.

“Since you can get my public resources, its very easy for you to fake my lip print.

Who knows if you copied it Liang Xinran, youre really good.

You cant beat me in an open fight, but now youre using this method to mess with me.

Youre retreating for the sake of advancing, and in the end, youre blaming everything on me.

Good job!”

Everyone was momentarily uncertain.

Gu Jingyuan said, “Photos of public resources are all photos of your lip print.

As for the lip print on the card, if nothing goes wrong, there should be traces of the epidermis tissue on your lips, right If you say that were slandering you, then invite the police over to verify the epidermis tissue on it.”

Actually, he could have gotten someone to verify the epidermal tissue from the beginning, but he still took a big detour and blocked all of Shangguan Yinyins paths.

Shangguan Yinyins expression changed drastically.

When she did this, she didnt think about it at all.

She just pressed the card to her lips.

If they really had to investigate…

She had not expected Liang Xinran to be so stubborn.

After not getting the role, she had to pursue the matter to the end.

Events unfolded far beyond her imagination or control.

When the others saw her expression, they immediately understood what was going on.

Madam Fang was even angrier.

“Shangguan Yinyin, what exactly is going on Is it fun to affect everyones work Call the police, call the police immediately!”

“Madam Fang, dont call the police!” Shangguan Yinyin immediately stopped her.

In fact, even if they called the police, there wouldnt be much consequences.

Shangguan Yinyin wouldnt be held legally responsible, but her reputation would be ruined.

“Im sorry.

I just wanted to joke with Xinran.

I didnt think things would get so out of hand…”

Shangguan Yinyin had to give in.

However, even if she said that, everyone knew her true intentions.

She was definitely not joking.

Liang Xinrans manager was very angry.

“Are you joking Do you know what this means Youre ruining Xinrans reputation! You might even ruin the reputation of the chief producer and the production team! Is this how you joke”

“Im sorry, please dont call the police.

I was really joking.

I can give up my position as the female lead to Xinran.”

She had no choice.

To save her reputation, she had to make up her mind.

Liang Xinran looked at her and said seriously, “Miss Shangguan, I was able to get to where I am today from yesterdays preliminary test because of my own audition, not because of others.

Whether I can get the female lead role or not, I will work hard to fight for it, not because of you.

The producers and directors dont rely on yourgiving up.

They have their own considerations.”

Faced with Liang Xinrans accusation, Shangguan Yinyin had nothing to say.

“Alright, its fine if we dont call the police.” Madam Fang also realized that calling the police would be useless.

She suddenly realized who the company behind Shangguan Yinyin was.

At the thought of Yue Xius name, Madam Fangs attitude softened a lot.

“Alright, although I dont need you to give in, you really cant be the female lead this time.

I hope you can explain this matter to your company and not implicate anyone else.”

“I understand.” Shangguan Yinyin swallowed her anger.

“As for Liang Xinran, lets audition again,” Madam Fang said to Liang Xinran.

Liang Xinran was overjoyed.

She looked at Gu Jingyuan and smiled happily.

Gu Jingyuan looked back at her dotingly.

“You may go, Shangguan Yinyin,” Madam Fang said.

Gu Jingyuan said, “She brought so much trouble to Xinran and caused such a huge commotion.

How can she just leave like that”

“One must be lenient when its possible,” Madam Fang said, “Since things are clear, Yinyin knows she was wrong.”

“Then does anyone who was badly influenced deserve it Shouldnt she apologize”

Shangguan Yinyin had to say, “Im sorry.”

Liang Xinrans manager whispered to Gu Jingyuan, “Mr.

Gu, the company behind this Shangguan Yinyin is very powerful.

I think it should be enough.”

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