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No one paid much attention to these messy unspoken rules.

Liang Xinrans approach was really disappointing.

Liang Xinrans face turned red.

“I didnt give it to you.

I didnt leave such a thing behind.”

Her manager was also worried.

“Our Xinran really isnt like that.

She wouldnt have such thoughts.”

However, no one believed it at all.

Everyone felt that their actions of disturbing justice were really lowly.

No wonder Madam Fang was so angry.

Madam Fang snorted and said, “Of course you can deny it now, but since theres such a thing, you definitely wont be able to enter this production team.

Our production team does serious things.

If word gets out about something like this, how can people trust our production team Our reputation will be ruined by you! The other artistes will also be criticized! It can be said that the entire circles bad reputation is probably ruined by people like you!”

“If I didnt do it, I didnt do it!”

“Yes, you can say anything you want now, but if you meet an unstable producer and they really accept yourgood intentions, wont you succeed If you say you didnt do it now, how can there be so many good things in the world”

Madam Fangs words were reasonable.

Moreover, Liang Xinrans handwriting was crooked, and the words on this card were also crooked.

Everyone could not help but shake their heads and sigh at her.

Liang Xinran knew that if she did not make things clear here today, she would be cut off from proper directors and producers.

In the future, even if she had the chance to find people, they would most likely come for these peach blossom incidents.

“We can check the handwriting.

On the surface, the handwriting looks the same, but who wrote it The handwriting expert cant be mistaken, right”

Madam Fang said calmly, “You have so many people around you.

You have a manager, an assistant, and a chauffeur and nanny.

Who knows who you asked to write this”

Liang Xinran was extremely anxious, but her managers phone rang.

When the manager went to answer the call, she argued, “Anyway, I didnt do this.

I wont admit it.”

A director at the side said, “Okay, okay, okay.

Even if you havent done it before, please leave first.

We still have things to do here.

Dont delay our business.”

Clearly, the director was just trying to smooth things over.

He wanted to chase her away quickly and did not want to waste any more time on her.

One was Madam Fang, and the other was a female artiste who was only playing a supporting role in the industry.

It was obvious who everyone believed.

“No, Im not leaving until I know whats going on!”

In their eyes, Liang Xinrans insistence was just unreasonable.

Immediately, someone said to his assistant, “Get the security personnel over.”

“You!” Liang Xinran was furious, but she did not know how to refute.

There was a knock on the door.

Liang Xinrans manager rushed over to open it.

It was not a security guard, but a tall and handsome man.

No one could tell his identity, but he exuded a noble aura that made people not dare to underestimate him.

“Gu Jingyuan!” Liang Xinran was surrounded and alone.

When she saw Gu Jingyuan coming over, she was overjoyed.

She looked at Gu Jingyuan eagerly, her heart filled with sweetness.

She wondered if he would believe her.

“Im Liang Xinrans assistant.” Gu Jingyuan went straight to the point.

As soon as he spoke, Liang Xinrans doubts were all dispelled.

She knew that he was on her side.

At the moment, his attitude was more important than anyone elses.

Originally, everyone present would only chase away those who casually barged in as assistants.

However, just by standing there, Gu Jingyuan had the aura of controlling the entire situation, making people submit to him for a moment.

They could not do anything to him.

Gu Jingyuan picked up the card and asked slowly, “I heard that the lipstick mark on this is hers”

Liang Xinran glanced at her manager.

It turned out that the call she had just received was from Gu Jingyuan.

“Its hers.

Hurry up and take her away,” Madam Fang said impatiently.

If the manager couldnt solve the problem, how could a mere assistant solve it

Gu Jingyuan picked up the card and said, “As everyone knows, everyones fingerprints are completely different.

Similarly, everyones lip prints are also completely different.

Since you dont recognize the handwriting to prove Xinrans innocence, what about the lip prints”

“Whats there to say about lip prints She can still find someone else to put the lipstick mark for her,” said Madam Fang.

“If shes leaving it for Producer Fang and since she wanted Producer Fang to look at her in a different light, why would she make someone else leave the lipstick mark” Gu Jingyuan asked.

Madam Fang had nothing to say.

Everyone felt that this was indeed the case.

Madam Fangs words were theoretically reasonable, but in reality, the person who would leave a lipstick mark was still herself.

Gu Jingyuan took out a tissue and handed it to Liang Xinran.

She was very smart and immediately understood.

She took it and pressed it hard against her lips before handing it back to Gu Jingyuan.

Gu Jingyuan said, “Theres no need to look for a professional organization.

With a high-powered magnifying glass, we can tell if the two lip prints are the same.”

He pulled out his phone, opened some software on it, put the lip-printed tissue together with the card, called up the high-powered magnifying glass, and took a screenshot of the photo.

“Everyone, you can see for yourselves the difference between these two lip marks.”

If it was said that under the naked eye, there was almost no difference between the two lip marks, then under Gu Jingyuans high-powered lens, every line of the lip print was very obvious.

At a glance, everyone could clearly understand that the two lip marks did not belong to the same person.

“Whats on the surface can be deceiving, but whats on the inside will never be.” After Gu Jingyuan handed over his phone, everyone was looking at it.

He had one hand in his trouser pocket.

He looked handsome and calm.

On the other hand, Shangguan Yinyin, who was sitting in the corner, was feeling a little uneasy.

Although no one could see her abnormality, Gu Jingyuan swept his gaze in her direction twice.


Fang said, “Okay.

Even if it wasnt her, that doesnt mean anything.

Its not that Im meddling in my husbands matters.

As my husbands wife, I have to support all of his work.

I have the power and the responsibility to purge him of any violations of the rules within his job scope.

Im responsible for him and all of his work and all of his employees.”

She refused to let anyone think that she was jealous.

Her words were dignified.

“Madam Fang has a point.

Its everyones responsibility to ensure the work is fair and just.

So… wed better find the real culprit.”

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