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A moment later, a staff member walked out and said to Liang Xinran and her manager, “You two can go back now.

You dont have to try anymore.”

“Why” Liang Xinran asked.

“I dont know.

Thats what the chief producer said, anyway.

You guys go on back.”

Liang Xinran was originally full of enthusiasm, but suddenly, she felt cold from head to toe.

Her manager was equally unbalanced.

“No matter what, you have to give us an explanation.

Were already here.

At least give us a reason to go back.”

“Im really sorry.

I dont know exactly why.”

“I want to meet the chief producer!” Liang Xinran refused to accept this.

If she had been eliminated yesterday, she would have had no complaints.

If she lost, so be it.

No problem at all.

However, they had asked her to come over, now they wanted her to leave on the spot.

She could not stand being bullied for no reason.

Why did it work yesterday, but not today

“Miss Liang, the chief producer is very busy.

Im sure he wont have time to see you.”

The worker turned and left.

Frustrated, the agent said, “Xinran, why dont we go back”

It looked like there was no point in making a scene.

Liang Xinran refused.

She shook her head.

“No, I have to ask clearly.”

She was talking when Lihuan Ruoyi came out.

She walked out with her manager, expressionless.

Her agent was persuading her.

“So what if Jinxins script is good Its not like theres no one better than her.

Lets go.

We have other crews to talk to.”

Seeing Liang Xinran, her manager did not continue.

However, it could be imagined that Lihuan Ruoyi had also failed.

Her manager glanced at Liang Xinrans expression and suddenly smiled, as if she knew that Liang Xinran had also lost.

It was not rare for Lihuan Ruoyi to lose to Shangguan Yinyin.

Fortunately, she did not lose to Liang Xinran.

Otherwise, she would really be heartbroken.

The two of them walked out together.

Lihuan Ruoyis mood wasnt very good.

After all, she had been preparing for so long.

Liang Xinran did not leave immediately.

She ran to the washroom and stood there waiting.

After waiting for almost half an hour, she saw the chief producer walking over.

She held back and didnt move until the chief producer came out of the bathroom and finished washing his hands.

Then she ran over and said, “Chief producer, I have something to ask you.

Ill take two or three minutes of your time.

Please give me a chance.”

Her attitude was sincere and polite, but the chief producer still glanced around as if he was very wary of anyone like the paparazzi.

“Theres no one around.

No one at all.

My manager has checked.”

The more she acted like this, the more wary the executive producer became.

“What are you going to do”

In a panic, she reached out and grabbed the chief producers arm.

“I came here today, and I havent gotten a second try—”

A female voice interrupted Liang Xinran.

She looked up and saw a graceful and elegant woman in her forties.

Her makeup was exquisite and there were wrinkles at the corners of her eyes, but it could not hide her dignified aura.

“Sorry, I have something to ask the chief producer, so can I go first” Liang Xinran said.

The woman walked over and took the chief producers arm.

“Why dont you ask me about my husband”

Liang Xinran could see the hostility in her eyes and did not know why her attitude towards her was so bad.

She said in a low voice, “So its Madam Fang.

Im sorry, Im really looking for Producer Fang just to ask.

I clearly got todays spot, so why didnt you give me a chance and just let me leave I couldnt figure it out and I didnt want to lose this opportunity, so I had to ask clearly.”

Madam Fang snorted.

“Youre pretty good at pretending.”

“I dont understand what you mean,” Liang Xinran said.

“Can you just tell me”

Seeing that she was still shameless and did not know her mistake, Madam Fang said, “Then come with me.”

If she was going to die, she might as well let her die knowing why.

Madam Fang had seen many girls like this and wanted to rely on their bodies to climb up the ranks.

However, other people would at least conceal themselves and would be polite in front of her.

Liang Xinran, on the other hand, would charge forward as if nothing had happened.

She pretended quite well.

The chief producers office.

The other producers and directors were there.

They were surprised to see the chief producer and Madam Fang bring Liang Xinran in.

Shangguan Yinyin was there too.

She was talking about the female leads contract.

Today, Liang Xinran was directly eliminated.

Lihuan Ruoyi was not as skilled as her so Shangguan Yinyin was first.

Madam Fang sat down in her seat and said indifferently, “What about Miss Liang Xinran When my husband was on his way to the washroom, she stopped him and insisted on talking to him.

Im just asking everyone to take a look and see if all the girls in the entertainment industry are like this”

Her words were serious.

If she said this in front of everyone in the industry, how would everyone treat Liang Xinran in the future

Since Liang Xinran was coming, she would give her a chance.

Liang Xinran immediately explained, “Madam Fang, Im looking for Producer Fang to talk to him about serious matters.

Its not just Producer Fang.

Actually, I also want to ask clearly in front of everyone.

Didnt I receive a notice yesterday that I was coming over today Why is Producer Fang asking me to go back Its not easy for me to come here, and I dont even have an explanation.

I have to ask clearly, right”

Seeing that she was being stubborn, Madam Fang threw out the information in her hand and said, “Look, what is this”

Shangguan Yinyin lowered her gaze when she saw the card with the lip print mixed in with what Lady Fang had thrown out.

She wasnt too worried that someone would figure out that was her plan.

After all, no one could prove who had left it behind.

She had long known that this chief producers wife loved to be jealous and controlled her husband very strictly.

That was why she used such a method to deal with Liang Xinran.

Now that the matter had been exposed, it was Liang Xinrans fault.

When the director saw that thing, he picked it up and took a look.

A fragrance assaulted his nose.

There was a red lipstick mark on it.

It was Liang Xinrans phone number and the name “Ranran”.

She even wrote her cell phone number, (WeChat is the same number).

Everyone had her contact information, and it was written clearly on the information she handed over.

Therefore, the focus of leaving this card was not this, but this rich fragrance and this red lipstick mark.

Everyone immediately knew what was going on.

Everyone at the table looked at each other and shook their heads.

Although there were many instances of underhand arrangements in the entertainment industry over the years, most of the time, everyone still prioritized their work.

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