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Liang Xinrans eyes widened slightly, and her heart softened, then all her emotions turned to surprise.

“Can I really come to you Ill do anything to hear your voice!”

Her emotions were passionate and without any embellishment.

She grabbed Gu Jingyuans arm and laughed sweetly.

“Mm, you can come to me anytime.”

“Okay! Then even if its to look for you, I must fight for the role of the female lead!”

Everything in Gu Jingyuans life was calm and steady.

The research he did required him to be steady and calm.

Liang Xinran was the complete opposite of him.

She was so passionate that she could burn everything around him.

Gu Jingyuan approached her.

The closer he got, the more he could feel her passion until he kissed her lips.

Liang Xinrans pupils suddenly constricted, and an unexpected happiness instantly enveloped her.

The mans breath went from being close to her to completely surrounding her nose.

The surprise was too sudden, but it also felt logical.

She had fantasized many times about how she would kiss Gu Jingyuan, but she did not expect him to take the initiative.

So much so that her previous fantasies no longer counted.

She thought that when they kissed, she would seriously grab his clothes and deepen it step by step.

In fact, she did not even open her teeth.

Her hands were clenched tightly at her sides.

Before she could even taste the kiss properly, Gu Jingyuan let go of her.

When she saw him leave, she was filled with regret and frustration.

She hadnt even figured out what he tasted like…

When she came back to her senses, she saw Gu Jingyuan coming in with a lunch box.

So the assistant had knocked on the door to deliver lunch.

“Lets eat first.” Gu Jingyuan placed the lunch box on the coffee table.

“Yes, yes.” Liang Xinran tried her best to recall the feeling just now.

She could only think that the mans embrace was very safe.

He smelled very good…

A large bouquet of flowers blocked Liang Xinrans vision.

The fiery red color startled her.

“Red roses”

Roses represented love, I love you.

She hugged him in delight.

“In the future, leave the matter of gifting flowers to me,” Gu Jingyuan said softly, pleased by her surprised and cute appearance.

Liang Xinran said embarrassedly, “The flowers I gave you just now were really from a fan.

I didnt mean to imply that I wanted you to give me flowers.”

“However, it really reminded me of my dereliction of duty.” Gu Jingyuan sat down beside her.

“Since Ive agreed to be with you, Ill do my best.”

So he was still doing what he had to do and not what he wanted to do, Liang Xinran thought to herself.

Even so, she was content.

She would take her time.

She was sure there would be plenty of time.

When Shi Jin received her WeChat message, she was also reading a script.

After listening to her about the kiss, she kept expressing her regret.

One moment, she regretted not experiencing it carefully, and the next moment, she regretted that her kissing skills were not satisfactory.

Shi Jin said, “Find yourself an apple and practice.”

“You can do that Ill go then.”

Shi Jin laughed.

It was good to be young.

No, Liang Xinran seemed to be older than her.

Then it was good to have a young mindset.

The script “Wind and Rain” that Liang Xinran had obtained was the work of Jinxin, who was currently the newest and most famous screenwriter in the country.

Therefore, after the news of the casting was released, Liang Xinran was not the only one who wanted to fight for the female lead position.

Many other people also began to make preparations.

Shangguan Yinyin, who was under Yue Xiu, had previously become popular with Zhang Yunfei after acting in Millenium Journey.

She was already an A-list celebrity, and she was even more determined to get this script.

It was just that when Shangguan Yinyin was in Millenium Jouney, she did not get too many dividends.

After that, she fell silent for a period of time.

Now, she needed a good work to stabilize her fans and help her career.

“In that case, go and fight for it.” Yue Xiu knew that Liang Xinran was also fighting for this script.

As far as she knew, Liang Xinran and Gu Jingyuan had become closer recently.

Initially, Liang Xinran had always been acting as a supporting actress.

Her debut had not changed even after several years.

After getting close to Gu Jingyuan, she actually came to compete for the female lead position.

Yue Xiu felt that she was overestimating herself.

Shangguan Yinyin said, “Ill do my best, Miss Yue.”

“Im not asking you to do your best…” Yue Xiu said.

“Im asking you to take the part.”

“This… but the people who are competing against me are not weak.” Shangguan Yinyin knew that at this level, whether it was their acting skills or the strength behind them, they were actually not bad.

Those who were truly uncompetitive could not even see the script.

It was completely impossible to obtain this information.

Yue Xiu did not want to see Liang Xinran being an eyesore in front of her.

Besides, acting as a supporting role was Liang Xinrans destiny.

Did she really think that everything would be fine if she relied on Gu Jingyuan

Seeing Yue Xius stern expression, Shangguan Yinyin could only agree.

Yao Jiahong called Shi Jin.

“Do you want to be involved in the casting of Wind and Rain”

“Let the director and the producer choose.

Ive given my opinion, and I trust their judgment.” Shi Jin had never been too involved in casting issues.


But I see that Liang Xinran is also fighting for the female lead position.

Do you need me to hint at the director”

Liang Xinran and Shi Jin had always been on good terms.

Yao Jiahong had also eaten a lot of Liang Xinrans fruits.

At this time, he couldnt help but put in a good word for her.

“Shes going too” Shi said after a moment.

“Let her compete freely.

Trust her.”

Liang Xinran might not be willing to accept something given directly to her.

Shi Jin knew that she had never dared to compete for the female lead role in the past.

It seemed like her big brother had given her a lot of confidence this time.

In that case, letting her rely on her own abilities was more in line with her current state of mind.

At the audition venue for Wind and Rain.

Liang Xinrans appearance did not cause any commotion.

Compared to those artistes who had played countless female leads, her lethality was really too small.

An audition definitely did not only depend on live performance, but also on ones past resume and performance.

Among the crowd, Liang Xinran was undoubtedly the least competitive.

She was also happy.

Not many people really took her seriously.

Her manager asked, “Are you familiar with the role”

“Im very familiar with the few paragraphs that I need to try.” After all, Gu Jingyuan had explained them to her overnight.

It felt so much better than her managers dry recitation to her.

The manager inexplicably felt a trace of disdain from Liang Xinran.

He looked at her again but could not see anything else.

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