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Chapter 86: Guest Performers

Shi Jin nodded hard.

She genuinely liked this compound, especially the earth.

“Then I will go back and move my yao orchid over.”

Also, she had to move over some other herbs she had cultivated after she was reborn.

Since it was hard to find the right soil for them, she had been growing them in pots and was only able to cultivate a small number of them.

“I have already sent for them.” Fu Xiuyuan pointed.

Song Fan and a few workers were in the middle of taking care of Shi Jins plants.

“Watch out.

Dont damage them! You cant even put a scratch on them!” Song Fan was holding a shovel as he instructed the workers who were moving the pots around.

In reality, these people were as good as botanists.

One of them even asked quizzically, “Mr Song, these new plants we are planting only cost a fraction of the price of those plants that we have just dug out! How could we destroy those plants for these”

Those people looked at the astronomically priced plants and trees they had just removed and could not help exclaiming in shock.

Those plants combined cost as much as this villa! Why did Song Fan tell them to replace them with these cheap plants

One of them was a plant with its flower snipped off, the other was some unrecognizable orchid and there was some unknown weed.

They seemed to have been dug out from the countryside or something, but Song Fan moved them over like they were very important.

“Just do what I tell you,” ordered Song Fan.

He did not know what these plans were either.

Shi Jin was probably the only person who did.

If Fu Xiuyuan wanted to indulge her, he could even raze this villa to the ground, so removing some expensive plans was nothing.

Shi Jin saw them working, so she retrieved a handful of seeds from her pocket and said, “Can you help me plant these as well”

After Song Fan took the seeds, the workers glanced and noticed they were mint seeds.

Mint only cost $5 a pot out there and you could get a discount if they were purchased in bulk.

The rich people must have nothing better to do.

Since all the plants would get moved over, Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan moved over as well.

It happened that Repulse Bay Villa was full of sad memories for them, so a change of environment was good.

Butler Chen came over with the servants and maids, so other than a change in the surrounding, everything went on as per normal.


Ultimate Singer-Songwriter had already moved on to the next stage.

There were 22 contestants left and 11 contestants would get eliminated.

There were no second chances or challenges and the ones who did not make the cut would get kicked off the show right away.

The competition was intense.

This time, the production team invited guests to perform with the contestants.

“We have invited 22 guests today.

All of them are very well-known singers,” introduced the host.

Shi Jin raised her head for a look.

Sure enough, most of the guests were renowned singers and idols.

A small number of them were veteran singers with a low profile who had not performed in a long time.

The program was certainly generous.

“These guests will choose who they want to work with and perform with you to help you advance,” introduced the host.

“However, the contestants do not get a voting right and the choice lies in the guests alone.”

This meant the contestants had to prove themselves and convince the guests to select them.

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