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Liang Xinrans assistant ran over.

“Xinran! Why are you here Were all here.

Lets go.”

“Okay, then Ill leave first.

Goodbye, Big Brother.”

She swallowed her discomfort and turned away.

“Wait.” Gu Jingyuan stopped her.

Liang Xinran stopped in her tracks and did not turn around.

“Is there anything else”

Gu Jingyuan walked towards her and her assistant and said softly, “I remember you said last time that you werent familiar with her.

Why Are you going with her now”

Only then did Liang Xinran remember that she had already labeled her assistant as a “strange person” in order to rely on Gu Jingyuan to send her off.

“Now that were close, were already very good friends.” Liang Xinran held her assistants arm.

As she tried to comfort herself, she looked up with a stubborn expression.

Gu Jingyuan couldnt help but chuckle.

Only the assistant looked at them blankly, unable to understand what they were doing.

“Let your assistant go back first,” Gu Jingyuan said.

When Liang Xinran saw that he already knew that this was her assistant, she felt a little awkward.

She nudged her assistant.

“You should go home.

Ill be right back.”

“Call me if you need anything.” Although Gu Jingyuan didnt look like a bad person, who knew

After the assistant left, Liang Xinran said, “Speak your mind.”

“It was the first time I met the girl who ate with me just now.

She twisted her ankle, so I helped her,” Gu Jingyuan explained softly.

“Why are you telling me this Do I look like I care” When Liang Xinran heard him say this, her unhappiness had been swept away.

However, she still pretended not to care.

“Whether you care or not is your business.

Whether I say it or not is my business,” Gu Jingyuan said.

“Theres nothing between us now, and there wont be anything in the future.”

“Oh.” Liang Xinran looked up and asked, “What about you and me”

When she was blunt, bold, open, and unguarded, she stared straight at him.

Gu Jingyuans heart skipped a beat.

“Im asking you! Gu Jingyuan!” Liang Xinran punched him and insisted that he give her an accurate answer.

“I really didnt plan to date before.

Actually, Im not very sure now, but if you ask me now, Ill want to give it a try,” Gu Jingyuan said frankly.

Liang Xinran smiled.

“Alright, lets try.

Im not afraid of you trying.

Im just afraid that you wont even dare to try.”

“Then I…” Liang Xinran stepped forward and held his arm.

“Ill try first.”

Gu Jingyuan patted her head and Liang Xinran happily took his arm.

“Then Ill ask you out for a meal or something later.

You have to agree.


She released him and stared up at him.

“If you really dont want to date after youve tried, or if you have another woman you like, please make sure you tell me first.

Dont let me hear it from another person.

Id rather have your true feelings than anything forced.

Dont know your mind from anywhere else.”

“Okay,” Gu Jingyuan promised solemnly.

Liang Xinran hugged his arm again.

“Then now, were a temporary couple.”

Liang Xinran dawdled for a while and was filled with joy.

However, when she thought about having a meal with her friend, she couldnt leave, so she reluctantly bade him farewell.

“Then Ill leave first.

My friend is still waiting for me.

When you really accept me in the future, Ill take you to see my friend.”

“Okay, bye.” Gu Jingyuan waved at her.

Liang Xinran ran forward.

When she thought of what happened tonight, she couldnt help but cover her mouth and laugh.

Her back view was too cheerful.

Gu Jingyuan was infected by her and could not help but smile.

Yue Xiu stood to the side and felt terrible when she saw this.

How could a supporting actress in the entertainment industry snatch something from her

When Shi Jin received Liang Xinrans WeChat message, it was already very late.

She was too excited to sleep.

Voice messages came in one after another.

Shi Jin picked two random ones and listened.

It didnt affect her understanding of the complete content because most of her content was meaningless “Ahhhhhhhh.”

“My big brother is a very responsible person.

Take good care of him.”

“Ahhh, Im too excited to sleep.

I want to see him now.” Liang Xinrans next voice message was still unbelievably long.

“Ahhh, but Im afraid hell find me annoying.

Should I call him now or send a voice message Ahhh…”

Shi Jin could tell that she was not here for help or advice.

She was purely venting her emotions.

Fu Xiuyuan frowned as he listened.

Shi Jin stuffed the phone under her pillow and said, “Im not replying to her.”

“Are all girls like this when theyre in a relationship” He had listened to Liang Xinrans various voice bombardment for a few days and had a certain level of suspicion about dating.

“Some people are like her.

Some people are like me.” Shi Jin touched his Adams apple with her fingers.

There was a hint of redness at the end of her eyes.

She turned over and looked down at him.

As Fu Xiuyuans eyes grew deeper, she lowered her head and kissed his forehead, his high nose bridge.

Liang Xinran thought for a moment and decided to send Gu Jingyuan a WeChat message.

“Jingyuan, are you asleep”

“Not yet.

Im reading a document.”

“Cases and studies of internal chip transplantation techniques and the actual science of clinical application.”

Liang Xinran said, “That sounds very meaningful.”


If this technology can be used clinically, it will be extremely important for actual medical treatment.”

Liang Xinran started to feel sleepy, but she still perked up and listened.

Gu Jingyuan finally finished speaking.

He also realized that what he said was too professional and said, “Forget it, lets not talk about this anymore.”

“It doesnt matter.

I can listen to it.

Its just that your voice is so beautiful.

Its pleasing to hear even things I dont understand.”

Gu Jingyuan smiled.

“Is that so”

“Of course.

Gu Jingyuans voice is like a phoenixs cry and a clear spring.

It sounds good no matter what he says.”

Gu Jingyuan had also been praised since he was young, but when he heard her words, he could not help smiling.

Being praised by different people still made him feel different.

When he said good night at last, he realized that he had been chatting with Liang Xinran for almost two hours without realizing it.

After the filming of “Phoenix in the Nine Heavens” was completed, Liang Xinran carried the flowers sent by her fans and went to the medical laboratory of Imperial Capital University to look for Gu Jingyuan.

Gu Jingyuan was reading a research report in his office when he heard someone looking for him.

He said, “Just say that Im not free and ask them to make an appointment.”

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