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Yue Xius makeup and clothes were meticulous and very appropriate.

She was beautiful… but Gu Jingyuan did not feel anything at all.

Perhaps the marriage of a wealthy family did not require any feelings.

It only needed to be a match made in heaven, just like the current Yue Xiu.

However, Gu Jingyuan still smiled.

“Miss Yue, if I remember correctly, you and Shi Jin are competitors in your career”

“Is normal competition not acceptable Shi Jin and I complement each other, right”

Yue Xiu had long known that he would be very concerned about Shi Jin.

Her tone was relaxed and calm, as if she really had a clear conscience about what had happened previously.

Gu Jingyuan nodded.

“If its a normal competition, its not impossible.

I believe that Shi Jin is not afraid of any normal competition.

Im just afraid that some competitions are abnormal.”

His tone was thoughtful.

He raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at Yue Xiu.

Yue Xiu also knew that her previous methods were a little overboard, but at that time, how could she have expected today

Initially, when Old Madam Yue mentioned the marriage alliance, she was only after Gu Jingyuans career.

However, after seeing Gu Jingyuan in person today, she realized that this entire familys appearance was heaven-defying.

Who wouldnt choose someone pleasing to the eye if they could choose

She said apologetically, “In the past, many things were handed over to subordinates.

When they did things, it was inevitable that they were a little biased and insincere.

If there was really any abnormal competition, then I apologize sincerely to Shi Jin.”

Since she had already said so, Gu Jingyuan could not stick to this matter anymore.

He changed the topic and said, “Then the matter of cooperation will depend on fate.

If theres fate in the future, there will naturally be opportunities.

As for marriage…”

“Jingyuan, I dont need your answer now,” Yue Xiu stopped him.

“This is an important matter.

I hope you will consider it carefully before you answer me.”

“Miss Yue, I can answer you right now.

Marriage is out of the question.

Cooperation depends on the opportunity.”

Gu Jingyuans words made the atmosphere freeze on the spot.

Gu Jingyuan had a straightforward personality.

After he finished speaking, he smiled and said, “This is the first time weve met.

I believe that if we make things clear, it will be easier for us to meet in the future.

There wont be any unnecessary misunderstandings.

What do you think, Miss Yue”

Yue Xius ego took a beating.

Although she also came with a mission, as soon as she came, she admired Gu Jingyuan.

However, Gu Jingyuan refused to even talk to her.

It was obvious that he did not have any feelings for her.

Yue Xiu was still smiling, but her heart had already turned cold.

“You have a point,” Yue Xiu said, maintaining her upbringing.

“Then look forward to our next cooperation.”

After dinner, when Yue Xiu went to pay the bill, the waiter told her, “Mr.

Gu has already paid the bill.”

Clearly, Gu Jingyuans attitude of not wanting to be involved with her was obvious.

Yue Xiu bit her lip and followed Gu Jingyuan out.

She was wearing a short black evening gown and high heels, exquisite and luxurious.

The smile on Gu Jingyuans face remained indifferent.

When she reached the corner of the staircase, Yue Xiu sprained her ankle and fell towards Gu Jingyuan.

“Be careful.” Gu Jingyuan reached out to help her.

Liang Xinran had a meal with someone tonight and walked into the hall.

Just as she was about to go upstairs, she saw Gu Jingyuan and Yue Xiu leaning against each other.

There was no safe distance between the two of them.

The smile on Yue Xius face was a little shy.

She was stunned and felt a blow to her heart.

Although she had nothing to do with Gu Jingyuan, and he had never promised her anything, at this moment, she still felt her heart skip a beat.

She could not hide her disappointment and glanced at Gu Jingyuan.

When Gu Jingyuan looked up, he happened to meet her gaze.

She was usually carefree and very direct.

She did not beat around the bush at all, but she had never revealed any negative emotions.

At this moment, such an expression appeared on her face, wrapping her in a layer of low pressure.

She suddenly felt strangely vulnerable.

When their eyes met, Liang Xinran subconsciously smiled.

She remembered that she still had to pick up her friend and turned to leave.

Gu Jingyuan let go of Yue Xiu and said, “Excuse me.”

With that, he strode out.

Yue Xius feet were hurting, but she could not stop Gu Jingyuan.

She watched as he strode out.

Her expression was very ugly.

She sensed why he had left and immediately asked her assistant to check on Liang Xinran.

Liang Xinran had stopped in the hall just now.

It was not difficult for Yue Xius assistant to find her information.

Soon, Liang Xinrans information arrived on Yue Xius phone.

Yue Xiu flipped through it.

It was a female artist from the entertainment industry.

Her family was okay, but she only played supporting roles.

They werent very popular.

There werent any eye catching roles.

It was fine if Gu Jingyuan rejected her, but it was also because of such a woman.

The thought of not admitting defeat rose in Yue Xius mind.

Perhaps it was just from her heart, or perhaps it was because she could not answer to Old Madam Yue.

She was unwilling to accept the current situation.

Liang Xinran went out to pick up her friend, but she was a little confused and strode out, not knowing where she was going.

There was no need to be so sad.

She couldnt stop herself.

She kept walking.

When Gu Jingyuan saw her sad and disappointed back view, his heart skipped a beat and he strode forward.

Just as Liang Xinran was about to cross the road, she was suddenly grabbed by someone.

She turned around and saw that it was Gu Jingyuan.

In an instant, his face appeared in front of her, but it felt like a lifetime ago.

Liang Xinran smiled and waved at him.

“Hello, Big Brother.”

She hid her true feelings.

Her smile was sincere and sweet, even more so than usual.

Knowing that she was thinking too much and that he refused to come out after asking him out so many times, she knew that he was not interested in her.

Liang Xinran was just confirming this again.

Although she was sad, pride was the only thing she had left.

She had to keep it that way.

“You were almost hit by a car,” Gu Jingyuan said as he pulled her away from the road.

“Oh, oh, I was just about to answer the phone and didnt notice.” Liang Xinran stood up straight and broke free from his wrist.

In the past, when she watched him and Shi Jin interact intimately, she wished she could be intimate with him.

Now that they really touched each other, she hurriedly separated like a frightened rabbit.

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