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After Gu Jingyuan got into the car, he realized that he was still holding the flower in his hand.

He reached out to take a book from the side and picked up the flower.

As he drove, Liang Xinrans words still echoed in his ears.

Actually, adult feelings had always been straightforward and frank.

It was not that Gu Jingyuan did not understand.

He just wasnt completely ready for that.

Old Madam Yue sat high and mighty in her seat.

She was in her late seventies, hale and hearty, and her face was taut and looked hard to approach.

Yue Xiu sat beside her and poured her a cup of tea.

She handed it over gently.

“Grandma, please have some tea.”

Old Madam Yue did not take the cup.

Instead, she said calmly, “Youre also an outstanding talent of the Yue family.

Why cant you even defeat Shi Jin”

What happened some time ago eventually reached Old Madam Yues ears.

Yue Xiu knew that her grandmother liked capable people the most.

No matter who it was, as long as they could contribute to the family, she was happy.

Those who were more useless, such as Yue Lanchen in the past, even if he was a boy, Old Madam Yue could not help but nitpick.

She was very dissatisfied with Yue Lanchen.

However, recently, Yue Lanchens rise had caused Yue Xius status to drop.

She was also sad as she placed the teacup in front of Old Madam Yue.

“Grandma, its all because the people I support are useless, so they cant compete with Shi Jin.

Logically speaking, Shi Jin doesnt have the ability to compete.

However, Shi Jin is close to Second Uncles family, so…”


Old Madam Yue had never been satisfied with Yue Feng.

Although this son was quite capable, he was soft-hearted and liked to listen to Madam Yue.

Back then, Madam Yue was not a suitable daughter-in-law for Old Madam Yue, so their relationship had not been harmonious all these years.

“Hes really biased to outsiders! No wonder Shi Jin is fearless.

So she has this help.”

Yue Xiu remained silent.

As for Shi Jin helping Yue Lanchen, she did not mention it.

Old Madam Yue said, “Youre not young anymore.

Other than work, its time to consider relationships.”

“Is there anyone you like”

Yue Xiu had always had high standards.

She wanted the person to have good character and to have a family background even better than hers.

This made her encounter quite a bit of resistance in choosing a boyfriend.

After all, who else could have a better family background than the Yue family

Old Madam Yue knew that she had standards and agreed with her.

She said, “I think that Gu Jingyuan from the Li family is not bad.”

“Hes not bad Hasnt the Li family already declined”

“The Li family is indeed inferior to before.

However, Ive already asked around.

Gu Jingyuans current pharmaceutical company has developed a new medicine that is the lifeline of many countries.

No matter how developed a country is, they have no choice but to buy medicine from him.

He is now very popular in the entire international pharmaceutical world.

There are countless people who want to marry him.

From what I know, there are many big shots in the European and American investment circles who want to marry their daughters to him.”

When Yue Xiu heard this, she realized that Gu Jingyuans rise had far exceeded her imagination.

In that case, Gu Jingyuan was indeed a good candidate.

“Are you afraid that you and Shi Jin will have a grudge and affect this matter Seriously, how can marriage be more important than you children playing house As long as you settle Gu Jingyuan and his family, what impact can Shi Jin have”

Old Madam Yue looked down on Shi Jin.

Wasnt she just from the entertainment industry Those who followed her were just fans who knew nothing.

Old Madam Yues disdain was obvious.

Yue Xiu was enlightened by her and gradually agreed with her grandmothers words.

Old Madam Yue said, “You have to be able to stay open-minded.

If youre stopped by a young lady, how can you still be a member of the Yue family”

Gu Jingyuan was very surprised to receive the news that Yue Xiu was treating him to a meal.

However, it was indeed not convenient for him to reject Yue Xius identity before he understood her intentions.

Gu Jingyuan changed into formal attire and went to the appointment.

When he walked into the hotel restaurant, Yue Xiu was already there.

She had exquisite makeup and was wearing an evening gown.

It was obvious that she took tonights meal very seriously.

“Miss Yue.” Gu Jingyuan walked over and shook her hand politely.

“If Mr.

Gu doesnt mind, you can just call me by my name.

Can I also call you by your name”

Gu Jingyuan sat down and asked straightforwardly, “Miss Yue, why did you ask me out”

“Shall we order and talk while we eat” Yue Xiu held out the menu.

Gu Jingyuan took it and ordered dishes.

The two of them chatted for a while.

Halfway through the meal, Gu Jingyuan said, “Miss Yue, are you looking for me for something serious”

“Im a little embarrassed to say this, but my grandmother was going to find someone and introduce us.

I thought rather than getting someone to introduce us, why cant I just call you and meet you It would be convenient.”

“I see.

Now we are acquainted.”

“Thats right.

Well keep in touch from now on,” Yue Xiu said with a smile.

“My grandmother has always liked you.

She said youre a rare talent in this generation and will definitely have great prospects in the future.”

“Old Madam Yue flatters me.”

“Jingyuan, the Li family has been working hard in the imperial capital for so many years.

If the Li family and the Yue family cooperate, I believe there will be a more promising future.”

Yue Xiu finally revealed her true intentions.

Although Gu Jingyuan had already expected this, he was still surprised to hear this.

The Li family had not interacted with the Yue family for many years, and their relationship was very indifferent.

Ever since the Li family faded out of the four major families, they had been dim in the capital.

This time, Yue Xiu actually personally expressed her goodwill.

How could Gu Jingyuan not understand that they had taken a fancy to his current career

Otherwise, with the arrogance of the Yue family, why would they take the initiative to express goodwill

Gu Jingyuan smiled faintly.

“The Yue family should have many partners.

If theres a chance in the future, we can naturally cooperate.”

Seeing that he was pretending to not know her true intentions, Yue Xiu had no choice but to make things clear.

“What my grandmother means is that if we form a marriage alliance, it will be more secure for the future interests of the two families.

Jingyuan, you know that our Yue family doesnt lack anything, but the importance of talent is still what my grandmother and father care about the most.”

Gu Jingyuan understood that the marriage should be between him and Yue Xiu.

Yue Xiu was not considered a top-notch beauty, but frankly speaking, a woman with her resources was top-notch in all aspects.

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