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Wu Pengfei immediately called his father.

“Dad, can you stop the showWinner Takes All Review them properly!”

“You unfilial son!” Father Wu roared from the other side.

“Do you know whose family LL belongs to Do you know whose family Killer belongs to Stop it!”

“Killer, isnt that the Yue family” After Wu Pengfei said that, his brain buzzed.

“Got it.

Forget it.”

“You should be more careful when youre outside.

Dont rely on your familys background to cause trouble everywhere.

Its lucky that they dont want to pick bones with you! If theres really something, how many Wu familys can protect you”

Wu Pengfei hung up resentfully.

This matter could only be left unsettled.

Of course, Wu Pengfeis manager could not help but communicate with his fans and personally calm them down.

He spent a lot of effort to calm this matter down.

The executive director had a protective talisman like Yue Lanchen, so he did not show any mercy to Wu Pengfei.

He cut out any parts of the next few episodes that Wu Pengfei did not cooperate with.

As Liang Xinran ate fruits beside Shi Jin, she said, “In my opinion, Wu Pengfeis messy actions should be edited and made into a compilation for his fans to see what kind of bad character he is.”

“Forget it.

The executive director has Killer to protect him this time.

What about next time He still has to stay in the circle,” Shi Jin said indifferently.

Now, everyone in the circle believed that Wu Pengfei and his fans did not continue to cause trouble because the eSports fans were protecting Killer.

Not many people knew the detailed identity of Yue Lanchen.

This was good for Yue Lanchen.

“Thats true, then forget it.

But if Wu Pengfei doesnt cooperate like this, hell fail sooner or later.

Lets see how far he can go.

Anyway, as long as he fails, Ill definitely step on him.” Liang Xinran made a stepping motion.

Shi Jin stuffed a piece of fruit into her mouth.

“Alright, say less.

Otherwise, the fans will tear you apart.”

Liang Xinran stuck out her tongue.

They were sitting in a window compartment of a café.

They were still talking when someone pushed the door open.

Seeing that it was Gu Jingyuan, Liang Xinran immediately swallowed the fruit in her mouth and stood up faster than Shi Jin to wave at him.


Shi Jin stood up.


Gu Jingyuan reached out and rubbed Shi Jins hair.

Shi Jin shrank her neck in fear of tickleness.

Gu Jingyuan smiled dotingly and touched her forehead.

Seeing the siblings actions, Liang Xinran was so envious that her eyes were fixed on them.

If Gu Jingyuan did the same to her…

“Brother, sit.” Shi Jin sat inside and gave him her seat.

Liang Xinran asked hopefully, “Big Brother specially came to drink coffee with us”

“Well, not really.

I had something to discuss with Shi Jin at the last minute and wanted to give her this document.” Gu Jingyuan took out the document and handed it to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin accepted it and saw Liang Xinran looking at her eagerly.

She said, “Big Brother, I suddenly remembered that I still have something on.

Ill make a move first.”

Liang Xinran immediately smiled.

Shi Jin left in a hurry, leaving Gu Jingyuan and Liang Xinran alone.

It was rare for Liang Xinran to have such a chance to be alone with him.

She asked softly, “Big Brother, what do you want to drink Ill order it for you.”

Gu Jingyuan randomly picked a cup of coffee.

Liang Xinran immediately ordered for him.

She looked into his eyes and said, “What do you think of me”

“Whats your impression of me” She rested her chin in her hands, looking eager.

Gu Jingyuan laughed.

“Mm, about as cute as Shi Jin, like my sister.”

Liang Xinran was a little discouraged, but she still tried her best.

“Then can I call you Jingyuan”

“Im like your sister if I call you Big Brother.

Then I wont be like a sister if I call you Jingyuan.”

Liang Xinran rested her chin on her hand.

“Then do you have any other feelings for me other than having a sister”

Gu Jingyuan asked, “What kind of feeling do you want”

“A feeling about being your girlfriend, perhaps”

Gu Jingyuan was holding the coffee brought by the waiter.

It was a little hot.

He had just taken a sip and immediately reached for a tissue.

He obviously did not expect Liang Xinran to be so direct.

Liang Xinran handed him a tissue first.

He picked it up and wiped his mouth before saying slowly, “Im usually very busy.

I believe you are too, right”

“Is that why you wouldnt even say yes when I asked you out to eat”

Gu Jingyuan was silent for a moment.

He really had no intention of dating.

From the moment he took on the heavy responsibility of re-establishing their family and entered the research institute at the age of 12, he had already been isolated from dating.

Was the girl in front of him really willing to treat a relationship seriously and not on a whim

Seeing that his expression had suddenly darkened, Liang Xinran did not continue asking.

She knew when to stop and said, “Are you that afraid of me asking questions If you dont like to answer, I wont ask next time.

This dessert is very delicious and suits Shi Jins taste very well.

It should suit your taste too.

Try it.”

Gu Jingyuan picked up his fork and took a bite.

“This is for you,” Liang Xinran said with a smile.

“This is” Gu Jingyuan reached out to take it.

“The day you drove me back to the set for the first time, I got out of your car and a royal poinciana flower happened to fall into my arms.

After I went back, I had to learn several times before I learned to make it into a dried flower.

Look, the color is not bad, right”

The royal poinciana flowers themselves were red.

When made into dried flowers, they easily turned a dull color.

The rare thing was that this one still retained its own color.

“Here, this belongs to you,” Liang Xinran said.

Gu Jingyuan had just picked it up when his phone rang.

After receiving a call from the laboratory urging him to go back, Gu Jingyuan stood up and left.

“Sorry, I have something on at the last minute and have to leave first.”

Liang Xinran looked at him in disappointment.

Gu Jingyuan nodded and left.

She watched him go and sighed softly.

She waited until she saw him leave the café and get into the car beside her.

As he drove away, she looked away.

Liang Xinran sent Shi Jin a WeChat message: “Sigh, I failed again.”

“Didnt you go to dinner with my brother”

“Eat what He said he had something to do and left first.

What do you think your brother feels about me”

Shi Jin thought for a moment and said, “My eldest brother, well.

When he was young, his life wasnt very peaceful.

After that, he kept working in the laboratory.

There shouldnt be many girls around him.

Hes very unfamiliar with relationships.”

“Then I should work harder.” Liang Xinran was quickly encouraged again.

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