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However, the fans of the other celebrities were not affected at all, especially when Luo Jingxuan caused a huge celebration among the eSports fans.

Coupled with the fact that he called Shi Jin “Sister” so seriously that everyone followed suit, it also triggered a lot of laughter from the audience.

One more Wu Pengfei or one less Wu Pengfei didnt seem to affect anything.

By the time the game started, Wu Pengfei was already very unhappy.

The other nine people had scenes of their person.

He only had a scene of the game interface, but his person and phone were not shown.

It was equivalent to him working hard to participate in a program and not having any presence at all.

Actually, the audience could also tell that there was a problem.

Many people in the bullet screen were asking why this contestant (actor) did not show up.

There was not a single scene of his phone or even his finger.

All of them were of the game screen.

The scenes of the others were all complete.

Actually, the production team had already thought of this during the editing process, so they reminded everyone halfway through the variety show, “There will be a mysterious guest appearing later!”

So the opposition was not so loud.

Wu Pengfei was furious.

He said to his manager, “Call the director immediately and ask whats going on! This is too much!”

He couldnt care less about promoting now.

Of course, even if he promoted, it wouldnt have the effect he expected.

The executive director didnt pick up the phone.

His manager looked at him hesitantly.

“Pengfei, the director didnt pick up…”

Wu Pengfei endured the second half of the variety show angrily.

The mysterious guest finally appeared.

“Hes our super strong member of Team Danger, Killer!”

His appearance was even more shocking than Luo Jingxuans.

There were many e-sports fans watching this variety show.

After all, Luo Jingxuan was someone behind the scenes in the game.

However, Yue Lanchen had solid results.

He was really someone who made e-sports fans flock to him!

As soon as he appeared, everyone completely forgot about Wu Pengfei.

That was true.

For a variety show related to games, everyone would definitely prefer to see an eSports expert than an artist who played video games.

Besides, Yue Lanchen was young and had outstanding looks.

He was not inferior to an A-list male celebrity.

His existence and appearance were enough to make up for the regrets of the fans and audience.

“Wow, this program is really worth it!”

“It looks like the program is really going all out!”

“Ill watch the next episode! I look forward to it!”

“Killer is really good-looking.

Come and murder my heart! Im going to die of infatuation with him, Killer.

Ill be your brain-dead fan for the rest of my life!”

“I think Im going to be addicted to e-sports! I cant take it anymore.

My nosebleed…”

The fans had a nosebleed, while Wu Pengfei was about to vomit blood.

He continued to call the head director, finally getting through.

The executive directors tone was innocent.

“Pengfei, its like this.

The phone in your hand cant be shown on screen.

Otherwise, well have to compensate the advertisers a large sum of money.

We cant afford to pay for this.

Therefore, we have no choice but to mediate and delete your scenes.

Im sorry, but I have to delete the scenes where you usually hold your phone.

Im really sorry.”

After Wu Pengfei hung up, he said angrily, “Why didnt this old thief say so earlier”

His manager reminded him quietly, “I told you when we joined the production team.”

Only then did Wu Pengfei remember that his manager had indeed reminded him of something and said something.

However, he was listening to music through his headset and heard nothing.

The other artistes were very careful and tried their best not to show the logos of anything they used.

If they used phones that were not from the same brand as the phones sponsored by the production team, they kept it in their bags and did not reveal it.

Only Wu Pengfei was ostentatious.

As for the executive director, he originally thought that he could spend some time and help him photoshop it.

However, he eventually crossed the line.

After Shi Jins words, the executive director became bold and directly covered his face.

Wu Pengfei was unsatisfied and posted a particularly bitter Weibo post: “Some programs are really interesting.

What do you take other peoples hard-earned recordings for Just cut them out.

Why did you look for me in the first place”

It was better if he didnt act pitiful.

The fans were just discussing among themselves.

When he acted pitiful, all the fans felt sorry for their Brother.

Everyone ran to the official Weibo account of “Winner Takes All” to argue.

“What exactly is the meaning of this If you cant afford to play, dont play! Pengfei worked so hard to record the show, but you just said you dont want it after recording it!”

“You guys are too much! Do you really think we have no one left! If you dont give us an explanation, well scold you every time we watch your show in the future!”

“Its enough with this blind program team.

Whoever works with you will be unlucky.

You have to give an explanation for this matter.”

“Why does even some unknown Killer from a lousy e-sports team have so many shots and our Wu Pengfei doesnt have any”

“What rotten Killer For all we know, his presence stole Pengfeis scenes.”

Wu Pengfei paid for the trending topic, #Winner Takes All Cuts Wu Pengfeis Scenes.

When the onlookers and fans saw the trending topic, they all expressed their confusion.

“Wu Pengfei was invited for this episode ofWinner Takes All Its quite good even without Wu Pengfei.”

“This episode is quite good.

Just watching Master L is worth it.”

“Anyway, I got a VIP membership for Shi Jin.”

‘I got a VIP membership for Killer!

“Shi Jin and Yang Fans interactions are too funny!”

“I really didnt expect Shi Jin to be so good at video games.”

When the eSports fans saw Wu Pengfeis fans scolding Yue Lanchen, they could no longer sit still.

“If you want to scold the production team, just scold the production team.

Dont bring Killer out!”

“Thats right.

Do you really think we esports fans dont exist Why cant a game variety show have a spot for Killer”

“How dare you come out and compete with Killer when youre so lousy at gaming Go back and reincarnate first!”

“Every time you drag Killer, Ill mess with you guys.

Wake up.”

Esports fans were exceptionally strong and there were many of them.

Soon, they occupied the front row of the trending comments.

Wu Pengfeis fans were no match for them at all.

Moreover, Killer had a solid record.

He had once won the Asian Games.

This was also the best result for the eSports national team at the moment.

Everyones affection and support for him was completely different from that of an artist.

Wu Pengfeis trending topic was completely useless.

It only allowed others to see his rookie skills.

His goal of acting pitiful was completely destroyed.

His manager said, “This cant go on.

Fans scolding Killer is scolding the wrong person.”

However, they could not scold the others either.

The main reason was that not only were the others unrelated to Wu Pengfei, but their performance was obvious.

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