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When Shi Jins legs were a little weak, Fu Xiuyuan hugged her tightly.

His well-defined fingers pressed against her waist and the kiss landed again.

This time, the kiss was much gentler.

It was obvious that the kiss and Shi Jins cooperation and immersion had soothed his somewhat anxious mood.

Shi Jin hooked her arms around his neck and leaned into his embrace.

Their noses met.

Fu Xiuyuan let go of her, his eyes slightly red.

Shi Jin could tell that he was jealous.

She had been filming the show for several days and did not accompany him immediately after she returned.

She said softly, “I was chatting with Liang Xinran just now.

She wants to be my sister-in-law, so I cant reject her.

What if my brother really likes her Am I right”

Fu Xiuyuan had long suppressed his inexplicable emotions.

Her soft voice made his heart soften even more.

“Mm.” Fu Xiuyuan pecked her lightly on the lips.

Shi Jin simply threw away her phone, stood on her tiptoes, and bit his lips heavily.

She threw herself into his arms.

Fu Xiuyuan completely lost control.

He clasped her waist and placed her on the bed.

In the end, Shi Jin helped Liang Xinran arrange an appointment with her brother.

Gu Jingyuan smiled and asked, “Why have you been asking me out for a meal so frequently recently”

“Are you really the only one asking me out”

Seeing that she could not escape, Shi Jin could only say, “Its Xinran.

She wants to ask you out for a meal.

Big Brother, whats with your attitude Do you want to try or not You should just tell her directly, dont you think”

Gu Jingyuan put down his phone and recalled Liang Xinrans actions.

He could not help but smile.

He felt that… everything she did was so funny.

He drove to the appointment.

Liang Xinran was already there.

She bought the flowers and handed them to the waiter.

“Help me decorate the private room.”

The waiter began to lay out the flowers.

She still felt dissatisfied.

“Never mind.

I wont trouble you.

Ill do it myself.”

It took her a long time to finally arrange the flowers before she sat down obediently.

When she heard the knock on the door, she immediately jumped up and tidied her hair.

Then, she opened the door and said with a smile, “Brother! Shi Jin isnt with you”

“Isnt she with you” Gu Jingyuan already knew that Shi Jin wouldnt come, but he still asked cooperatively.

“Oh, then she might be late.

Lets order and wait.

What do you like”

Gu Jingyuan ordered some dishes and said, “These are my favorites.

What about you”

“I like everything you like to eat.”

“Then lets order two of Shi Jins favorite dishes.” Gu Jingyuan began to order again.

Liang Xinran pretended to make some calls and said, “Aiya, Shi Jin said that she had something on at the last minute and cant come over.

It looks like its just the two of us eating together.”

She acted quite well, so Gu Jingyuan did not expose her.

He looked around and saw that the entire private room was very different from usual.

There were all kinds of flowers.

“Big Brother, do you like it here If so, well come over next time.”

They hadnt even finished eating this time, but she was already booking the next time.

She supported her cheeks and looked at Gu Jingyuan eagerly.

“Winner Takes All” began to stream.

When the first episode came out, everyone enjoyed it.

Shi Jins fans had been waiting for the show to air.

They did not expect Shi Jin to know how to play video games.

All their expectations were low.

“Shi Jin is just here to play.

It doesnt matter how well she fights.

Whats important is that she can have fun.”

“Yes, consider it leisure.”

“Brothers and sisters, if Shi Jin doesnt play well, please forgive her.”

When it was time for the official competition, no one had any expectations for Shi Jin.

During the individual competition, the production team maintained the suspense and did not show anybodys face.

Fans could only recognize people through their hands.

“That pair of hands that played especially well… It seems to be Shi Jins, right” The fans actually recognized it at a glance, but didnt dare to confirm it.

“Stop randomly confirming.

It wont affect us, but Shi Jin will be the one being mocked later.”

Indeed, some haters had already started mocking them.

“Whoever is playing well is Shi Jin How can you all be so arrogant”

“I think the best player is a member of Team Ace.

These members are young and specially trained, so its normal for them to have nice looking hands.”

“But I heard that Shi Jin recorded several episodes.”

“Recording several episodes can only mean that shes very popular.

The production team is willing to protect her, but it doesnt mean that she really played well.”

“Sigh, the person I like is a nobody.

Theyll probably be pushed down by Shi Jin.

Im really disappointed in this world.”

“Its a cardinal sin in the entertainment industry if youre not popular.

Why think so much”

As expected, when the results were revealed, a few of the unpopular people were all eliminated.

Other than some haters mocking them, the rest of the audience didnt really care.

The real audience only wanted to see familiar faces and fun content.

It didnt matter who stayed.

When the results were announced, everyone was stunned.

“Shi Jin is first”

There were many funny moments throughout the program, and the game was played very professionally.

It did attract a lot of fans and gaming fans.

However, there were still many doubts about Shi Jin getting first place in the individual competition.

The effect that the program team wanted had also been achieved.

“Id like to see what happens in the next episode!”

“Thats right.

Could it be that the pair of hands that played really well is really Shi Jin”

“Hurry up and release the next episode.

I have plenty of money! What content is there that our esteemed VIP customers cant see Release a new episode.

Im willing to spend money.”

It had to be said that although there were a lot of haters, Shi Jins overall popularity was still very good.

Using her as a discussion point and diversion point, the production team really earned enough attention and smoothly laid the groundwork for the next episode.

The second episode also aired very quickly.

With everyone looking forward to it, the viewership ratings were maximized.

When this episode was broadcasted, the program team finally revealed the entire ranking after repeated suspense.

When they saw that Shi Jin was ranked first, the fans and audience felt no different from the people that were present when they were filming.

“So the best pair of hands really belongs to our Shi Jin” The fans finally dared to admit it.

“My God, Shi Jin, how many more surprises do you have that we dont know about”

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