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She gave Gu Jingyuan a “take care” look before waving goodbye to them.

“Big Brother, are you free” Liang Xinran asked.

“If youre free, can you give me a lift My assistant took the car and Im going out like this.

It wouldnt look good if a fan saw me.”

Gu Jingyuan glanced at his watch and said, “Lets go.”

They headed toward the underground parking lot.

When Liang Xinrans assistant saw her, she waved and shouted, “Xinran! Xinran!”

Liang Xinran stomped her feet and secretly waved at her, telling her to leave quickly.

However, the assistant didnt see her move.

Instead of leaving, she ran over.

“Xinran, the car is here.

Where are you going”

Liang Xinran blinked hard at her.

The assistant asked, “Whats wrong Are you feeling unwell”

“Dont you have things to do I dont need you here anymore.

Just go.”

Liang Xinran pushed the assistant away.

The assistant did not understand.

Gu Jingyuan could not help but laugh.

Liang Xinran turned around and saw his smile.

When the mans handsome face revealed a smile, there was a hint of gentleness and charm.

Liang Xinran blushed and became even more determined.

“Im not familiar with that person just now.

She even wanted me to get in her car.

Its strange.”

“Lets go.

Get in my car.” Gu Jingyuan stopped smiling.

“Then Ill have to trouble you!” Liang Xinran climbed into his car.

“Your car is really beautiful.

As expected, a good-looking person drives a good-looking car.”

Soon, the car arrived at the set and Gu Jingyuan stopped the car.

Liang Xinran scratched her head.

“Is this journey that short”

Gu Jingyuan smiled.


“Goodbye, see you next time.” Liang Xinran kept waving at him.

Shi Jin returned to the production team.

Because of Wu Pengfei, they were still in a deadlock.

Everyone took a few casual bites of dinner.

The executive director was on the phone talking to Wu Pengfeis agent.

However, Wu Pengfeis manager could not control him.

It was useless to let him communicate with Wu Pengfei.

Shi Jin did not expect to return after being out for so long and yet have the issue still being unsolved.

The artists were fine.

They were playing with their phones in the air conditioner while their assistants sent over dinner and fruits.

However, the staff were all guarding the scene bitterly and did not dare to eat, afraid that they would begin filming at any time.

It was already nighttime.

If they really began filming now, who knew how long it would take.

Shi Jin pulled the director over and said, “Director, lets shoot.”

“But…” The executive director was already in his fifties, but he still had to deal with Wu Pengfeis attitude.

He didnt feel good.

Shi Jin leaned over and whispered.

The head director asked, “Will it work”

The executive director said, “Alright, lets film.

Pengfei, you can use any phone you want.

Lets film.”

“Director, you should have said so earlier.” Wu Pengfei patted his shoulder.

He glanced at Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, your words still work.

Only you feel sorry for me and speak up for me.”

Shi Jin ignored him and turned away.

Everyone could finally film.

They quickly perked up.

The staff members blinked their tired eyes and shouted, “Here we go, here we go.

All units, get ready.

Get into position and start recording!”

Wu Pengfei and Shi Jin were in different groups.

Shi Jin did not want to make the team competition too ugly, but Wu Pengfei was really infuriating.

As soon as Shi Jin went on stage, she attacked Wu Pengfei.

Wu Pengfeis phone was indeed better than the others.

It was a phone he was used to using for a long time.

Unlike everyone elses, which were new.

Everyone had to work hard to get used to their new phones.

In addition, Shi Jin still had to take care of the others in the team, so Wu Pengfei was only killed halfway.

However, even so, he was the first to die apart from a member of R9.

“Fuck!” He threw the phone down.

The staff members beside him said nothing, but it still felt like everyone was saying, “If we had known you only had this level of skill, why did we waste so much time”

The team game was finally over.

It was late at night when they finished recording some tidbits and everyones reactions.

Needless to say, Shi Jins team won without a doubt.

Shi Jin took a cup to get some water.

Wu Pengfei stood beside her and said, “Shi Jin, I have to say, youve successfully attracted my attention.”

“Have you acted in too many idol dramas” Shi Jin did not even look at him.

“Too many women use that tactic to get my attention, but none of them look as good as you.”

Only then did Shi Jin look up and say, “Too many people have lost to me, but none of them are as greasy as you.”

She finally knew why his fans often went around to cause trouble in the fan circle.

It was because of this that everyone else didnt like him.

The saying that fans followed their masters was right.

With a celebrity like this, how could his fans be any better

Wu Pengfei laughed instead of getting angry.

“Hahahaha, interesting, really interesting.

Shi Jin, shall we have a meal together after filming”

Shi Jin left with her water.

Wu Pengfei was still smiling.

“Then Ill wait until youre free.”

As he spoke, he brushed the hair from his forehead.

After filming for two more days, Shi Jin ended the filming early because she had something else to do.

The remaining executive director would naturally find someone else to replace Shi Jin for the recording.

She took some time to chat with Liang Xinran on WeChat.

After saying that, Liang Xinran said, “Shi Jin, let me treat you to a meal.”

“Heres the deal.

Im treating you to a meal, but Im not exactly just treating you to a meal.

You know what I mean”

Liang Xinran could only continue to explain, “Its like this.

You invite Big Brother out for a meal and say that the three of us will eat together.

But when the time comes, youll say that you have something on and cant come, so Ill be the only one left to eat with him.”

“This is what you call treating me to a meal”

If not for the distance, Shi Jin would have beaten her up.

“Ill definitely treat you next time.”

“Wouldnt it be the same if you just called my brother and invited him Why bother”

“I invited him, but he said he was busy.

I cant keep forcing him, can I Im shy, you know”

Shi Jin felt her teeth ache.

How could she say that she was shy

Shi Jin had never seen a player who could hit a straight shot better than her.

When Fu Xiuyuan walked into the room, he saw Shi Jin smiling into her phone.

He wondered what was so funny to her.

She seemed to have been like this since she came back from recording the show.

He walked over and reached down to pull Shi Jin out of the chair and into his arms.

Before she could ask why, he wrapped her in his scent and control with a long, lingering, hot kiss.

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