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Chapter 85: Legal Husband and Wife

Fu Xiuyuan put down his proud airs with Shi Jin around and his expression became usually gentle.

Shi Jin could not help looking at him.

Everyone appreciated beauty, and even Shi Jin had no immunity to Fu Xiuyuans good looks.

“Xiuyuan, does your older sister keep introducing women to you” asked Shi Jin right away.

“Never.” Fu Xiuyuan frowned.

“What did she say”

“Nothing much.

I just think you are so good-looking that people must be introducing potential girlfriends to you all the time.”

Fu Xiuyuan narrowed his eyes before he said huskily, “Mrs Fu, have you forgotten we are already married”

Shi Jin laughed quietly.

Uh huh.

She and Fu Xiuyuan were already married.

What was the point of introducing women to him

Ever since she was reborn, she had a cold and distant attitude towards outsiders.

She was only bright and lively in front of Fu Xiuyuan and would even say sweet nothings to him.

Shi Jin embraced Fu Xiuyuan when he raised his brows.

“How could I forget We are legally married, so no one else can get in between us.”

Fu Xiuyuan looked at his woman gently as she appeased him.

It was easy to see his mood.

Since Shi Jin could tell he was not angry anymore, she asked, “Where are we going”

“We are going home.” His husky voice sounded a little electric and was particularly seductive.

Shi Jin hugged him and sat down.

However, after driving for a while, she realized they were not heading back to Repulse Bay Villa.

“Xiuyuan, where are we going Do you plan on selling me off” Shi Jin looked out the window.

Fu Xiuyuan laughed gently out loud.

It sounded deep and gentle as it came from his chest and sounded indulgent.

The car pulled up outside of a villa.

Shi Jin raised her head after getting out of the car and saw that it was even larger and more luxurious than Repulse Bay Villa.

“Go take a look.” Fu Xiuyuan held her hand as they entered the villa.

There was intricate design everywhere, and even the diamonds on the crystal chandeliers were real!

Everything in the house was the best and came at exorbitant prices.

Shi Jin was not interested in the posh interior.

Instead, she preferred Repulse Bay Villa.

Fu Xiuyuan brought her to the backyard.

For as far as the eye could see, there were no plants.

However, the earth had already been loosened and it gave off a distinct fragrance.

It was just waiting to get cultivated.

Shi Jin finally looked interested.

She ran over and picked up the soil.

It was perfect for cultivating the yao orchid and other herbs she needed.

She did not even bat an eye at the astronomically priced objects.

Instead, she smiled when she saw the soil.

Fu Xiuyuan noticed it all.

He just knew he made the right choice to buy this villa.

He was also spot on about the soil in the compound.

His woman did not like material things, all she cared about was him.

“Are we staying here from now on” asked Shi Jin happily.

“Do you like it” asked Fu Xiuyuan with his eyes lowered.

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