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“No regrets, no regrets.”

“Pick a phone.” The director took out the phones for him and Shi Jin to choose from.

Shi Jin picked one in passing.

Wu Pengfei picked one as well.

Shi Jin usually saved face for the other party during competitions.

Just like yesterday, when Liao Dong questioned her like that.

She had allowed Liao Dong to stay alive for a couple minutes.

However, Wu Pengfei was different.

Shi Jin did not like him at all.

She picked up the phone and said, “Shall we start”

“Lets begin,” Wu Pengfei said.

He was still thinking about how to go easy on her later.

He wanted to fight with Shi Jin for a while longer and get a smile from the beauty.

As the director counted down, the game officially began.

Ten seconds later, Wu Pengfei was KOd.

Ten seconds sounded like a lot, but in fact, it was just the time for Wu Pengfei to pick up his phone and get ready.

He couldnt believe it when he heard the word KO.

He threw up his hands and said, “How How can it be so fast”

“Pengfei, Shi Jin is just that fast.” Yang Fan patted his shoulder.

“Impossible!” Wu Pengfei retorted automatically.

“Its still a possibility,” everyone said to him.

“Shi Jin was first in yesterdays competition.”

Wu Pengfei loved to save face.

He was KOd so quickly and did not show any of the cool moves he had thought of.

He was very angry.

Although he did not show it on his face, he was already starting to have an opinion about the program teams arrangements.

For example, this phone was very difficult to use.

He had not had time to adapt just now, which was why he had lost so quickly.

“Alright, Shi Jins score has doubled.

Pengfeis score remains unchanged.

Those with problems can spend their scores and communicate with Master L.”

It was completely useless for Shi Jin to get so many points.

She raised her hand.

“Director, can I give my points away”

“Of course you can, but are you sure you dont want to communicate with Master L” the director asked.

Now that Luo Jingxuan was helping Shi Jin with the planning and structure of the new game, Shi Jin had too many opportunities to communicate with him.

Besides, Shi Jin was already very familiar with this game.

“No need.

My points can be given away.”

Other people couldnt wait to get more information so that they could communicate with Luo Jingxuan more easily, but Shi Jin was giving her points away.

It was really infuriating.

Wu Pengfei immediately teased, “Can you give me some too to make up for my broken heart”

“I think we should still protect the younger contestants.

Ill give my points to the two members of Team Ace and my roommate, Lang Jing.”

The three of them spoke in unison, calling her sister one after another.

Wu Pengfei increasingly felt that Shi Jin was playing hard to get with him.

What a dishonest woman!

After giving it all away, Shi Jin didnt have any points anymore.

The others seized the time to consult Luo Jingxuan.

The team competition was still different from the individual competition.

Since Shi Jin did not want to ask for guidance, everyone was busy asking for it themselves.

The morning passed quickly.

The official match was in the afternoon.

After the mornings training, everyone knew their strengths and weaknesses.

As for Wu Pengfei, he just felt that the phone prepared by the production team was not good.

He had consulted Luo Jingxuan several times.

Luo Jingxuan had explained everything to him clearly, but when it came to the operation, he was still very weak.

In the afternoon, the ten of them divided into teams.

Wu Pengfei officially made a request to the production team.

“Director, can I compete on my usual phone”

“This… Pengfei, everyones phones are sponsored by advertisers this time.

They have a rule that everyone has to use this phone.

We accepted the advertising fee, and the contract terms are clearly written in the contract.

We have to abide by it.”

The director pulled him away from the camera to persuade him otherwise.

“But this phone, its screen is too small, and its not agile.

The others are fine, but look at me.

Im nearly six foot five, and my fingers are bigger than the others.

Its really inconvenient to operate.”

“Its just a matter of getting used to it.

This precedent cant be changed.”

“Anyway, the phone I usually use is a foreign brand.

It doesnt conflict with our brand, right”

The executive director refused to relent.

There was no way he could relent on this matter.

He refused to relent, and Wu Pengfei refused to film.

Wu Pengfei had an outstanding family background and was very capable.

The executive director did not dare to offend him openly.

He didnt bluster.

He just hung around the head director.

Anyway, he didnt make a scene or leave.

He just passed the time.

Even if they had any complaints against him, they couldnt say it aloud.

Everyone had been prepared for a long time, and the staff were waiting.

It would be fine if it was an individual competition.

The others could record it first and then make up for Wu Pengfeis loss later.

However, this was a team competition, and they couldnt play even just missing one person.

“Whats going on Whats going on” Yang Fan ran over to take a look.

When he returned, everyone asked him what was going on.

He shook his head.

“Im not sure what the situation is.”

He actually already knew that it was Wu Pengfeis problem, but it was not good to offend anyone, so he did not say anything.

They waited until five in the afternoon.

The executive director was so anxious that he called the phone manufacturer several times.

The cell phone manufacturers were naturally unwilling to give in.

They had already signed a contract and spent so much money on sponsorship and implantation.

How could they let someone destroy it so easily

Shi Jin also got up and went over.

When she went over, she heard a few directors pleading with Wu Pengfei.

Wu Pengfei was stubborn.

He had embarrassed himself in front of Shi Jin before.

This time, he was determined to win the team competition and did not want his fans to see his useless side.

Shi Jin glanced at the time.

It was almost time for Liang Xinran to meet her for a meal.

This side had been dragging on for hours.

She asked calmly, “Director, can we still record”

“Yes, yes,” the executive director answered immediately.

“How long will it take to record” Shi Jin asked.

The executive director was speechless.

“Can I go out for dinner first”

“You go ahead, but if we can begin filming later, can you come right back”

The directors attitude was already very humble.

So humble that Shi Jin really sympathized with him.

Liang Xinran was already waiting outside the door with a big box of fruits.

“Shi Jin.”

“You brought fruit again”

“Yeah, Ive got plenty of fruit at my place.

And you like it.

Is it not a match made in heaven”

“Lets go.” Shi Jin found a nearby spot and entered the private room.

Liang Xinran also went in immediately.

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