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“All eighteen phones are also from the same brand.

They were opened at the same time and the game was installed at the same time.

Everyone has operated these phones before, so you should know that they all feel pretty good.

Theyre very suitable for playing games.”

The production team took this opportunity to quickly take out the advertisers phones to advertise.

“You choose first.” Shi Jin glanced at Liao Dong.

Liao Dong hesitated for a moment.

He did suspect that the production team was biased towards Shi Jin, but he did not know how or from which aspect.

Shi Jin let him choose phones first.

He thought for a moment before choosing one of them.

Shi Jin picked one up at random.

Liao Dongs gaze fell on Shi Jins hand.

Would her phone have a plug-in Would its performance be better

“Do you want to switch” Shi Jin raised her phone and asked.

He hesitated for a moment before switching with Shi Jin.

The competition commenced.

Shi Jin remained nonchalant.

In less than five minutes, Liao Dong suffered a crushing defeat.

He held the phone in surprise and stared at Shi Jin in disbelief.

Everyone was also surprised.

Was this… really Shi Jin

Before anyone could see the entire process, Shi Jin easily ended the battle.

Lang Jing patted Shi Jin lightly and felt relieved.

Lets see how these people make a fuss now.

Shi Jin was really capable, so she didnt have to worry.

Seeing that everyone still had some doubts, Shi Jin asked Liao Dong, “Do you want to switch phones and try again”

Liao Dong thought that since he had already lost so much face, he didnt care anymore.

He stepped forward and exchanged phones with Shi Jin for another round.

This time he didnt even last three minutes.

He was quickly KOd by Shi Jin.

He froze for a moment, then put the phone down in a daze.

“I lost,” he whispered.

The people around started discussing in low voices.

“He really lost”

“I didnt even see how Shi Jin did it.

It was too fast.”

Forget about the others, but the members of Team Ace were very professional.

Looking at Shi Jins technique and control, they knew that her ability was definitely far above theirs.

They really did not expect an artiste like her, who was usually busy filming, to have such an ability.

The two eSports players who had been eliminated previously still had some resentment in their hearts, but it had all calmed down now.

They thought in shame that if they could not even compare to Shi Jin, how could they play in the official competition in the future

It looked like everyone had a lot to practice.

Not wanting to waste her breath on these people, Shi Jin raised an eyebrow.

“Anyone else want to try”

One of the R9 members, unconvinced, said, “Can I”

Shi Jin nodded curtly.


Therefore, after struggling for four minutes, the member suffered a crushing defeat.

All of this was because Shi Jin did not take the situation seriously.

Everyone could tell that she was carefree and casual.

Lang Jing was still very worried earlier, but now she relaxed and said with a smile, “Our Shi Jin is really quite impressive.

No wonder she can get first place.

Shi Jin is indeed my idol!”

Yang Fan stood up and shook his head as he picked up a phone and said, “Shi Jin, seriously… Ive been thinking about what I did wrong when I lost to you.

How can I avoid making the same mistake again In the end, its all because youre too powerful and not because I was too careless.

Please forgive me.”

“You flatter me.

It was just a friendly spar.” Shi Jin put down her phone indifferently.

The group of eliminated people looked convinced.

The executive director was the most excited.

He wanted to make the show fair and just and flawless.

Now he didnt need to use any tricks.

Shi Jin had guaranteed the quality and process of the entire show.

How could he not be happy

Now the advertisers were saved.

The shows popularity was preserved.

Everything was perfect.

At the side, he sighed and said, “Shi Jin is really something.

Whatever line of work she picks up, she performs well!”

“Chief Director, I agree with what you said.” The assistant beside him couldnt help but sigh.

“Not bad.”

“The impressive one is Shi Jin.”

After the recording of the program in the afternoon was completed, Liao Dong contributed a lot to the program team.

When he left, the program team even gave him a small red packet.

Too embarrassed to take it, he turned and left.

With this recording, Mai Ji and Lu Mengci stopped being sarcastic and secretly weighed their strength.

There were only nine members left from the program recording.

Yang Fan asked the director, “Director, are we going to have new members next Otherwise, the number wont be suitable.”

“Yes, there will be new members.

Not only new members, but a very mysterious and very capable professional in the industry.

Everyone can look forward to it.”

“Cant you reveal it in advance” Yang Fan had a straightforward personality, yet it wasnt annoying when he asked these questions.

“Hahahaha, of course it has to be kept a secret.

But everyone can have dinner with them tonight.

Youll see them soon.”

Although the director said that, the celebrities would eventually find out who was coming if they asked their managers.

When Shi Jin returned to her room to rest, Lang Jing asked her, “Arent you curious about whos coming”

“Well find out when they get here anyway.”

“But this is different.

If you know whos coming, you can be prepared.

Its good for the recording.” Lang Jing was older than Shi Jin and had more experience than her.

She knew a lot of things in the industry.

“Ill get my manager to find out and tell you, right”

“That works too.


Seeing her like this, Lang Jing couldnt help but sigh in her heart.

If not for her face and invincible acting skills, how could she have stayed in the entertainment circle surrounded by wolves

Actually, everyone outside had already heard about it, but they did not show it on camera.

Yang Fan also received hints from his manager.

“One of them is Wu Pengfei, and the other is LL.”

“LL” Yang Fan wasnt interested in Wu Pengfei, but he was very interested in LL.

“Is it that LL The game designer and planner”

Yang Fan said, “Wait a moment.

Ill go kowtow to the production team first before coming back.”

He liked playing games, so of course he respected LL.

In the past, LL had never shown his face.

No one knew who he was.

No one expected him to agree to participate in this show.

For those who liked to play games, being able to meet this person was definitely no different from a reader meeting an author they liked or an actor meeting a screenwriter who was very famous and had a say in the industry.

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