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“Everyone should know their results, but they shouldnt have any confidence in their rankings.

Now, were going to announce the eliminated contestants.”

With waves of music to create a mysterious situation, the nine eliminated contestants were announced one by one.

Four of them were the eighteen-line artists.

Not one of them were left.

Three other R9 members had also been eliminated.

There were even two members of the so called Team Ace who were eliminated.

When the results came out, everyone was shocked.

Everyone was inevitably suspicious.

This was clearly a way to keep whoever had more popularity.

The eliminated people looked very unhappy, but they still forced themselves to smile in front of the cameras.

However, they all had a lot of complaints in their hearts and felt that they had become cannon fodder.

Everyone could still understand why they lost to an artist like Yang Fan and Lang Jing.

After all, their gaming ability was indeed obvious.

As for Lu Mengci and Mai Ji, they had also undergone special emergency training.

They had trained hard throughout the entire crew.

No matter how bad they were, they were still a little better.

Everyone was mainly unhappy with Shi Jin.

If they had agreed when they came over that the contestants with high popularity would stay, no one would have any objections.

Those with low popularity would just leave on their own.

However, when they arrived, the production team repeatedly guaranteed that this was a fair and just competition.

They did not do anything that was fake.

Everyone had a chance to stay at the end.

Therefore, many people had set a goal for themselves to stay at the end.

Mai Ji said, “I wonder what the audience will say about this outcome.”

Lu Mengci threw up her hands as well.

“Its all fair and square anyway.

If the audience has any objections, it depends on how the game is played.

That will convince them, right”

Yang Fan glanced at the two of them.

Although the two of them were speaking up for the production team, they were also fanning the flames.

“Since the program team has decided on this outcome, there must be a basis for it.

This is how the competition is.

There are many uncontrollable factors.

No one can guarantee that they will definitely win, nor can anyone say that they will definitely lose,” Yang Fan said.

The unpopular actor who had gone to pour coffee and listen to Mai Ji and Lu Mengcis conversation was called Liao Dong.

He was a very low-ranking contestant who had been tragically eliminated.

However, he had always thought that his gaming skills were not bad.

It should not be like this.

He said, “Then lets see the rankings.

Lets see what the others are ranked.”

The directing team announced, “Ninth, eighth, and seventh place respectively are Mai Ji and the two members of R9.

Sixth place is Lang Jing.”

Mai Ji hadnt expected to be ranked so poorly.

He was surprised.

However, in the mornings game, it was difficult to ensure both victory and his score on the basis of victory.

The reason why the two e-sports players were eliminated was also because they risked everything to kill the enemy in order to win.

In the end, they only had very few points left.

All in all, they were eliminated.

“Fifth is Lu Mengci.

Third and fourth are the two E-Sports from Team Ace.”

“This…” Everyone was in disbelief.

“Shi Jin actually got second place”

It was not strange for her to stay.

Since she was able to stay and get second place, everyone could not help but suspect that the production team had gone easy on her.

“No, she got first place,” the executive director said with a smile.

“Yang Fan even lost a round to her.”

Lu Mengci put on a stiff smile.

“Congratulations, Shi Jin.”

“Shi Jin is really impressive.

I didnt expect it.

I was blind,” Mai Ji added.

The others resigned themselves to their fate.

Although they were unconvinced, they knew that this was the rule of survival in the circle.

As long as you were popular enough, the agent would help you set everything up.

Whether you had the ability or not, someone would help you add to your persona.

The others were convinced, but Liao Dong was not.

He said, “Shi Jin is actually first place.

Thats really impressive.

Director, Shi Jin is so powerful.

Can I have a request before I leave to challenge Shi Jin I believe many viewers and fans actually want to see Shi Jin play games, right”

“Well, it depends on Shi Jin herself,” the executive director immediately said.

Afraid that Shi Jin would not accept the challenge, Liao Dong immediately provoked her.

“Shi Jin, youre so powerful.

I really want to learn from you.

Wont you agree”

Mai Ji, on the other hand, said, “I think Shi Jin is pretty tired.

Letting her play one more round wont be good for her rest.

Why dont we just forget it”

If Shi Jin did not accept the challenge, the audience and fans would be even more suspicious of Shi Jin.

Lu Mengci also said, “Liao Dong, forget it.

Playing games is quite exhausting.

Shi Jin still has a lot of things to do.”

“Come on, lets play a round.”

Shi Jins clear voice rang out as she stood up.

Her smile was faint, but her lips were curled into a smile.

However, the emotions in her eyes were lazy, and calm, as if she did not treat this matter as a big deal, nor did she treat Liao Dong as someone difficult to deal with.

Everything depended on whether she was in the mood.

Unexpectedly, Shi Jin really accepted the challenge.

Everyone was interested.

Lang Jing could not help but worry.

“Are you really going to fight, Shi Jin”

She actually suspected that the production team had secretly done a lot to protect Shi Jin.

As someone who knew the rules of society, she understood the production team too well.

It was not easy for the production team these days.

They had to gain popularity and advertise.

The staff members were even more tired than cows.

The director was also carrying a lot of KPI tests.

If only unpopular people were left in the show, it would not be beneficial in any aspect.

Of course, the sacrifices of those who had been eliminated were naturally very tragic.

However, if there was no program team, they would not even have the chance to show their faces or receive the notice fee.

Everyone had a fate and could only accept it.

She was worried that Shi Jin would be unable to deal with the provocation and embarrass herself.

“Do you think were playing fake games” Shi Jin teased.

Lang Jing saw that she had made up her mind and could not persuade her otherwise.

“Cell phone or computer” Shi Jin asked.

Liao Dong said, “Ladies first.

Take your pick.”

“Same as this morning, then.

Lets stick with cell phones,” said Shi Jin.

The production team sent over more than ten cell phones and placed them in front of everyone.

“These eighteen phones were used by everyone in the morning.

Performance, function, memory, control, anything.

Everyones is consistent.”

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