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Shi Jin also finished drawing her opponent.

Lang Jing asked, “Shi Jin, who did you draw”

The director joined him.

“Lets see, Shi Jin.”

Shi Jin drew the strongest player in the eSports team.

Although he was a reserve member, his ability was enough to immediately play the main force.

He would be an official member next season.

The director asked, “Shi Jin, how about this…”

His original intention was to give Shi Jin another opponent.

Otherwise, she would lose too badly.

Shi Jin was considered the most popular person in the production team at the moment.

She was also the one who brought all the KPI over.

If she only recorded this once, the popularity of the show would not be guaranteed.

Shi Jin immediately understood what he meant.

“No, lets just play fair.”

Since she had already said so, the director could not force her.

The others were studying their respective opponents.

Mai Ji and Lu Mengci looked in Shi Jins direction and exchanged glances.

They both knew that the program team was about to start giving Shi Jin some leeway.

They just didnt know if it would be able to save her.

Everyone had drawn their opponents.

Now, the competition began.

Which meant that apart from Mai Ji and Lu Mengci, the rest of them didnt know who they were up against or who anyone else was up against.

Everyone could only compete in their own positions.

After three matches, it depended on the points and the results.

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Meanwhile, the production team focused on recording.

The executive director discussed with the other two assistant directors.

“What do you think we should do about Shi Jin”

“I think many advertisers are here for Shi Jin.

She has to stay,” an older assistant director said.

“But thats not fair,” the younger assistant director said.

“Not only to all the contestants, but also to the television audience, Im afraid.”

“Then if Shi Jin is eliminated, how can we guarantee our popularity in the future How can the advertisers stay”

That was certainly a problem.

The executive director didnt want to break the rules of the game, but there were indeed a lot of things to weigh in a show.

He said, “Lets wait and see.

What if Shi Jin can really do it”

The two assistant directors silently expressed little expectation of this possibility.

Shi Jins three draws were really a death draw.

Of the three opponents, two were from the eSports team and one was Yang Fan.

Not to mention her gaming skills, even if she was very good, she looked too pale and small in front of such a match.

The young assistant director said, “I think we should follow the principle of fairness and justice.

Previously, Ive communicated with Shi Jin many times.

If the production team deliberately helped her, she wouldnt be willing either.”

There were many things that the executive director had to weigh.

He could not fight only for his ideals like the assistant director.

He didnt make a final decision.

He waved his hand.

“Okay, okay, okay.

Record first.”

The recording went smoothly.

When the recording was done, the executive director slammed the table.

“Hey, why did we discuss so much before! Why!”

The two assistant directors beamed at the side.

“What a surprise.

I didnt expect it.

Well, there goes everything.

Not bad, not bad.”

From the beginning of the competition to the end of the program, almost the entire morning passed.

They wouldnt see the results until the afternoon.

All the contestants were taken to dinner and lunch break.

It was still too early to know what the overall outcome would be, but everyone knew how they were doing, so some of them were depressed and others looked pleased.

Shi Jins expression had always been indifferent.

It was impossible to tell much about her emotions.

Some people had wins and losses.

They didnt know where they were ranked, and they didnt know whether to be happy or depressed.

Lang Jing brought Shi Jin a drink and asked, “Shi Jin, hows your situation”

Shi Jin smiled.

“I suppose I wont be eliminated”

Everyone looked up at her.

“Shi Jin, youre quite confident, arent you Can you tell us who your opponents are”

Someone beside them raised his hand.

“Well, Im one of them.”

Both players raised their hands and looked at Shi Jin with complicated expressions.

Everyone couldnt help but exclaim, “Shi Jin, what kind of luck is this You actually drew eSports players”

Mai Ji was also a little surprised.

Did the director not switch opponents for Shi Jin

Then what did the director and Shi Jin mutter about just now

Lu Mengci smiled and said, “The eSports players are actually quite good.

Their control over the competition is something that no one else can compare to.

Whether they want to win or lose, its all up to them.”

Lang Jing looked up and said, “Its understandable that the eSports players want to win.

No one wants to lose, right”

“Im just making an analogy, right I didnt say they definitely wanted to lose,” Lu Mengci said without changing her expression.

“Then you have to make it clear.

Otherwise, from what youre saying, it sounds like theyre deliberately trying to lose.”

Of course Lu Mengci actually meant it that way, but after being put on the spot by Lang Jing, she had no choice but to explain, “Our countrys language is really profound.

No matter what, there are different meanings.

If I said something wrong, Ill apologize.”

After all, there were cameras everywhere.

She did not dare to openly offend anyone on the show.

Otherwise, she would be torn apart by the fans.

When they finished eating, Lu Mengci and Mai Ji bumped heads as they poured coffee.

“Do you think the program team will bail Shi Jin out all the way” Mai Ji asked.

“Its hard to say,” Lu Mengci said lightly.

“From the looks of it, Shi Jin has a good chance of winning.”

Beside them, an eighteen-line artist was also pouring coffee and listening silently to the two of them.

Mai Ji said, “Well, in this circle, not being famous is a cardinal sin.

If people really want to protect someone, it doesnt matter.

Well just take it.”

“Yeah, and how or who they protect is up to them.

Lets just go with the flow.”

When Shi Jin returned to the residence, Lang Jing asked quietly, “Shi Jin, how did your competition go”

“It should be considered decent”

“Thatll do.

You mustnt be eliminated so early.

I finally have the chance to live with you.

Id like to spend more time with you.”

The afternoon recording began.

The main purpose of this session of filming was to announce wins and losses and scores.

Actually, the highlight of the variety show was also at this moment, not the real game.

Everyones reaction to winning or losing, their respective performances, and so on were the most important things for the program recording.

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