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“Hello.” Before Shi Jin came, she had learned that Yang Fan was good at gaming and had played many amateur competitions before.

However, because he had entered the film academy and embarked on this path, he had given up on the idea of joining a professional eSports team.

This proved that his abilities were really very impressive.

It was a girl, a TV star, with a dozen years of experience playing video games.

She smiled and whispered to Shi Jin, “Im a fan of yours too.”

“Thank you.” Shi Jin smiled.

“Ive seen your TV shows too.”

“Please guide me in the future,” Lang Jing said brightly.

The next two were a man and a woman.

The mans name was Mai Ji and the womans was Lu Mengci.

Both of them were current popular celebrities.

They had recently filmed a sweet drama together and were very popular.

They could be considered an on screen couple.

Shi Jin had also watched a bit of this drama.

The television drama that the two of them were filming was related to games to begin with.

So they had trained hard to play games and were very skilled.

Neither of them was as enthusiastic about Shi Jin as Yang Fan and Lang Jing, but Shi Jin did not take it to heart.

There were also four other members who were reserve members from the eSports teams Team Ace.

Although they were only reserve members, their abilities could not be underestimated.

There were five other contestants, who were members from a group called R9.

There were nine members in this group, but the other four did not play games much, so only these five came to participate.

There were also four 18th-tier celebrities whose names werent heard of before.

There was a high chance that they were just there to make up the numbers.

After everyone introduced themselves, they were brought to their accommodation.

“Our place is decorated according to the scenes in the game, so as you can see, its all industrial.

All the items are made of metal, highlighting the roughness and texture.

We strive to make it exactly the same as the game.”

Everyone touched the various decorations and couldnt help but sigh.

“This is too similar to the game.”

“Its like were completely in the game.”

“At the moment, its two people per room.

Everyone is free to choose your roommate,” the director said.

Lang Jing glanced at Shi Jin, who said, “Ill stay with Lang Jing.”

After choosing Lang Jing, she realized that the only girl left was Lu Mengci.

Lu Mengci said, “So do I live with a boy or do I live alone”

“Then youll live alone, of course,” the director said with a smile.

“We dont do the mixed-gender stuff.”

After everyone had confirmed their rooms, they went to eat.

The meal was also arranged according to the arrangements of the gaming team.

Everyone ate together in the canteen.

Yang Fan couldnt help but say, “Sigh, if I hadnt been admitted to the film academy back then, I would have been an honorable eSports player now.”

One of the team members smiled and said, “Then you would have retired long ago.”

Yang Fan chuckled.

“Thats true.

Its better this way.”

“You like playing games, dont you, Shi Jin” Lang Jing asked.

Everyone looked at Shi Jin.

The other members were actually pretty good at games.

However, only Shi Jin had never shown any interest in this before.

Therefore, before Shi Jin came, the director asked her about her situation worriedly.

“I kind of like it,” Shi Jin said honestly.

“I havent seen any news about this,” Lang Jing said honestly.

“As your fan, Ive seen all your materials.

Does this mean that Im quite unqualified as a fan”

“Then youre quite unqualified.” Shi Jin smiled.

“Thats fine.

Well just bring you along,” Yang Fan said.

“Its just a variety show anyway, not an official competition.”

“I hope I wont be a burden when the time comes,” Shi Jin said modestly.

Mai Ji glanced at Shi Jin.

“Its not too bad.

Its all individual matches at the moment.

Those who cant do it will be eliminated.

They wont be a burden.”

It was obvious that he looked down on Shi Jin.

Lu Mengci smiled and said, “Mai Ji is a little blunt when he speaks.

He won the All-Star Game himself before.

When the time comes, Mai Ji can lead us.”

“I didnt know Mai Ji was that good,” they all said.

After eating, everyone went to receive pointers from professional eSports players and trained together.

After Shi Jin encountered a problem, she asked Yang Fan and Lang Jing a few questions.

Mai Ji and Lu Mengci looked at each other, thinking that Shi Jin might be eliminated first, but for the sake of the ratings, the production team might keep her from being eliminated.

The two of them had just become famous.

They cherished the opportunity to show their faces.

Compared to Shi Jins popularity, they definitely could not compare.

If they really encountered the production team who deliberately wanted to protect Shi Jin, both of them might be eliminated.

That was why the two of them had such a bad opinion of Shi Jin in the beginning.

The night passed uneventfully.

The next day, the recording officially began.

The competition also officially began.

The director began to announce the rules.

“There are a total of 18 guests now.

Everyone is divided into nine groups for a total of three matches.

After the three matches end, the person who loses the most matches and the nine people with the least points in the game will be eliminated.

In every competition, everyone draws lots to decide their opponents.”

After listening to the rules, Yang Fan immediately said, “In other words, not only do we have to win in the game, but we also have to ensure that our points dont drop too much.

This is very difficult.

The requirement is that during the competition, we cant use all our skills just to win.

We have to maintain our points.”

“Yeah, its pretty demanding,” the others agreed.

“However, the competition will definitely be good with high expectations.

No problem.

All the best, everyone!”

At the mention of drawing lots, Mai Ji immediately said, “I have a request.

I dont know if you can agree to it.”

“Tell me about it,” the director said.

“If I draw Lu Mengci, can we switch opponents I dont want to dismantle the ship with my bare hands.”

Everyone laughed kindly, and the director immediately agreed.

“Then in case the two of you get drawn together, change it to someone else.”

Actually, it wasnt that Mai Ji didnt want to dismantle the ship with his bare hands, but he wanted to keep both of them in the program.

The show was a big hit.

Either of them leaving would be bad for their current publicity.

It was best to stay together.

Next came the drawing of lots.

Unexpectedly, Mai Jis words came true.

He really drew Lu Mengci.

Amid everyones laughter, the director made him draw again.

He drew an unpopular female artist as his opponent.

He had no choice but to leave it at that.

Lu Mengci drew one of the R9 team members.

Both of them seemed to be in pretty good shape.

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