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“The Luo family has friends in the diamond business.

Luo Jingxuans ring must be good,” Fu Xiuyuan said softly.

Looking at Lan Tian on the stage, Shi Jin felt sincerely happy for her.

After the engagement ceremony, Shi Jin finally found an opening and returned the ring to Madam Lan.

Madam Lan couldnt help but sigh.

“Hey, I really didnt expect the Luo family to be in this position.”

“No matter what the circumstances, Lan Tians current happiness is enough.”

“Yes, yes.” Madam Lan was prepared for whatever kind of family Luo Jingxuan had, as long as they were good to Lan Tian.

So it was a pleasant surprise to see the Luo familys situation now.

What was even more rare was that Luo Jingxuan was sincere and down-to-earth.

He didnt seem exaggerated at all, which was indeed reassuring.

Madam Lan was finally relieved.

Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan said goodbye and left.

Luo Jingxuan came with Lan Tian to see them off.

“Miss Shi, I have something to tell you,” Luo Jingxuan said.

Lan Tian patted him.

“Youre being too polite.

Call her Sis like me.”

“Just call me by my name.”

After all, Luo Jingxuan was older than her, and Shi Jin was embarrassed to let him call her Sis.

Still polite, Luo Jingxuan said, “Then Ill call you Sister.”

Shi Jin had helped Lan Tian so much, so he still had some respect for Shi Jin.

“Sister, didnt you contact me last time to help you with the game design I rejected you last time.

Do you still need my help Im on call.”

His words surprised Shi Jin.

“Youre LL”

“Whos LL” Lan Tian asked curiously.

“Famous game planners and game designers in the industry have their own unique solutions to the structural problems of various games.

They are very mysterious existences in the game world and dont come out easily,” Shi Jin said.

“Now that I know its you, Im not surprised.

It turns out that your family is in the game industry.”

Lan Tian finally understood.

“Ah, I see.

Thats why youre so powerful, Jingxuan.

I didnt even know about it.

Why didnt you agree before”

“Game related things are just a hobby of mine.

I dont want to serve any employers.”

Therefore, the last time Fu Xiuyuan arranged for someone to contact him and offer all kinds of generous conditions, he was not moved.

“So now you…” Shi Jin didnt want to push him.

She respected everyones self-choice.

“Im not willing to serve any employer, but Im willing to help a friend.” Luo Jingxuan smiled humbly and brightly.

“Sister, if you need anything, just call me.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“Okay, then I wont stand on ceremony.”

Lan Tian and Luo Jingxuan were still waving from behind as she and Fu Xiuyuan got into the car.

Shi Jin sighed.

“I didnt expect Luo Jingxuan to be LL.

Hubby, since hes willing to help, let Song Fan contact him.”

“Yes, Ive already informed Song Fan.”

“It looks like hell always remember it if we dont let him return the favor.

Well stop adding to his psychological burden.”

Fu Xiuyuan tilted his head and looked at her.

“Youre always thinking about others like this.

Why dont you think about how long its been since you had a good rest”

Wrapping her arms around him, Shi Jin leaned toward him.

“It pays to think of others, doesnt it So take a look at that game of yours.

The problem with the structures that hasnt been solved is about to be solved.”

Fu Xiuyuan reached out and ruffled her hair, his lips curving into a smile.

Shi Jin was the first to wrap up her scenes in Phoenix in the Nine Heavens.

On the day she wrapped up, there were still a lot of scenes left for the others.

Liang Xinran looked envious.

“Shi Jin, your scenes are done too quickly.

No wonder Director Nan has been cooperating with you.

Look at me, I still have nearly half a month left.”

“Take your time.

Theres no hurry.” Shi Jin had wrapped up early.

It was normal for others to not finish as quickly.

“Then can I still come to you afterward to discuss the script”

“Absolutely.” As a screenwriter, Shi Jin was actually obligated to discuss the script with Liang Xinran.

It was just that she had never appeared as the screenwriter and the others did not like to ask questions as much as Liang Xinran.

As the third female lead, it was normal that Liang Xinran was not as familiar with the script as Shi Jin.

Every characters logical thought, motive, and purpose had a very clear and complete clue in Shi Jins mind.

The understanding she voiced would always be of great help to the actors.

“What do you plan to do after this Enter a different set”

The manager pulled Liang Xinran away and told her not to ask random questions.

However, Shi Jin did not mind.

“Im going to participate in a variety show soon.

Its related to games.

If youre free, youre welcome to come over and play with me.”

Liang Xinran glanced at her manager.

“Did you see that Shi Jin didnt even mind.

Whats there to hide”

Shi Jin shook her head and laughed.

Back at Orchid Pavilion, she started packing.

Fu Xiuyuan helped her organize her things.

“How many days”

“It should be finished in a few days.

Ill be back when its finished.”

“Youre filming in the capital, but you still have to live with them” This was something Fu Xiuyuan didnt want to cooperate with.

“Because they said they wanted to record it together continuously.

They also wanted to feel the life and rhythm of the players.” Shi Jin smiled and hooked her arms around his neck.

“Actually, this way, the recording will be faster.

It wont take too long.”

Fu Xiuyuan wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his head in the crook of her shoulder.


He was already missing her before she even left.

The variety show that Shi Jin was filming was called “Winner Takes All.”

Games had become very popular now, and e-sports was recognized by more and more people.

Many television stations and platforms saw the potential in games, so they invited artists to do such variety shows.

The recording had not started yet, but because they knew that Shi Jin was involved, many people on the Internet were already looking forward to it.

When Shi Jin changed into the uniform of a famous eSports team, her pictures were everywhere.

The variety show “Winner Takes All” had already started to become well known in the variety show industry before it even started recording.

“There are celebrities and some of them are eSports players.

When the time comes, everyone will participate in various competitions.

However, we strictly follow the elimination system.

Shi Jin, are you alright with that” the director asked her.


Lets go in and meet everyone.”

Shi Jin walked in and everyone introduced themselves.

The celebrities who were able to participate in this variety show not only liked to play games, but they also played their own games very well.

They could all withstand the test.

“Im Yang Fan.” A young boy stood up.

“Hello, Shi Jin.”

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