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“Meng Yizhou is our partner,” the assistant beside Mr.

Wang explained softly.


Wang, we still have a few collaborations with Meng Yizhou after this.”

“Hmm.” Mr.

Wang nodded.


“Its an honor to meet Mr.

Wang today.


Wang, let me accompany you in…”


Wang said, “Sure.

Ill wait for a few friends first.”

Meng was excited.

His heart was racing.

Friends of the same level as Mr.

Wang would definitely not be bad.

Judging from Mr.

Wangs attitude towards him, he did not dislike him.

Lan Jun would definitely not have time to specially entertain him today.

He would have a chance to accompany Mr.


Ding Ruhui also had some use.

He quickly took this opportunity to introduce her.


Wang, this is my girlfriend, Ding Ruhui.”

“Ding Ruhui The Ding family girl” Mr.

Wang smiled.

“Yes, Mr.


I often hear my parents mention you.

Hello.” Ding Ruhui also reacted.

She had heard of Mr.

Wang before, but they had not interacted much.

Meng Yizhou was even more pleasantly surprised to see such a situation.

This situation was really great.

It was completely as if it had been set up for him.

He then exchanged pleasantries with Mr.


Although Mr.

Wang was not very warm towards him, he was still chatting casually with him with a humble attitude.

“Luo Cheng, Zhang Ze, youre finally here.” Mr.

Wang waved at the two middle-aged men.

Two extraordinary men walked over, each holding hands with their wives.

“And this young man is…” Zhang Ze asked.

Zhang Ze was a jewelry tycoon.

Meng Yizhou had seen him in the financial newspaper and was pleasantly surprised.

“Im Mr.

Wangs business partner.

Hello, Mr.


He seemed too eager, causing Mr.

Wangs eyebrows to rise involuntarily, but he said nothing.

Zhang Ze was very modest.

“Not bad, young man.”

“Ill accompany everyone in.” Meng Yizhou did not recognize who Luo Cheng was, but seeing that he, Mr.

Wang, and Zhang Ze considered each other brothers, he knew that his status would not be low.

Ding Ruhui tugged at his sleeve and said, “Thats a gaming tycoon who came back from overseas.

At the moment, hes making money from many games in the United States.

Hes extremely rich.

Although he hasnt been evaluated as a tycoon or anything like that, its said that his background is very deep and his family is rich enough.”

After Ding Ruhuis reminder, Meng Yizhou immediately understood that none of them were weak.

Thinking that he was about to build a good relationship with this group of people, Meng Yizhou was excited and nervous.

He danced in front of them and could not wait to leave a good impression.

Ding Ruhui also chatted with the ladies.

Her words were very smooth, making the ladies laugh happily.

Meng Yizhou was secretly satisfied with Ding Ruhui.


Wang, lets find a place to sit after dinner later.

I have a bottle of King Arthurs red wine that I just got from the Chateau de Bordeaux in France.

I want to invite Mr.

Wang to have a taste.

If Mr.

Zhang and Mr.

Luo are free, please come with, okay”

After Meng Yizhou asked this, Mr.

Wang was indeed very interested.

He was a person who liked wine and could not bear to let go of good wine.


Wang was about to speak when Luo Jingxuan came over.

He waved at the group from afar with an excited expression.

Seeing Luo Jingxuan like this, Ding Ruhui deliberately said, “Luo Jingxuan is a little immature.”

When Madam Zhang heard this, she said, “Why do you say that Hes engaged.

Whats wrong with being happy”

“Yes, he should be happy.

After all, Luo Jingxuans family background is very ordinary.

Now that hes engaged to the daughter of the Lan family, he should be happy.” Ding Ruhui looked down on Luo Jingxuan.

Although she thought she hid it very well, it was already very obvious to outsiders.

Madam Zhangs expression darkened.

Although the two ladies beside her did not say anything else, the way they looked at Ding Ruhui changed.

Meng Yizhou was still trying to build a good relationship with the big shots when he saw Luo Jingxuan running over in a hurry.

He said, “Jingxuan, let me help you greet the guests.

Go greet the others.

Ill bring these guests in.”

“I wont trouble you, Young Master Meng.

Ill do it myself,” Luo Jingxuan said.

How could Meng Yizhou bear to give his chance to others

“Jingxuan, youre busy too.

Ill help you if I can.

Go do your thing.”

Meng Yizhou said to Mr.

Wang, “Mr.

Wang, Ill accompany you guys in.

Luo Jingxuan is still busy.

Although the Luo family is far away and not many people come, the Lan family has many relatives and really needs him to greet them.”

While his attitude was solicitous, he could not help but step on Luo Jingxuan with his words.

The expressions of the big shots became even more indifferent, but he was still unaware and did not feel that he was doing anything wrong.

Before Luo Jingxuan could say anything, Luo Cheng said, “Jingxuan, since Young Master Meng has already said that he wants to help you, dont decline.”

“Right Mr.

Luo has already said so,” said Meng Yizhou.

“Alright, in that case, Dad, Mom, Uncle Zhang, Auntie Zhang, Uncle Wang, Auntie Wang, I wont accompany you in.” Luo Jingxuan smiled.

Mom and Dad — Meng Yizhou was suddenly stunned.

He glanced at Luo Jingxuan and then at Luo Cheng.

Luo Cheng, who had always been indifferent, now had a familiar and loving look on his face.

He looked at Luo Jingxuan with pride.

So they were… father and son

Meng Yizhou suddenly felt as if he had fallen into an ice cave.

His entire body was trembling from the cold.

“Okay, you go do your thing.” Luo Cheng patted Luo Jingxuans shoulder.

Luo Jingxuan smiled and said, “Ill get Uncle and Aunt Lan.”

“Go.” Luo Chengs eyes were filled with love.

Watching Luo Jingxuan leave, Meng Yizhou was still in shock.

Those words had nailed him to the spot.

He couldnt leave.

Unbelievable, yet he had to believe it.

Luo Cheng, Luo Jingxuan.

He had never cared about what was special about this surname before, but now he knew…

Ding Ruhui was also looking at him in shock.

The two of them looked at each other, especially when they thought of what Luo Jingxuan had said just now…

The big shots had already stepped forward.

Meng Yizhou and Ding Ruhui were still stunned on the spot, feeling that their footsteps were heavy.

When they walked in, Lan Tian had just finished a glass of water and immediately stood up.

She did not know who they were, but they were guests.

She immediately smiled and said, “Hello, uncles and aunties.

Please come in.

Please forgive me for my lack of hospitality.

Please sit down.”

She was wearing an engagement gown, and her already sweet face looked even more lovely and festive against the red gown.

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