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Chapter 84: She Isnt Good Enough for Him!

“Im 25.” Shi Jin deliberately told Fu Heyan she was five years older so as not to raise any suspicion.

Fu Heyan smiled right away.

That was perfect! She was just slightly younger than Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Heyan suddenly beamed, making Shi Jin frown as she wondered what Fu Heyan was up to.

“Do you have a boyfriend If you dont, can I introduce someone to you”

Shi Jin almost choked on the coffee.

Shi Jin noticed Fu Heyan looking at her nonstop, but she had no idea why she was doing it.

“Yes, I do.

Thanks for the offer though.”

Fu Heyan was immediately disappointed, but she refused to give up and said, “Dont be so formal with me.

You can call me by my first name.

It doesnt matter even if you are dating someone.

I have a little brother.

Although he has a bad temper, he is a righteous man and looks just as good-looking as you.

I will introduce him to you and you can be friends.”

Shi Jins eyes twitched.

How much did Fu Heyan hate her Why did she keep introducing other women to Fu Xiuyuan

Fu Heyan noticed Shi Jins expression and hurriedly said, “Jin, dont be upset.

I have never introduced other women to my little brother.

I was only doing it because you are kind and look right for each other.”


Fu Heyan even started calling her by her first name.

“Does your little brother have a girlfriend” reminded Shi Jin.

“Humph!” The moment Shi Jin brought up the subject, Fu Heyan looked annoyed.

“She isnt good enough for him!”

Shi Jin lowered her face and pretended she knew nothing.

Fu Heyan was worried that Shi Jin might misunderstand, so she explained, “That girl doesnt like my little brother at all.

She is trying to leave all the time.

Also, she is meeting some other guy behind my brothers back.

It is only a matter of time before they break up.”

Fu Heyan realized she unknowingly became a gossipmonger.

She felt somewhat embarrassed and hurriedly closed mouth.

After Shi Jin told her how to go about taking her medication and recuperate, she bade farewell to Fu Heyan.

“Can you give me your contact number so that I can…” Just as Fu Heyan was about to sayintroduce her little brother, she swallowed her words and said, “… so that I can ask you about my condition.”

This made sense.

Shi Jin happened to have a secondary WeChat account, so she activated it and shared it with Fu Heyan.

[Big Sis has added you as a friend.]

After Fu Heyan added Shi Jin to her WeChat, Shi Jin touched her forehead when she saw the notification.

She quickly accepted the invitation and added Fu Heyan to her WeChat account.

A long time after she left, Fu Heyan continued to happily think about matchmaking her with Fu Xiuyuan.

The nurse had never seen Fu Heyan smile so brightly for a long time, so she said, “Miss Fu, you seem to be in a rather good mood.”

“Uh huh.

I recall you have a kid.

Which kindergarten is better” asked Fu Heyan.


After Shi Jin left the hospital, she received a call from Fu Xiuyuan.

“Im waiting for you at the street corner.”

Shi Jin looked up to see Fu Xiuyuans low profile yet luxurious Bentley parked on the street corner.

She had urged Fu Xiuyuan not to divulge her true identity until Fu Heyans hands had recovered completely.

From the looks of it, Fu Xiuyuan had remembered what she said.

Shi Jins lips curved into a smile as she walked towards his car, and quickly got into it.

Fu Xiuyuan was dressed in a suit with a tie worn snugly under his collar.

His gorgeous face gave off an imposing and lofty aura.

And his innate quality made him look even more lofty and proud.

He seemed out of this world and simply seductive.

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