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Madam Lan greeted Shi Jin with a smile.

She shook her hand and said, “Shi Jin, its great that you can come over! Come and sit down.

Pour Shi Jin a cup of coffee.

Less sugar and half cream.”

Shi Jin sat down.

The more Madam Lan looked at her, the more satisfied she was.

“Shi Jin, in my heart, I really treat you as my daughter now.

If you dont mind, youll be treated as Lan Tians biological sister.”

“Of course I dont mind, Auntie.

Ive always treated Lan Tian as my sister.”

“Thats good, thats good.” Madam Lan was very emotional.

She took out a brocade box and said, “Shi Jin, Auntie wants to ask you for a favor.”

“I bought this diamond ring.

Go see the diamond ring Luo Jingxuan bought and change it for him.”

Shi Jin opened her box and saw that the diamond ring inside was sparkling.

It was obviously worth a fortune.

The diamonds on it were a very rare type.

They were extremely pure and seemed to weigh eight carats.

“Are you worried that the one he bought wouldnt be good”

“I saw that he spent a lot of money on the hotel and various decorations this time.

He doesnt seem to have money.

The diamond ring he bought probably isnt worth much.

If he took it out, it would be too shabby.

I only have this one daughter.

No matter what, this engagement has to be made beautiful.

If I give it to him personally, it will hurt his pride.

Youre of the same generation, so everything is fine.


Shi Jin could understand Madam Lans painstaking efforts.

Seeing how sincere she was, her heart warmed.

“Leave it to me.

Ill talk to him.”

“Thank you, Shi Jin.

Its been hard on you, having to help me the moment you get here.”

Shi Jin took the diamond ring and walked out.

There were already a lot of guests outside.

Luo Jingxuan brought Lan Tian in.

“Sit here and rest for a while.

Dont tire yourself out.

I can receive the guests outside alone.”

“Would that be against the rules”

“Rules arent as important as your health.” He kissed her forehead.

“Just wait here for me.”

Meng Yizhou and Ding Ruhui went to the bathroom.

The two of them came out chatting.

When they saw a convoy suddenly coming from outside the door, the people in the car got out.

They looked familiar.

Meng Yizhou suddenly said in surprise, “Thats Mr.

Wang, a famous big shot in the real estate industry! He must have been invited by the Lan family! Ill go over and have a word with him!”

He walked out very urgently.

“Wait for me, Yizhou.

Is this person that important”

“Of course hes especially important! Anyway, you have to know that these are all important resources for our survival in the future.”

Meng Yizhou was very anxious.

The matter between him and Lan Tian had failed.

The Lan family would definitely not lean towards him in terms of resources in the future.

He was prepared for this himself.

Without the support of the Lan family, he needed the support of others.

And this Mr.

Wang was the benefactor he had been fighting for.

He had already established a certain relationship with Mr.

Wangs subordinates.

He did not expect to meet Mr.

Wang on such an occasion today.

He had to win Mr.

Wangs favor before he had any further contact with Lan Jun, in case he didnt have such an opportunity in the future.

He walked very quickly, and Ding Ruhui hurriedly followed.

After Mr.

Wang got out of the car, more people got out of the convoy.

Everyone looked extremely extraordinary.

Meng Yizhou couldnt care less and immediately said, “Hello, Mr.

Wang! Im Meng Yizhou!”


Wang sized him up indifferently.

He didnt know him and didnt feel anything special about him.

He nodded casually.

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