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“I hope that I wont encounter a family like the Meng family this time.

I hope that the hardships Tiantian encountered in the past wont exist in the future.”

Everything had been arranged here.

The guests began to arrive.

Luo Jingxuan was wearing a dark suit today, making him look exceptionally handsome and more composed than usual.

Lan Tian stood beside him, dressed in a dress that exposed her arms and legs.

She was fair and flawless.

They looked at each other.

There was a smile on Luo Jingxuans face, showing two rows of white teeth.

Lan Tian pursed her lips and smiled sheepishly.

He reached out and clenched Lan Tians hand to hide his nervousness.

Shi Jin walked over and Lan Tian glanced over.

“Wheres Boss”

“Hes a little busy.

He should be able to make it in time for the ceremony later.”

Lan Tian immediately understood.

“Yes, its like this.

When Boss encounters other peoples matters, hell be very busy and cant push away his work.

Only when he encounters Siss matters, regardless of whether its a big matter or a small situation, can those matters of his become unimportant.

Everything can be pushed back.”

“Why are you still so sharp-tongued and getting jealous when youre about to become a bride” Shi Jin knocked her forehead lightly.

“Im not being jealous.

Im telling the truth.” Lan Tian shrunk her neck.

“Congratulations, Lan Tian,” came Meng Yizhous voice.

He and Ding Ruhui had come hand in hand.

Lan Tian looked at them.

“I dont think I remember inviting you”

“Lan Tian, were friends after all.

How can we not come and visit when we know youre engaged” Meng Yizhou said.

“This is an engagement gift for you two.


“Yes, quickly accept it.

Yizhou and I specially bought it for you,” Ding Ruhui said.

“Thank you.” Lan Tian accepted it and handed it to a staff member to put away.

Meng Yizhou sized up the layout of the scene.

Everything was still in place and stylish.

It was not as shabby as he had imagined.

Then again, with the Lan family backing them, this engagement couldnt be shabby.

He glanced at Luo Jingxuan.

This poor kid was really lucky.

He was actually engaged to Lan Tian and had entered the family so quickly.

The Lan familys huge family business would probably end up in his hands in the future.

And all of this had originally belonged to Meng Yizhou.

Ding Ruhui saw that he was lost in thought for a moment and said, “Yizhou, lets go in first.”

“Lets go.” Meng Yizhou also wanted to see what was going on inside.

Although he was jealous that Luo Jingxuan could get what he couldnt, he also wanted to prove that Lan Tian did not have any other good choices besides him.

He and Ding Ruhui walked in and saw that the scene was basically filled with the Lan familys relatives and friends.

He was even more certain that this Luo Jingxuan really didnt have anything he wanted.

They were probably all poor relatives and were too embarrassed to be invited over to embarrass themselves.

What did Luo Jingxuan have to be able to be with Lan Tian!

Lan Tian watched them walk in and said, “Seriously, we didnt even invite them.

How dare they come over”

“Its okay.

There are enough spare tables anyway.

Two more people wont be much.” Luo Jingxuan generously comforted Lan Tian and turned to Shi Jin.

“Miss Shi, please go in first.”

“Then Ill go in first,” Shi Jin said, heading inside.

She could see that Meng Yizhou and Ding Ruhui were only here to see the show.

When she went in, Meng Yizhou and Ding Ruhui were greeting everyone.

Because of Meng Yizhous appearance, some of the relatives and friends were indeed discussing in low voices.

“Lan Tian is really unlucky.

Her condition has just recovered.

Why would she get engaged to such a poor boy”

“Actually, the Meng family is really quite good.

Theyve known each other for years.

Although their family background cant be compared to the Lan family, its not bad either.

I havent seen any family or friends of this Luo Jingxuan until now.

I wonder what kind of remote village he comes from.

Even now, he still cant show off.”

“In my opinion, after Lan Tian recovers from her illness, she should really reconcile with Yizhou.”

“Its not that easy.

You guys make it sound so easy.

Back then, it was Yizhou who took the initiative to reject this engagement and reject Lan Tian.”

There were all kinds of comments.

Shi Jin was no longer in the mood to listen.

She only felt that Meng Yizhou was an eyesore.

A waiter came over and whispered, “Miss Shi, Madam Lan invites you over.”

Shi Jin followed the waiter to the hotel room.

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