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“But its different now.

Ive recovered from my illness, and these burdens no longer exist.

Besides, its not easy to meet someone I really like.

I want to seize this opportunity and get engaged early so that happiness doesnt slip from my hands.”

“Congratulations and best wishes to you both.”

“Then you will come, wont you”

“Then Ill wait for you.”

Madam Lan was meticulously preparing for Lan Tians engagement ceremony.

After everything shed been through, shed gotten over it.

She had to let nature take its course with her daughters marriage.

It didnt matter who she found.

All that mattered was being with Lan Tian and making her feel happy.

Since such a person happened to exist, an engagement was a good thing.

“Ill prepare for the engagement as well, Auntie,” said Luo Jingxuan.

“Leave some of the preparations to me.”

“You really dont need my help” Madam Lan asked.


Ill let you see to it.”

Even so, Madam Lan was secretly preparing.

If a family like the Lan family did not do things beautifully, Lan Tian would be laughed at.

Madam Lan only had one daughter, so she naturally couldnt keep everything simple.

She slipped Lan Tian some money.

“You should pay more attention yourself.

Buy whatever you need.”

“Got it, but Jingxuan said he wont let me spend money on things.”

“Let him say what he wants.

Dont you know how to buy it secretly”

Lan Tian stuck out her tongue.

As Luo Jingxuan walked forward with his books, he made a call.

“Pick a good diamond ring.

Ill come by and take a look.

Okay, no problem.”

He had just hung up when he saw Meng Yizhou and Ding Ruhui walking over together.

Meng Yizhou smiled.

“I hear you and Lan Tian are about to get engaged”

“Do you need something” Luo Jingxuans attitude was cold.

Meng Yizhou did not expect Lan Tians illness to be cured.

The faint regret in his heart could not be described with words.

He knew that many things were impossible now, but when he saw that the person engaged to Lan Tian was actually a poor boy like Luo Jingxuan, he felt an inexplicable sense of pleasure.

“Its not too much to say a blessing, is it After all, Lan Tian and I have been childhood sweethearts for so many years,” Meng Yizhou said with a smile.

“I heard that you have to prepare a lot of things yourself.

Do you need my help If you do, let me know.”

“Ill arrange my own engagement party.

I dont need outside help.”

Ding Ruhui said, “Yizhou has good intentions.

Besides, the Lan family is also a different family.

If the party isnt planned well, the one who will be embarrassed will be Lan Tian herself.

Junior, on account that were from the same school, were not stingy with our help.”


Otherwise, do you know which hotel in the capital is good Which one is suitable for holding an engagement banquet Which one is qualified” Meng Yizhou said.

“By the way, do you know which diamond rings are of better quality I can help with these.”

“Ill look into it myself,” Luo Jingxuan refused.

Seeing him turn around and leave, Ding Ruhui shook her head and said, “How can there be such a stubborn person Isnt he afraid of losing face”

“Anyway, Im not the one thats losing face.

How ungrateful.”

“Yizhou, youre still so concerned about Lan Tian.

Dont tell me youre still thinking about her”

“Why would I miss her Shes in such a hurry to get engaged.

Who knows what shes thinking Im just making a suggestion because our families are on good terms.”

“Thats better!” Ding Ruhui said with satisfaction.

On the day of the engagement.

Lan Jun and Madam Lan could not help but feel a little worried.

“Hows the situation at the hotel Whats the situation with the things we used Have the things I bought been delivered”

Although they were not dissatisfied with Luo Jingxuans preparations, they were still afraid that others comments would hurt their daughter.

The couple was simply worried about everything.

“Ive been to see it.

It looks pretty decent,” the butler said.

“The hotel they chose was pretty good, too.

Its a famous place in the capital for booking weddings, and its nicely decorated.

Here are the pictures.”

Madam Lan was relieved after seeing the photos.

“So when are his parents coming over”

“I heard it was today,” the butler said.

Madam Lan said to Lan Jun, “Dont you think were a little too anxious to get married without even meeting his parents”

“The two kids like each other.

What else can we say”

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