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But miraculously, the terrifying red spots that had covered her face earlier had all dissipated, leaving only a very, very faint mark.

Madam Lan rushed over and grabbed her daughters hand.

She realized that the red spots all over her body had also faded.

Although Lan Tian was tired, her eyes were very bright and energetic.

“Mom.” Her voice was weak, but brisk.

“Sis said Id be completely fine if I took my medication for a while.”

“Tiantian!” Madam Lan hugged her daughter and cried tears of joy.

“Its okay, Mom.

Sis said that what happened to me just now was the effect of the drug.

It forced all the toxins and the cells that were wrong out and released them.

Im fine after what happened just now.

I should be fine.”

“Yes, all right, all right, all right,” was all Madam Lan could say in her excitement.

Luo Jingxuan, who had come here to take care of Lan Tian, was already mentally prepared.

Now, he didnt go forward.

He stood aside and smiled in relief.

Lan Jun walked over and wrapped both mother and daughter in his arms.

The family of three talked for a while before Madam Lan remembered Luo Jingxuan.

She waved at him and said, “Hey, Lan Tians classmate, come over quickly.”

“Mom, his name is Luo Jingxuan.”

“Oh, yes, yes.

I just heard it.

He said it.

I forgot about it for a moment.” Madam Lan had a good feeling about Luo Jingxuan.

“Jingxuan, come sit here.”

Shi Jin was extremely tired.

Fu Xiuyuan accompanied her downstairs, his eyes full of heartache.

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The expert saw Shi Jin coming down the stairs and wondered what the situation was.

After his assistant went to ask around, he came back and said, “The situation of Lan Tian has improved.

They said she will be cured after a few more treatments.”

“Huh” The expert was speechless for a long moment.

Shi Jin got into the car and her expression relaxed.

She smiled and said, “Lan Tian will be fine after a while.

She can be discharged soon and go back to school.”

Fu Xiuyuan looked at her, his heart aching.

“None of them know how hard youve worked.”

“Doesnt matter.

As long as Lan Tian gets better.”

Fu Xiuyuan took her hand and brought it to his lips.

He didnt speak.

The best way to love her was not to stop her from doing anything, but to respect her willingness to do anything.

After Lan Tian recovered from her illness, she immediately put on a dress and ran to the set of Phoenix in the Nine Heavens.

Seeing her coming over again, Liang Xinran handed her the fruit bowl.

“Have some fruit.”

“Thank you.

Why do you eat fruit every day” Lan Tian saw her eating fruit every time she saw her.

“What can I do Im on a diet.

I cant eat anything else, so I have to eat more fruits, right” Liang Xinran shrugged.

Lan Tian laughed.

“Being an actor can be tough.”

“Eh, youre not wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants anymore” Liang Xinran said in surprise.

“Wasnt that all you wore before”

“I can wear whatever I want.

Take a look.” Laughing, Lan Tian turned in a circle, showing off her pale legs, her arms bare and clean.

“My dress looks good, doesnt it”

“Its really pretty.” Liang Xinran nodded in agreement.

“Where did you buy it Give me a link.

Ill get my manager to buy one for me.”

Lan Tian pulled out her phone and added her WeChat.

When Shi Jin came over, the two of them just happened to finish adding contact information.

Shi Jin smiled at the sight of Lan Tians dress and her smile.

“Lan Tian!”

“Sis, look at my new dress.

Does it look good”

“Its very nice.” Shi Jin took a few steps forward.


Liang Xinran immediately said, “I want to buy it too.”

“Director Nan called you over to talk over the scene.”

“Then Ill leave first.” Liang Xinran made a goodbye gesture.

“Have you finished the last of the medicine” Shi Jin asked.

“All gone! Not a drop left!”

Seeing that she looked good and was basically fine, Shi Jin said, “Thats good.

You still have to pay a little more attention for a while, but there shouldnt be any big problems.”

“Well, actually, I came today to invite you to my engagement ceremony,” Lan Tian said shyly.

“So soon.

With Luo Jingxuan”

Lan Tian nodded heavily.


Actually, its not that fast.

Ive known Luo Jingxuan for two or three years.

You wont believe me, but actually, I think I have liked him since a long time ago.

Its just that I felt that my illness was a huge burden for ordinary families.

Just taking those imported medicines costs a normal persons salary every month.

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